10 Signs That You Need a New Mortgage Broker

Being approved for a mortgage can be hard in a difficult economic climate. The last thing you need is an unhelpful mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers are supposed to make the process smooth and ease your worries and fears. They are supposed to explain the details so that they become clearer not more clouded. With the right mortgage broker, you can cut out most of the stress associated with buying a home. The wrong mortgage broker, on the other hand, could lead you through a home-buying nightmare that never seems to end.

Once you start working with a mortgage broker, you may be tempted to stay the course no matter how tough it gets. You may think that all that you’ve gained will be lost if you change brokers midway through. This is simply not the case. Most of the time, you can switch to a different broker in the same office and not waste any precious time.

So, how can you tell when it is time to look for a different mortgage broker? Take a look at the following:

1. If you are having difficulty getting your mortgage broker to return your calls, you can be certain that he or she is not paying enough attention to your mortgage. If they cannot return their client’s call, how much else are they leaving on their desk unfinished?

2. You need a mortgage broker that listens to you. If your broker cuts you off every time you try to speak, they are not listening to your concerns and addressing them appropriately.

3. If your broker always seems rushed, they probably are. Do they really have the time to work on the fine details of your mortgage?

4. Mortgage brokers who misplace and lose paperwork are often disorganised and overworked. This is definitely not the combination you want working for your benefit.

5. A person who is frazzled, scatter brained and confuses information easily is not the type of person that you want handling your money and your financial future.

6 .Beware of changing scenarios. Many mortgage brokers will tell you they can get you a mortgage with such and such terms only to change the numbers and details dramatically in a subsequent conversation.

7. You should also beware of brokers who paint a picture that seems too good to be true. A broker should be honest with you.

8. Mortgage brokers are required by law to supply you with certain documentation. If you do not receive required documents in a reasonable amount of time, you should look for a different broker.

9. Your broker should take the time to explain the mortgage process to you thoroughly.

10. All loan terms should be explained down to the very last detail. Don’t allow your broker to make you guess about the terms and conditions of your mortgage.

As mentioned before, a mortgage broker can make all the difference. If you are uncomfortable with your mortgage broker for any reason, you have options. You don’t have to stay with a mortgage broker that you do not work well with.

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