Affordable Second Mortgages a Key Tool For Debt Consolidation

Affordable second mortgages can solve financial difficulties, get financial planning back on track and make the old, albeit politically incorrect, saying ring true once again” “A man’s home is his (or her) castle!”

Owning a home is a great beginning, it’s security, a place to raise a family, and build memories that are irreplaceable. But sometimes the cost of living exceeds what we can afford, and our home no longer feels like a safe haven, but just a structure that requires an endless supply of money. And – unless one pays strict attention to one’s finances – money going out to keep a home, can quickly become more than the money coming in, leading to a mounting string of debt that seems unmovable.

So what is one to do? Struggling to make ends meet is like loving to swim in the Caribbean, with the warm waters, soft sand, and vibrant colours of sea life but along the way you have collected all these rocks and shells that you are unable to let go of, and they are pulling you under. Even though at times you are able to surface it doesn’t last long, and back under you go again. Well, an affordable second mortgage is like dropping those rocks and shells and being able to breathe and enjoy the water again as you head for shore. What a relief to be able to just relax and enjoy your home. So how does one let go of the rocks and shells?

A few things that could leave your gasping to breathe a sigh of relief could include; covering the emergency expenses for times when you may need a little extra money, making the investments now that can help secure your future of your children’s education, undertaking home improvements that can increase your home’s value. If trying to fill these needs through your cash flow or by turning to expensive credit cards has left you struggling for financial air to breathe and you are struggling with repaying creditors, tapping into the accumulated equity in your home may give you would the financial freedom to pay outstanding debts, eliminate high interests rates, and restructure your finances.

How much money can you apply for? The equity in your home represents the difference between the current appraised value of your home and the amount that remains to be paid on your first mortgage. So if you purchased your home for $200,000 and you have paid off $50,000 of the principal on your first mortgage, you are able to borrow against that $50,000 you have already paid. Moreover, if your home has increased in value to $250,000, that represents another $50,000 in equity that you can tap into to square away your finances.

If you have accumulated a number of household debts from unsecured household loans, car loans and/or credit car loans, a second mortgage can actually save you money. By consolidating your debt into a secured equity loan, second mortgage or secured line of credit, you can in most instances lower your payments through interest rates that are most usually lower and more affordable for a second mortgage than they are for unsecured loans or credit card debts. A well resourced and experienced mortgage broker will in almost all instances be able to help you consolidate your outstanding debts into a second mortgage or secured line of credit, allowing you to make one smaller monthly payment for all your outstanding debts.

So, release those rocks and shells from your grasp. Let an experienced mortgage broker show you how to stay afloat financially and get your financial plans back on track through structuring an affordable second mortgage to consolidate your outstanding debts.

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