Applying for Mortgage Loans

Are you interested in finding out more about mortgage loans?  You can get fast mortgage loans today without even having to give documentation of your employment or income tax verification if you put down 20 percent towards the purchases of your home.  This is called a “no doc” mortgage and is a great way to purchase a home if you are self employed and cannot verify all of your income. 


If you are self employed and making good money, mortgage lenders used to want two years of income tax returns before they would allow you to get mortgage loans.  This is not the case any longer.  Mortgage loans are now available for individuals who put down at least 20 percent of the cost of the house without them having to provide any proof of income or past income.  If you are self employed, a no-doc mortgage may be right for you. 


Mortgage brokers who specialize in fitting customers with the right mortgage loans for them will be able to find you the best mortgage loans to fit your needs.  Many people feel that because they are self employed or have bad credit that they cannot afford to purchase a home in this buyer’s market.  This is not true.  There are many mortgage vehicles out there that you can get, even if you have bad credit or a prior bankruptcy. 


Mortgage brokers want to make mortgage loans to individuals because this is how they stay in business. Because the housing industry is pretty much at a standstill throughout the United States, many brokers are looking for creative ways to market mortgages to potential buyers.  It is a buyer’s market because there are more homes for sale than there are people to buy them.  The imbalance of supply versus demand has caused the home prices to drop in some areas, while some are still holding their own. 


To apply for a mortgage, talk to a mortgage broker today.  Look around for the best rate in the mortgage as well as the least amount of fees.  Never forget that the fees are negotiable.  You should talk to the mortgage broker about getting the bet type of mortgage for your credit.  If you have excellent credit, you should have no problem at all getting a very competitive rate.  If you have poor credit, you will pay a slightly higher rate, but can still shop for a competitive mortgage rate among sub prime lenders. 


Look at the fees that will be charged by the mortgage lender.  Some of them charge points, which are a percentage of the mortgage value.  While many mortgage lenders are eliminating the idea of points, others are still using them.  Make sure you know all of the hidden costs before you apply for any loan. 


If you are providing documentation, you will need two years of tax returns, bank statement for the last six months and employment verification to get mortgage loans.  If you are going no doc, you will just need an application to be filled out, proof of the down payment and an appraisal on the property.  An appraisal will have to be done whenever you apply for mortgage loans as it indicates how much the property is worth. 


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