Applying for Reverse Mortgage

Senior citizens will be happy to know that they don’t have to pay monthly mortgage fees anymore when they hear about reverse mortgage loans. Reverse mortgage loans, which are only available for citizens 62 years old or older, are mortgage plans that don’t require the borrower to pay monthly payments. In fact, the borrower pays nothing at all. Instead, the borrower will receive money from the lender, and the lender will be paid back by the proceeds of the house sale. Reverse mortgages are designed for senior citizens, because people know that when living in those glorious golden years, people have more important things to do than worry about possible foreclosures and mortgage payments; important things such as spoiling the grandchildren or working on important hobbies.

Applying for Reverse Mortgage loans are easy, especially since the federal government requires that all reverse mortgage applicants receive financial counseling before making a decision. Financial counseling services can be provided, or chosen by the applicant, and the federal government pays for it; basically, applicants get a free lesson! In addition, what is called “reverse mortgage calculators” are available on most online sites, that offer reverse mortgage loans; reverse mortgage calculators are also available in person. A reverse mortgage calculator is a pre-application estimate of how much the applicant is liable to receive, and all that it takes to find out is to enter a few simple pieces of information such as age, spouse or work partner’s age, estimated home value, and that’s it.

When and if the senior citizen decides he or she wants to go ahead with the application process for a reverse mortgage, then that person need only find a reverse mortgage company or an individual wholesale lender. Wholesale lenders, lenders who purchase reverse mortgage plans at a wholesale price from companies like Fannie Mae, Federal Housing Authority, or Financial Freedom, can most often be searched for by state or by rating. People can do this by referring to the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NMRLA); applicants can even check the lenders’ profiles to see what other people have said about that lender’s personality, services, attitude, and helpfulness in the application process, and beyond. Companies such as the ones mentioned above also have lenders that work directly for them, which can be searched for in the same way.

By Applying for Reverse Mortgage loans, senior citizens who are 62 years or older will have gone through a strict process to weed out the bad lenders from the good, until the best lender for that specific citizen’s personality is found. This will help people be better informed, be treated more respectfully, and even help people develop a nice talkative friendship relationship with the lender during the application process.

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