Are the Mortgage Broker Fees Worth It?

There has been more than one person looking for a lender who grumbled or complained about the need to pay the mortgage broker fees as a part of getting a loan or just having to pay what they thought was too much. It is understandable. When it is our money on the line, we tend to scrutinize it carefully.

Let’s take a look at what you would have to do to find a loan if you did not have the Mortgage broker doing it for you to better analyze and answer the question, “Are the mortgage broker fees worth it?”

First Step: Take about a week off work – hopefully you’ve got some vacation time saved up so you won’t lose any wages. (hmmm . . . that mortgage broker is already sounding inviting)

Second Step: Locate lenders. And do not short yourself on the number of lenders you should locate – in fact the worse your credit scores are the more lenders you will need to locate. (Oh my god, there are so many lenders! How does the mortgage broker keep all this information straight?)

Third Step: Get your credit report, review your scores, and in most cases become suitably upset and distraught over what you see – this is personal for you. (Of course the mortgage broker does not have an emotional interest in your scores and will be more able to represent these to a lender, but hey, that’s just one more part of the answer regarding those fees!)

Fourth Step: Dial your first lender, work your way through the system, hold for close to an hour, get the lender on the phone at long last, spend another hour on the phone answering questions. Hang up now that you know you are not qualified that lender’s program. (Oh yes, that mortgage broker is looking more and more valuable every minutes that passes).

Fifth Step: Repeat step Four for the next three days. Don’t give up, there must be somebody out there that has a program that will work for you. Just keep at it.

Sixth Step: Contact your boss and see if you can get more time off work! Hope that he will give it to you, and hope that you still have vacation time left. If not, work out how many days without pay you can take off before your finances become a point of concern for you.

Seventh Step: Repeat Step Four, over and over and over again.

Eighth Step: Return to work, frustrated and with no hope in sight of ever having enough time to find the lender that will work for you. (Ask yourself – should I have gotten a mortgage broker?)

Ninth Step: Calculate the time and money you spent in your hunt for a lender. Determine if you could have spent that time and money more wisely and if you had. Consider that you could be working with a mortgage broker right now who had located the lender that would work for you.

Tenth and Final Step: Contact a mortgage broker, discuss his fees. See how it compares to your own personal experience. Get that mortgage broker to find you a loan and make you happy.

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