FHA home loans are alternatives to conventional financing 97% down to 530 FICO

FHA home loans are alternatives to conventional financing for your Florida home purchase. The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) helps to make low cost Florida home loans available to thousands of new Florida  and current Florida homeowners each year. FHA mortgage loans require minimal down payments of only 3% and the interest rate is typically better than prevailing conventional mortgage rates.

For the Florida home buyer the FHA program can simplify the purchase of buying a home, making financing easier and less expensive than a conventional mortgage. Some additional highlights of the Florida FHA mortgage program include:

Minimal Down Payment and Closing costs.

Down payment less than 3% of Sales Price Gifts are allowed Seller can credit up to 6% of sales price towards closing and prepaid costs. 100% Financing available No reserves required. FHA regulated closing costs.

Easier Credit Qualifying Guidelines such as:

  No minimum FICO score or credit score requirements. FHA will allow a home purchase 2 year after a Bankruptcy. FHA will allow a home purchase 3 years after a Foreclosure.

 The FHA currently insures more than a million Florida mortgage loans. The FHA  agency has helped originate more than 33 million since it was created in 1934. The FHA mortgage program does not fund the mortgage loans itself. However, FHA insurances private FHA mortgage  lenders so they will not incur any loss if the Florida mortgage applicant defaults. In this way, FHA mortgage lenders are encouraged to make loans to low and middle income Florida mortgage to whom they would not otherwise extend a mortgage loan..

Florida homebuyers of single family homes can put as little as 3% and the seller can over up to 6% of the buyers closing cost and prepaid taxes and insurance. Good credit history is not necessary to qualify for FHA financing, although is definitely a “PLUS.” Income to loan payment, and to total monthly payment, ratio requirements make it easier to qualify than for conventional mortgage loan. Visit http://www.fhamortgageprograms.com/ to learn more about FHA qualifying in Florida.

This sounds pretty good, right? But keep in mind that  FHA requires that Florida homes be in livable, habitable, moving condition Largely because of this, most Florida sellers will not accept an offer if the buyer intends to obtain an FHA mortgage . The acronym “FHA” unfortunately has acquired bad connotations for many real estate professionals and their clients.

Also, the FHA severely limits how much the lender can charge in fees. The bank cannot lose money because of the FHA insurance. However, it cannot profit as much as when it commits its money to other mortgage loans. Lenders have to be FHA-approved in order to make FHA mortgage loans. Few Florida mortgage lenders are FHA approved..

However, there is a big exception to this circumstance. The FHA serves locales (and, of course, the people who wish to obtain FHA financing for homes in these areas) that would not otherwise be attractive to Florida mortgage lenders. Most very large, big city lenders are FHA-approved, and a significant portion of the home loans that they originate are FHA mortgage loans.


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