How a Mortgage Broker Can Help you

A home loan is probably the largest debt that an individual or a couple have in their lifetime. Small differences in the details of the loan, such as the interest rate, can make a big difference to the cost over a long period.

Buying a home in London can be a very expensive business. Many workers cannot afford to live there on the wages they earn. For most people the services of a mortgage broker in London are crucial.

A London mortgage broker will represents dozens of lenders and probably has access to thousands of mortgage products. A mortgage broker can customise a loan to the specific needs of a borrower and, unlike a provider you would find in a High Street, is not tied to a particular line of products or set of constraints. A broker can also help negotiate terms that will be more favourable to the borrower than the latter could get directly from a lender. As a mortgage broker in London will do most of the work that a direct lender would do, the broker can get a reduced ‘wholesale’ rate from the lender, which will benefit the borrower.

If a loan is declined by the first lender of choice, then it is simple and emotional for the mortgage broker to repackage and submit the loan to another lender in only a couple of days.

So, if you are a first-time buyer looking around for a mortgage in London or if you have taken out a number of mortgages before, your best bet is to contact a London mortgage broker who will help you find the mortgage that best fits your personal circumstances.

Mortgage brokers will not advertise headline grabbing interest rates, because they have no idea what mortgage rate they will be able to get for their customers. Indeed High Street banks who advertise low mortgage interest rates really don’t know what the rate will be for a customer until all circumstances are known. The difference is that a big bank will advertise a low rate, but will actually have only a limited range of mortgages available, compared with a mortgage broker.

If you are remortgaging in the capital you would also be well advised to look for a London mortgage broker. When you move your home loan to a new lender, but you’re staying in the same property, with a mortgage broker you could reduce your monthly payments, consolidate other loans into your mortgage to give you one payment which is less than the sum of the previous loans. With a remortgage you should be able to clear mortgage arrears on your property and avoid repossession if things are tight. Another reason for remortgaging is to release equity in a property you already own, maybe to pay for an extension or start a business of your own.

There are some potential pitfalls, and a mortgage broker in london would help you avoid these. For example, any savings you make on the interest rate may get partially or wholly eaten up by the transaction charges associated with moving your loan. Your old and new lenders may also demand redemption fees or reservation fees. The new lender will need to value the property, so there will also be surveyors fees, not to mention some conveyancing.

A mortgage broker can take the burden of this work away from you.

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