How Do You Know if You Have a Good Mortgage Broker?

1. He’s fast, but thorough.
a. Does your mortgage broker contact you in a timely fashion with detailed reports and requests, informing you that he just got the request in from the lender?
b. Or does he sit on the lender request for a few days before contacting you? When you provide the information the mortgage broker requested from you, does he review it with you while you are there to confirm that it is everything he needs?
c. Or does he set your information aside to look at later, possibly resulting in yet another request from you to get the missing item? If he does not operate with speed and thoroughness, speak to him about this. Let your mortgage broker know that sometimes his requests will take you time to compile or prepare for him, and that you cannot do your part well if he does not do his part with speed and thoroughness.

2. He’s efficient.
a. You’ve been to his office. The mortgage broker has a well organized office, with clean and professional staff. (Of course this only applies if the mortgage broker is not an independent rep with no staff).
b. They are all working and there are no serious signs of disorganization. The phones are active and there is life to the office. If you see this, what you are looking at is an efficient mortgage broker who keeps things moving in his office and has built a good relationship with people who need loans and the lenders who provide them. If you don’t see this, although he may be efficient on some level, he may not have the efficiency that you need overall to get your job done. Watch the signs carefully. You need your mortgage broker operating at maximum efficiency.

3. He listens and solves problems.
a. Did your mortgage broker hear you when you said that you would not be able to provide certain documents that he asked for and come up with a solution of how this problem could be solved? Was his solution an actual solution that you could utilize to keep your loan moving forward? If no, then you’ve got a problem. He is not listening. He is not solving problems.
b. Did your mortgage broker clearly hear and understand the problem the lender had and put forward a solution to the lender that both you and the lender could utilize? If no, you’ve got a problem.

4. He does not try to put you into a loan that you cannot afford.
a. You’ve given him all the info he needs to correctly determine a loan amount that you can afford, and an interest rate that you can afford, yet the numbers the mortgage broker brings back to you are above what you can afford. Walk away and find a better mortgage broker. Don’t be one of the thousands of Americans that got in over their heads and lost their homes.

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