How Much Money Do Mortgage Brokers Make?

I heard that mortgage brokers drive Porches and make tons of money. By and large, how much does the average mortgage broker make?

4 thoughts on “How Much Money Do Mortgage Brokers Make?

  1. Depends on the person. Two items that affect their income is volume (number of loans they close) and how aggressively they price their loans. With the real estate market booming and the rates being so low the last three years, loan officers stood to make quite a bit (everyone was buying and refinancing). Even inexperienced loan officers did well previously. When the market was hot, I saw good loan officers making around the $300,000 mark. But now things have slowed sales wise and rates have risen (not as many refinances). Some who made easy money previously have little to no pipeline now. Its sales – you need to build a referral base and be persistent. A good loan officer can still make over $100,000 per year. It can be a tough business (just like any competitive commission sales career).

  2. There is no set amount the average mortgage broker makes. It is a sales buiness and all depends on the amount of business they do on a given year. the last 6 years have been really good for us. So there is a boom of Brokers showing off their earnings.

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