5 thoughts on “Mortgage??

  1. depends on your interest rate
    lets say you did a 30 year 5% fixed
    1825.19 would be your monthlyhttp://public.propertylinx.com/custom/te…
    here’s a calculator.. toss around your own numbers.

  2. That depends on your interest rate, insurance, tax, term of the loan and the cost of mortgage insurance (which you will need with so small a down payment).

  3. It depends on the interest rate and whether you take out a 15 or a 30 year mortgage with an adjustable or a locked in rate.

  4. On a 340,000 mortgage loan (350,000 purchase price with 10,000 down) and an interest rate of 6.25% your estimated monthly payment would be: $2,093.44.
    That is assuming the 10,000 down was only the down payment and that you have extra $$$ for closing costs.
    While this would include interest, this does NOT include taxes, homeowners insurance, or PMI (private mortgage insurance) which you undoubtedly will have on a mortgage above an 80% loan to value ratio.
    Good luck.

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