Release Your Home Equity and Relax

If you are in desperately need of cash and you can not get approved for unsecured loans due to your bad credit history, you needn’t get depressed or despair. Home equity loans can provide you with all the financing you need at very reasonable rates and with loan installments you will be able to afford with ease.

Home equity loans have so advantageous terms that more and more people are requesting them everyday. It is such a simple finance solution that homeowners have nothing to worry about if something unexpected happened and they need extra cash to cope with it. They just need to request a home equity loan, sit down and relax.

Equity Provides Larger Loan Amounts

When requesting a home equity loan, you can be confident to get larger loan amounts than with unsecured loans. Provided that you have sufficient equity on your home, you will be able to get up to 85% or 90% financing on your home value. Only those with perfect credit can aspire to obtain 100% financing or even more.

If you have $40,000 of equity left on your home, you will not be able to get that total amount unless you have perfect credit. The amount of your home loan and the amount of you home equity loan added up usually can reach up to 85% of the home value. Thus, if you have an outstanding mortgage of $60,000, you will be able to get only $25,000 on your home equity loan.

Equity Provides Lower Interest Rates

Home equity loans carry lower interest rates than any other kind of loans. The only loans that may carry a slightly lower rate are home loans and certain subsidized student loans, business loans and home loans. Moreover, compared with cash advance loans, credit cards, pay day loans and other unsecured loans, the interest rate charged by home equity loans is drastically lower.

Though your credit score may modify the interest rate you will have to pay upon loan approval, given that home equity loans are secured loans, the interest rate will not vary that much. Moreover, home equity loans are the only way for bad credit applicants to get competitive rates. With unsecured loans bad credit applicants usually get nothing but abusive interest rates.

Equity Provides Longer Repayment Programs

Another benefit that home equity loans provide is the fact that these loans come with longer repayment programs. Thus, by extending the loan’s term, you can easily obtain low and affordable monthly payments so as to fit any budget. Compared to unsecured loans, these loans provide very flexible repayment programs.

While unsecured loans can generally be repaid in up to 48 months, home equity loans can last as much as 10 years and sometimes even more. This is particularly useful when you need to request high loan amounts because otherwise, the loan installments would be completely unaffordable.

Equity Provides Easy Approval

Finally, as regards to loan approval, since home equity loans reduce considerably the risk involved for the lender in the financial transaction, the approval process is fast and without hassles. There are not many credit requirements for loan approval. Moreover, there are some lenders that will approve home equity loans for people who have had recent bankruptcies or defaults.

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