Second Mortgage Finance

It is important to note that there is no real difference between home equity loans and the second mortgage. A home equity loan is commonly referred as a second mortgage financing in most states throughout the United States.

A second mortgage financing package allows you to tap into the equity available in your home. It is done without any refinancing of the first mortgage and hence it is an additional source to get money when needed. If you need cash in a lump sum that too in a lesser time and at a low interest rate then second mortgage will be your automatic choice.

A first mortgage loan and second mortgage loan are two entirely different kinds of loans. The first mortgage is essentially the loan you take to buy a home. The amount applied as first mortgage loan is very high and the interest rates are fixed. After making a bulk payment as down payment you will have to pay the remaining amount in installments – the bank fixes the installments period on the front end of the contract.

A second mortgage is the loan taken against your equity that is secured against the loan. It is usually taken when a certain amount of money is needed in bulk and on an urgent basis. You and your creditor fix the mode of repayment and you may pay it back in installments or as a lump sum in most cases.

The second mortgage is taken when you need a certain amount of money in bulk and for an immediate need. Some of the reasons for applying for home equity loans are:

• For college tuition

• Paying of credit card bills

• For a vacation

• Other debt consolidations

• Emergency needs

All kinds of loans can be consolidated through the process of debt consolidation. The interest rates in the case of first mortgage are lower than the interest rate applied in second mortgage. Since the amount of loan in first mortgage is higher and the payment period is longer, the interest rate is lower – a second mortgage is just the opposite, with higher interest rates and a shorter pay off period in most cases.

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