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Nancy asks…

Is a credit check for renting the same as other credit checks for things like phones, mortgages, ect.?

I have passed a credit check for renting even though my credit history is poor. Whilst being checked they told me to tell them about all problems I have had with credit in the past. I did this but nothing showed up anyway. Are credit checks for other things different? Will my credit history show on other reports?

admin answers:

There are multiple ways to run your credit, or proof of financial responsibility. If you apply for a loan or credit card, that is considered a “hard inquiry” on your credit and does affect your credit score negatively if you have too many of those on your credit history. Other companies like cell phones, DirectTV, car/home insurance companies, renting, etc use a different method of obtaining your credit information which is considered a “soft inquiry” and does NOT hurt your credit score. This soft inquiry basically just verifys if you pay your bills on time or not, and does not provide the vendor with all of your credit information.

Laura asks…

Does anyone remember WAMUs old auto mortgage company?

I used to have auto pay set up with WAMU and they would take 1/2 my mortgage every check,.. I loved it because I made an extra payment a year. This continued thru CHASE. I refinanced with chase and had to put it on hold. The company told me to just call back to resume auto pay but now I lost theIr info (BTW CHASE offers auto pay but not the 1/2 per check type)

admin answers:

Yeah,I had that too for a while. The trouble is, I had to pay to get this started. Turns out, most mortgage companies will do this for free.

So what you can do now is to add money to your current payment each month. This goes to your PRINCIPAL only. Does the same thing. There’s an estimator on the site. You have to look closely and call them if you have to. You can do all of this online if you want.

George asks…

Can a couple get a mortgage, with only 1 credit check?

My fiance and I are thinking about buying a house together. He has a house currently but we need something bigger and in a better location. The problem is, while his credit is perfect mine is not.
We want to apply for a mortgage together but with only his credit being checked. I know this is probably not possible, but we need the bank to take both of our incomes into consideration, just not my credit. Is there anyway we can get a mortgage with both incomes considered, with only his credit checked?
I know my name can be on the deed without a credit check after the mortgage goes through, but we wanted the mortgage in both names so we are both legally financially responsible. And if both incomes were taken into consideration we would be able to get a higher amount..Im wondering how my bad credit will affect the outcome..

admin answers:

WARNING if you buy a house with someone you are not married to then see an Atty first and find out how you protect BOTH your interest if you break up. Don’t think that will ever happen to you, think again and then read some of the horror tales around here of people that did just that and find they have either given the whole thing to a partner or the other person owns 1/2 of a house they never put a penny into because they did not know what the hell they were doing.

No both credit would be checked under your scenerio and anyone that would do that for you is committing a FEDERAL CRIME! Those are the dumbas$ things that got us where we are.

Added after your addition, just how bad is your credit, what is your score and can you clean up your reports before applying?

IF you have unpaid and collections it would destroy your chance at a mortgage.

William asks…

Will they check my credit file if I self certify on a mortgage?

admin answers:

Whenever you apply for any type of loan – whether it be a regular consumer loan or a mortgage they will ALWAYS check your credit.

If you are just asking the lender for a Rate Quote, they can do a “Soft Credit Pull” – that means that their inquiry would not appear on the 3 large credit bureau indexes, BUT SOME lenders DO a “hard Pull” which means that – – that inquiry WILL appear on at least one of the large credit bureaus indexes.

Did you know that you can still buy a house with no income? I did – but they checked my credit. Hope this helps. ☺

Joseph asks…

When refinancing mortgage will it reveal credit details to spouse?

My spouse and I are going to be refinancing our mortgage and added me on. I did check my credit and found that I have a good fico score. However, my spouse doesn’t know about a couple credit cards that I have. Will these details be revealed when we go through the refinancing process to him, or is it more important that I just have a good credit fico score enough that any other details won’t be revealed?

admin answers:

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