Your Questions About Check My Mortgage

Maria asks…

I fell 5 months behind on my mortgage and sent them a check for the whole 5 months but they wont cash it. Why?

The representative told me that they have to “wait for thier attorney to tell them they can cash it”. Do you think they would put me into foreclosure even though I sent them a check to be caught up completely?

admin answers:

Just call their collection dept and just ask what it would take to bring your account completely current. If they do not to speak with you, then seek a bankruptcy attorney and see what options you have.

Mandy asks…

How can i get a mortgage pre-qualification WITHOUT a credit check?

are there any major banks that give pre-qualifications WITHOUT a credit check? I need to get a prequalification for a mortgage before I start looking at houses, but don’t want to hurt my credit.


admin answers:

I thought I answered this.
A credit inquiry only drops your score by 1 or 2 points.
Essentially nothing – and it’s temporary

Major lenders do not focus on that 3 digit score – they view all 3 reports.
They will look at that ding and not count it

Sharon asks…

A mortgage is in my in-laws name I pay the mortgage with personal check. What can I get back for the payment?

admin answers:

I’ve been audited for the very same reason! Your payments toward the mortgage entitle you to interest and tax writeoffs. The auditor told me that so long as I had proof that I made the payments that I was entitled to this writeoff. If your in-laws refinanced for that fiscal year, you may be able to writeoff the points on the loan as well (at a prorated amount).

If your in-laws are claiming the writeoff themselves, then you can opt for “renter’s credit” (which is state) and name the inlaws as your landlords. In this case, you’re a tenant and that’s the best you can do.

If your relationship is candid and open, I would have your in-laws present a scenario to their tax man that they’re renter’s and you’re the owner.

The user below me stated that I was blowing smoke. I went throught the experience and am stating that I went there. His claim was that I “…lucked out with an idiot for an auditor if he allowed your deduction.”

Michael asks…

How can I check if someone got a mortgage in my name?

admin answers:

Since mortgages have to signed and notarized by the court, and you have to be positively identified in person, you would know by now.

Laura asks…

Is there someone i can call about my mortgage company holding my insurance check and dispersing it to me?

alittle at a time inbetween inspections to repair my home from hurricane damage? They told me i had to indorse the ck (its made out to myself and my mortg co) and then mail it to them and they would send me a portion of it at at time….. i think its BS! Is there anything i can do to get around all the red tape to get my house repaired???

admin answers:

True. You have to endorse the check over, and as the work is completed, the mortgage company sends it out to you.

You can get around that, by having the insurance company reissue the check made payable only to the CONTRACTOR.

You can’t get the check yourself, if there’s a mortgagee on your house. That’s to protect the mortgagee, to keep you from banking the money, and not making the repairs to your house.

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