Second Mortgages – are They Twice as Much Trouble ?

A second mortgage is the second loan that is secured against the home and second in importance to the first. This means that should the borrower not be able to pay off the loan in full and the bank or money lender repossessed the home to recoup their losses, the first loan would be paid off first and the money that was over would be used to pay off the other loan.

The second loan has a higher interest rate than the first one to compensate the lender for the extra risk he has to take. The loan charges on the other hand will be less as there is already a loan registered on the borrower’s name. It is not difficult to qualify to borrow a second loan as the loan is secured against the home.

It is always better to first shop around for money lending agencies and the banks that have the best interest rates and loan charges.

This loan is usually used for home renovations. Renovating the home periodically is important to keep up the value of the property. Major repairs can cost a lot of money but have to be done and the best way is to borrow the money and get the jobs done. The best way is to get quotes from various building companies and building supply companies for the work that has to be done. When you have the best prices you can apply for a loan for the correct amount you will require.

This loan can either be taken in a lump sum or you can open a line of credit and spend the money as you need it. In this instance the line of credit would work very well as you will be able to pay for labor and material as the phases of the project are completed and the money will be spent for the purpose for which it was borrowed. This line of credit works much like a credit card.

A second mortgage can be taken on the home to pay for a child’s college or university fees. As this loan is usually a large amount of money this would be ideal to pay theses expenses.

Lee Van writes informative articles on a range of subjects including Second Mortgages

Lee Van writes informative articles on a range of subjects including Second Mortgages

How Much Mortgage Debt Is There In USA?

Given all the worries about credit in this country, and subprime mortgages, I was curious as to what the entire amount of home mortgage debt is. There are about 110 million households in the country, with 70% of them owned residences. Let’s say there are 75 million owned homes. Not all have mortgages, but if 70 million do, and the average mortgage amount on such homes is $200,000, that comes out to a scary $14 TRILLION of mortgage debt in the USA. If just 2% default, the amount of bad home loans is $280 billion. It could obviously be much higher.
Does anyone know what total mortgage debt is per household and in total? This is a real problem that could damage the economy.