The Home Equity Lending Industry: Refinancing Mortgages for Borrowers with Impaired Credit

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This book provides the first systematic study of the home equity lending industry from a public policy perspective. Home equity lending–refinancing mortgages for homeowners whose credit ratings do not meet the normal underwriting standards of prime lenders–has grown rapidly during the past dozen years. But this form of lending is not very well known or understood outside the industry itself. “Home equity lenders take greater risks than conventional pri… More >>

The Home Equity Lending Industry: Refinancing Mortgages for Borrowers with Impaired Credit

So You Want to Refinance: An Insiders Guide to Refinancing Adjustable Rate Mortgages and Home Loans

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Are you paying more than you need to?

In this book a mortgage lending insider reveals her answer to this question – and more – in her best selling So You Want to Refinance. If you are baffled by the dizzying array of mortgage companies, sales pitches, and loan products, this book is for you. The book walks you through each step of the loan process in easy-to-understand language to help you make an informed decision that’s good for YOU-n… More >>

So You Want to Refinance: An Insiders Guide to Refinancing Adjustable Rate Mortgages and Home Loans

9 Common Costly Mortgage Refinancing Mistakes

It may be a good idea to refinance your current mortgage in search of a better mortgage loan rate. Just make sure you dont fall for the common mortgage loan refinancing mistakes many others have. The following article contains 9 common refinancing mistakes that are pretty commonplace, and how to avoid them when refinancing a mortgage.

Mistake #1
Not doing thorough research on lenders.

Most people are comfortable with their current bank or mortgage lender. This is a bad practice to become comfortable with. You should always shop around for the best rates. If you have a current mortgage lender you prefer you should still shop around and show them your offers and see if they will match, or better yet, beat it. Just like a big purchase, it pays to shop around. You will guarantee this way that you did get the best available mortgage refinancing rate you can. Also make sure to be aware that when you apply for the mortgage refinancing, even if its the same lender you currently use, you will need to re qualify for the loan.

Mistake #2
Know when you will start to break even after you refinance

When you decide its time to refinance your mortgage, I can almost promise you will have to pay closing costs. These costs could negate any or all savings you received through the refinancing, at least initially. Calculate the costs of the closing fees and your new refinanced mortgage rate and see when your break in period is. This is when you are done paying any closing costs that have been added in due to the refinancing.

Mistake #3
You have not received a Good Faith Estimate from your lender

Any potential mortgage lender should be able to provide you with something called a Good Faith Estimate. This is a estimate that covers the closing costs, any “hidden” fees, and any other fees associated with getting a mortgage refinance. This should be given to you within 3 business days but there is no reason your lender cant give you one earlier if you ask for it.

Mistake #4
The Assessed Value of Property should not be considered

The assessed value of property is determined by the local county tax assessor. Your loan amount will not be based on this assessors value. Your property will be valued using another approach called the, sales comparison approach, also known as the cost approach.

Mistake #5
Getting an appraisal for a home with low value

If you know that your home is not that valuable, you should not pay to have its value assessed. You should ask your mortgage lender to appraise your house for you using the AVM model (automated valuation model) this method uses other houses in the neighborhood to find a good average house price in any given area.

Mistake #6
Do not sign anything without properly reviewing it

Make sure to check, and double check all the loan documents before you sign them. Carefully, read all the terms and conditions of your possible loan before signing. If you can, ask for a copy of the loan documents a few days before the official signing so you can review them on your own time.

Mistake #7
Not providing the necessary documents in a timely manner.

Stop unnecessary delays in the closing process by having all the proper documents ready to submit when the lender asks you too. If you delay too long with this, the rates on your loan may go up by the time you are ready to sign.

Mistake #8
Not getting it in writing

Sure, there are trustworthy people in the mortgage lending industry, but surely when it comes to this much money, make sure everything is in writing. Often, your lender will give you an initial verbal agreement about your rates. Get him to put those on paper. If its not on paper, its not official.

Mistake #9
Using your heloc prior to refinancing

If you have taken out any kind of home equity loan of credit, for anything but home improvements or repairs, do not immediately apply for refinancing. You should wait at the minimum 6 months before approaching a mortgage lender about refinancing. This is the same as taking out more credit, and will be viewed as such when applying for the refinancing.

Making a mistake during the long refinancing process can cost you thousands of dollars, let alone time wasted. Make sure you do all the research you can before entering the mortgage refinancing world.

-M Petrone

I have been in mortgage lending for over 15 years and have since retired. I provide free useful information to would be home refinancing prospects. My website is updated daily with insider tips, tricks, and knowledgeable articles written by professionals.

Best Mortgage Rates Refinancing

The truth of the matter is no one can actually bear down upon when best mortgage rates are going to bottom out. If you are looking for the best mortgage rates refinancing, going online for your searches will help you a lot. Instead of trying to approach when mortgage rates will bottom out you can save yourself thousands of dollars by concentrating on what aspects of your mortgage rate you can control. Find the best mortgage rates refinancing for cash out or a loan then stick with it.

Home mortgage rates are at near all time lows and quite a few of you might be wondering how to bear upon when they will bottom out. Mortgage interest rates are downright difficult to fall in with. Mortgage loan refinancing in Britain can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your personal circumstances.

For selecting a lender that offers low mortgage rate refinance, the first thing you have needed to do is to contact as many lenders as possible and solicit fixed rate refinance quotes from each one of them. Take a look at an amortization table to be cognizant of why-for lone type of mortgage loan, quite a few of the interest is paid at the beginning. Points paid on a purchase mortgage can be deducted upfront, but points paid on a refinance are handled differently. These have on to be deducted over the loan’s lifetime.

A home equity loan puts your house to work for you, creating a personal loan borrowed against the value of your home. To go into training home equity loans, borrowers are obliged to first discover the concept of equity

When you set up a mortgage loan refinancing in Britain for home active use, you are borrowing against the equity of your home. This means, again, that you will be paying on your home longer. If you refinance for a lower rate but it is adjustable, you could wind up paying more. You should only do this if you accept a lower fixed rate on your mortgage loan refinancing in Britain.

To do an effective, cost-conscious mortgage refinance, first settle on your cope with-even point, or how long it will take to start gaining a positive return on your investment of the costs of refinancing. There is never a bad time to invest in property or real estate.

Historically, property has always raised in price regardless of whole short term trends. The broker arranging your mortgage gets paid in two ways. They let paid by charging you an origination fee for their work and they make paid by marking your mortgage rate up for a kickback for lender.

If you find the best mortgage rates refinancing take it and run with it. Chances are you will not find another low rates that may suit your liking.

Home Mortgage Refinancing

In the event that you are interested in a home mortgage refinance loan, there are several really great reasons for home mortgage refinancing. In the event that you are interested in home mortgage refinancing but you aren’t sure exactly how to begin, you will find several tips below that will help you to decide if home mortgage refinancing is appropriate for you.

Determining When Home Mortgage Refinancing is a Good Idea

All-in-all, there is a wide variety of different reasons for participating in home mortgage refinancing. Each individual financial situation is different and there are sever reasons for home mortgage refinancing within your situation. For example, if situation financially has improved since you purchased your home, you may now qualify to receive a much better interest rate with a brand new home mortgage refinancing loan.

The term length, along with the interest rates that you choose are going to determine how much all of your monthly payments are going to be. Even if you can’t qualify for the lower interest rate for your mortgage, you will be able to lower your monthly mortgage payment by going in and extending the length of the term for your loan. Selecting a mortgage that has a term length of fifty years has the potential to lower payment significantly which allows you to take back control over your monthly budget.

The Advantages of Home Mortgage Refinancing

In relationship to home mortgage refinancing, there are several different advantages based on your finances individually, here are the benefits that you will be able to take advantage of:

1. Lower Mortgage Payments

2. Tax-Deductible Debt Consolidation

3. Lower Mortgage Interest Rates

4. The ability to stop paying for the private mortgage insurance.

5. The ability to switch to mortgage with a fixed interest rate.

6. The ability to switch to a term length that is more advantageous.

How You Can Avoid Overpaying for Your Home Mortgage Refinancing

Whenever you begin to shop for a home mortgage refinancing loan, there are several different choices that are available to you. Selecting the appropriate type of interest rate for your mortgage and the length of the term is going to help you to avoid overpaying for your home mortgage refinancing loan. You will be able to learn a lot more about home mortgage refinancing, include all of the costly mistakes that you should avoid by taking the time to register for a free tutorial on home mortgage refinancing.

If you are interested in finding yourself a home mortgage refinancing tutorial, you should be able to find everything that you need online. However, make sure that you take the home mortgage refinance loan that you are interested in, into careful consideration.

This site is truly full of informative articles on the subject of how you will refinance your abode. If you want to understand the basic idea of refinancing a house, facts related to mobile home refinancing and home mortgage refinancing, and most importantly, it gives you a broad explanation what is ?refinancing a home? is all about.

What is Mortgage Refinancing?

Mortgage Refinancing is defined as the process wherein the borrower applies for a new loan usually at a lower interest rate in order to pay off an existing loan with a higher interest rate. The other common reason when a borrower opts for a mortgage refinancing is when the borrower wants to change the loan from a variable loan to a fixed loan.

The lenders or the loan providing companies are attracting an ever-increasing number of customers by offering a lower interest rate. Majority of the masses prefer to avail a secured loan rather than opting for an unsecured loan as a secured loan can be availed more easily at a lower rate of interest.

A major benefit to avail a mortgage refinance is that it improves the credibility of the borrower. He or she might be facing difficulty in paying of the monthly installments that keep on varying if it is a variable mortgage loan. On the other side, the ability to pay back the loan in a shorter duration of time improves the credit rating of an individual.

A mortgage refinance can be availed by an individual offering his or her property as a collateral security to the lender. Property is offered as a security to protect the individual interest of the lender who can claim rights of lien over it in case the borrower fails to pay back the entire amount of the loan or goes bankrupt.

However, it needs to be noted in the light of the above-mentioned benefits that before deciding whether or not to select mortgage refinancing, you must take into consideration various important factors. These are:

– the penalty clauses mentioned in the terms of agreement

– the degree of risk involved

– the mode of mortgage refinance

For instance, there have been reported situations wherein the borrower ends up paying an increased amount of installment over the periods of time after availing the inaugural discount. Rest assured, it can be stated that mortgage refinancing is a boon for the borrowers who are bearing unusually higher interest rates charged by the lender and face a higher risk of losing the property they have offered as a collateral.

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100% Mortgage Refinancing? How To Get Approved

100% mortgage refinancing allows you to borrow against your equity, while hopefully lowering your interest rates. To get approved for a cash out refinance, you need to have excellent credit. Otherwise, you need to work with a sub-prime lender or apply for a line of credit.

What 100% Refinanced Mortgage Can Do

A 100% refinanced mortgage can allow you to take out all of your home?s equity. Anytime you cash out part of your equity, your refinance rates will increase. But rates will be lower than if you take out a second mortgage.

However, with no equity, you will need to carry private mortgage insurance. But if you choose a sub-prime lender, you don?t have to worry about paying premiums.

Improving Your Application

Lenders are primarily concerned that you can repay the loan. Without equity, lenders look at other factors, such as income, cash assets, and credit history. Income is important when it is compared to your debt ratio. Other debts, including credit cards and student loans, decreases your borrowing power. So if possible eliminate or reduce your debt.

In the case of job loss or other financial emergencies, lenders want some reassurance that you can handle monthly payments. That is why cash assets, which also include CDs and money market accounts, are important. Six months of savings is a good start.

Your credit history predicts how likely you are to skip payments. But even if you don?t have perfect credit, you can find 100% financing with a sub-prime lender. They will also be more lenient with your application, but charge slightly higher rates.

Getting Better Terms

Be prepared to pay at least 3% at the time of closing for your refinancing. Otherwise, those cost will be rolled into your new mortgage and you will be paying additional interest on that money.

You will also want to research loan offers before making a final decision. By researching loans, you can know you are getting the best deal. Don?t just focus on rates; take a look at closing costs as well. Remember too that you may find a better deal by taking out a second mortgage to access your equity.

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Tips On Checking Mortgage Refinancing Rates

If you are considering re-financing your mortgage the internet is a good place to start. One of the benefits is being able to compare mortgage refinancing rates from various mortgage companies. Another is all of the information you can gather in a short amount of time with the click of you mouse.

The internet has simplified the process of researching by making it easy for anyone to do. The days of spending your free time meeting with several mortgage brokers in person are over. Who has time for that anyway.

The internet allows you to shop for quotes online and then compare them before you ever meet with anyone. Doing it this way takes the pressure off of you. Now you can make a decision or ask questions in the comfort of your own home in a relaxed manner.

One important key here is find a company you can trust to handle your mortgage refinancing situation. If you stick with people you can trust you are more likely to end up with the best results for you. Well known lenders are certainly one way to do this. Consulting the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can be of help to you as well.

One common mistake people make when checking mortgage rates online is to fall for the appearance of the website. You may think a website with fancy graphics and bells and whistles makes them reputable. This could not be further from the truth.

Anyone can put up a website or hire a professional to do it for them. It is important to consider the information on the site before you consider the appearance. After all you are there to get some of your questions andswered and a picture can not do that for you.

Once you have narrowed your search down then it is time to either meet in person or at the very least talk to somone on the phone. Applying for a refi online and relying on an automated system for such an important matter is not a good idea. Especially with the dolloar amounts involved. Plus if you have any questions now is the time to get them answered. You may know more about refinancing then you did when you started checking eveything out, but you are still not an expert.

Being able to talk to a professional who does this for a living is smart. You want to confirm rates and terms before filling out your application. Understanding the fees in your loan before you committ gives you a clear understanding of what you are paying.

These are just a few tips to consider when you go on the internet to check out mortgage refinancing rates for your home.

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Advantages Of Online Mortgage Refinancing

The Internet has opened up doors to make it possible to sell just about anything online, including refinancing. The good thing about this is that online there is more competition which usually translates to better deals for the consumer. So when searching around for a mortgage broker or bank make sure you jump online to see if you can get the best refinance deal there.

Often times, people are very concerned with sending personal information over the Internet. With all of the identity theft happening today, it is of great concern. However, there are some practical ways to safeguard your identity. First off, whenever you are looking into a company, verify their credibility with the Better Business Bureau. This will help you to find out how they have treated their customers in the past. Also, be sure that the company you are considering has a secure website. One way to be sure the company has a secure website, is when you log onto their site, the “http” will turn to “https”. The “s” indicates the site is secure. A secure website ensures that efforts have been made to prevent hackers from stealing your personal information. One thing to keep in mind is that the “s” may not appear until you access a sensitive area of their site.

Speed is one advantage of online refinancing. There is virtually no need to make an appointment or coordinate schedules. The closing is the only thing that can not be done over the phone or via email. For someone who is extremely busy this is an ideal situation since little or no time needs to be spent in a mortgage office.

Another advantage online refinancing has is the competitive rates. Since there are so many companies competing for your business, chances are you will receive a low interest rate. Many sites will allow you to choose from various firms quotes. If you feel more comfortable with a specific company but another one is offering a lower interest rate you can ask if they will match their competitor’s quote. In order to earn your business many companies will match their competitor’s quotes.

Obtaining an online mortgage quote is quick and easy. You can simply go through the process from the comfort of your own home. An online mortgage also allows you to avoid uncomfortable meetings with overly pushy mortgage lenders. Often times, you are able to receive a lower interest rate through an online mortgage company, than you can with a traditional mortgage office. Sometimes, if you receive a single quote that is considerably lower than the others, you may want to take some precautions. If the quote sounds too good to be true, chances are it is. In order to avoid difficult situations, make sure that you are working with a reputable company.

For many people, online mortgage refinancing is wonderful. Consumers are turning to the internet to take care of their personal finances more and more. Therefore, many great deals, that can better your situation, can be found.

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Mortgage Calculators and Refinancing Your Mortgage

Many years ago when interest rates seemed to be declining almost every day, I attempted to determine the exact point I could benefit from refinancing my home mortgage. At first I search the internet for a mortgage calculator that could aid me in my decision, but to my disappointment I discovered that they all lacked the sophistication necessary to be of much use.

In fact they were so seriously lacking in their complexity that they were nearly financially ineffectual. So after frustratingly realizing I was not going to find what I needed, I decided to build my own mortgage calculators and in 2005 I transferred them to a browser format making them available to the general public. You can try my mortgage calculators at Mortgage Calculators.

Determining the economic benefits of refinancing depends on many factors, i.e. 1) what is the rate on your existing loan, 2) what is the current rate at which you can refinance, 3) what will it cost you to refinance, 4) how long do you expect to hold the property hence hold the loan, and 5) what is the time value of money. My website can help guide you through a step by step approach in the application of these variables.

When creating any financial calculator or model there is a trade off between complexity and simplicity versus effectual and ineffectual and striking the right balance is the key to being a good analyst. “Mathematical modeling”, “manipulation of numeric data” and “displaying numeric results” are all part of an art form! To think otherwise would produce less than superior results.

Most mortgage calculators leave out the ability for the user to adjust for how long they expect to hold the loan and none that I know of allow the user to adjust for the time value of money. Most do not allow the user to adjust for a mortgage that has already been amortizing for a significant period of time.

These are important variables if you desire more accurate results than the typical mortgage calculator provides. My mortgage calculators will allow you to adjust for how long you expect to hold a loan (live in the property) and you can adjust for a mortgage that has already been significantly paid down. You can also consider the effects of making an additional fixed monthly payment to your mortgage.

How do I do it? I combine 20 years of experience as an analyst on Wall Street with the following skill sets: coding in visual basic, yield curve construction, financial statement preparation, business plan development, complex derivative valuation, and risk management. I am a CPA in the state of New York.

I have twenty years experience in the financial services industry with specific experience in financial statement preparation, risk management, financial modeling of interest rate derivative products, and forecast modeling. My forecast modeling experience would relate to financial statement analysis and new product line optimization. Edward Grano, Analytical Finances Inc.