What Happens To The Second Mortgage When The First Mortgage Forecloses?

I am going through a foreclosure on my first mortgage, what are my options with dealing with the second mortgage? Any legitimate websites with guides for dealing with the aftermath of foreclosure would also be appreciated.

What Happens To A Real Mortgage When A Debtor Files For Bankruptcy?

I’m a creditor whose debt is secured by a real mortgage. I’ve received recently a notice that the debtor has filed for bankruptcy under chapter 7 of the US Bankruptcy code. What will happen to both my loan and my mortgage? Will I be enjoined from foreclosing the mortgage? The insolvent debtor by the way is an individual, not a corporation. Please prvide legal basis.
Thank you. 🙂

What Happens To The Mortgage On A House That Is Left To Me In A Will?

A relative will be leaving me a house in their will. If there is a mortgage (home equity) on the house when they die, do I take over the mortgage? I intend on selling the house when it is left to me.

What Happens To A Second Mortgage When A Home Is Purchased At A Foreclosure Auction?

I am going to bid on a house at foreclosure and it has a 1st mortgage of $280K and a second of $70K. The lender on the first two mortgages is Decision One Mortgage. The lender at foreclosure is Countrywide. Does this mean that if I buy this house at foreclosure that I will own additional money to the second mortgage or just the first mortgage and back taxes?