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Helen asks…

Am I selfish for wanting to leave him?

I know money is not everything in life but we can all say it’s necessary. We expect our weekly or bi-weekly checks to pay for groceries, bills, and a mortgage to name a few. I recently bought a house and with it I have become more aware of my expenses and now manage my money more carefully.

My boyfriend of almost a yr and a half is still where I met him. In fact he’s worse than how I met him. Let me start by saying he’s an illegal immigrant. When I met him he had a stable job 5-6 days a week. As of today he works 1-3 days a week if he’s lucky, he does not have a car, and shares a small room with 2 other guys. You can imagine how crowded they are. Well I don’t care that he doesn’t have a comfortable place to live in but I do care and it’s starting to become a frustrating issue that he doesn’t have money to take us both out.

For a few months after he lost his job it was me paying for almost everything. This was before I bought my house though. I even lend him $400 to pay for his rent. He still hasn’t paid me back and it’s been a yr. Nor does he show any signs of paying me.

Usually we go out every weekend out to dinner or clubbing. If he doesn’t have money for dinner we don’t go but he eats at my house. If he has enought money for gas and parking, we go to the club since the entry is free b4 10pm. Sometimes he doesn’t have enought money for gas but since I want to go real bad I agree to pay for it myself. I always provide the money for a bottle of alcohol too.

And it’s always been me who drives us everywhere. In the beginning this was not an issue but lately I’ve been very angry and frustrated to see how he sits so comfortably in the passenger’s seat and I’m always annoyed and tired driving his a*s everywhere. I’ve dug deep inside and I think the reason I feel this way is because I don’t feel appreciated and at times have felt used.

I’m very independent but also very old fashioned. I live alone, work full time, go to college and I don’t have kids yet. I can be on my own without a man’s financial support but still expect my man to open my car door and pay the bill, propose on his knee, etc. etc. He does these things for me but it’s not enough because our roles are swapped still.

My boyfriend is a good man. He is sweet and loving yet I don’t feel appreciated and sometimes feel like he takes advantage of me. I love him very much but his situation is wearing me down. I hate the fact that I being the woman have to rush to get ready so I can pick him up on time like he was a little princess.

I feel selfish as I write this but I feel like he has nothing to offer me. I am going to college and aiming for a Bachelor’s degree. He, he’s staying home sleeping when he’s not working because he says he can’t find jobs in construction.

English as a second language classes are offered for free near his home and he quits soon after. I see no motivation in him and I think it’s due to his illegal status – “I have to live one day at a time because I don’t know what tomorrow can bring me.”

I’ve been wined and dined by friends and it feels so good when I don’t have to lift a single finger and everything is taken care of. I don’t expect a man to do everything for me but I do expect to carry my role as the woman and the man as the man’s. I want something better for me and I know I can get it but the thought of not seeing him every weekend scares me.

His attitude and ways of treating me have not changed since I met him. In fact he’s sweeter and kinder. He knows how I feel about his situation and he asks me to please wait for him and be patient because he will come out of this one. He says he loves me a lot and wants to marry me and be with me for ever. OH, and he has a kid with some girl in another country. His son lives with my bf’s parents and the kid’s mom….he says he doesn’t know where she’s at. Supposedly my bf never loved her but she did love him. The kid is now 6 yrs old and my bf left his country when his son was 2.

Am I wasting my time with this man? What things can I do on the weekends to keep myself busy and not fall for him when he calls me wanting to see me? Please help.
Keep in mind he lives an hr away. When he visits me he takes the bus. When I visit him I drive my car.

admin answers:

You’re wasting your time in a bad relationship. He isn’t doing anything to better himself and he most likely never will. You can’t live your life like that. Dump him and find a good man. There are plenty of them out there.

Jenny asks…

a child support question?

hi, i live in west virginia. my girlfriend and i have a 1 year old son together. through the last year we have been locked in mortgage limbo on our house, therefore our addresses were listed as different. we were summoned to a child support hearing in which we were told that child support would only be taken out for 2 or 3 payments(i cant recall which it was) as backpay.and when we got our addresses straightened out to come back and let them know, at which time they would cease taking payments out of my paychecks. that was in oct 2010. about this time we moved into our new house but were still stuck in mortgage limbo, meaning i couldnt change my employment status or risk messing up the loan. here is where the fun really begins. No payments were taken out of my paychecks until dec 10, 2010. the first payment of $148 was taken out dec 10, another of the same amount was taken out on dec. 24, 2010(i get paid every 2 weeks). neither payment was sent to the child support agency until dec. 28, 2010. My girlfriend and i thought, “hey its a one time thing, no big deal, at least thats all that they will take and now its done”…we were wrong. the next paycheck had the same amount taken out and once again was not sent to the child support agency, i then started recieving letters in the mail from the child support agency stating that i was delinquent on my payments. my girlfriend and i then went to the agency this same thing occured on every paycheck for the next 2 months. payments taken out of my checks by my employer, yet not sent to the agency. after repeatedly trying to phone the agency, we finally went down to the office. while there, we were informed that it wasnt just my checks, but my employer was not sending any other employee’s child support payments in either. he was apparently up to thousands of dollars behind. they had already notified him by letter. also, while at this meeting they informed us that if we wanted to end our child support case when we got the money from my employer that we could. they told us they were leaving the case open until he sent the money in, that way their lawyers could handle it and we wouldnt have to seek outside consultation. that was in february 2011. he has never gotten it caught all the way up, so we have never been able to get the case closed. now he is over $700 behind again. i ask the managers where i work about it and they tell me i have to talk to the accountants, when the child support office calls the accountant they tell them that the owner does the child support, then when they call him he becomes aggresive and profane and hangs up. these payments were supposed to stop being taken out in february and its still happening. it wouldnt be as bad if the money were being sent in, because then my girlfriend could get it and we could pay our bills with it. but that’s not happening and we are falling behind on our bills and everything else and all the child support tells us is they turned it over to their attorneys and if we havent got the money in 3 weeks to come and talk to them again. i don’t understand what they expect us to do. we can’t tell the utility companies to wait a couple weeks can we? the main problem,as i already stated, is that these payments arent even supposed to be being taken out of my checks. what can i do about this? the child support bureau is clearly not that concerned about it and we are running out of options on our money. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

Federal Child Support Enforcement Handbook for Non-Custodial Parents
To learn a father’s rights, join Dads House Educational Center in Yahoo Groups. It’s free to join, access all materials You associate with other fathers going through, and have already gone through, the same issues. We have an Educational Manual that teaches everything that needs to be known in addressing your legal issues. Mention your question here when asked why you want to join, as well as your state? Http://

2nd Wife Club, for those brave enough to take on a man with “baggage”.

Lizzie asks…

Why would someone come by and take a picture of our doorknob?

On Saturday morning, about 9:00, I heard our back doorknob rattle. I looked up, expecting to see my 22 yr old son walk in the door, but instead I saw an older lady taking a picture of our doorknob! She left and I ran to the window to see what she was doing next. I saw a jeep with the back window (vinyl) torn, drive out the lane. I then checked the door to see if she’d left a hanger, but there was nothing there. I got my husband to run out and see if he could see anything. I wanted him to go after her and ask her what she was doing. The Jeep was stopped at the top of the driveway and there was a man out, taking a picture of our entrance, with our house number on it. I was freaked out.

We are behind on our mortgage and were told that it is in foreclosure status, but have not received any notices of any court dates, etc. In fact, we have been working with them on getting a loan modification. Do mortgage companies hire people to go out and take pictures of doorknobs? I have never heard of this practice and I am a little scared.

admin answers:

Change your locks! It was an X-ray camera and the criminals will use the picture to make a key to rob and/or rape you.

Daniel asks…

Worried about upcoming DHS Redetermination meeting. What do I say?

I am a single mom with 2 kids; the youngest is disabled. In my divorce, my ex agreed to pay the mortgage instead of child support. He lost his job almost 2 years ago and couldn’t pay the mortgage any longer. House went into foreclosure but my kids and I are still living in the marital home for now since it hasn’t sold at auction yet. My children receive Medicaid due to my income status and my son’s disability. I took my ex to court to get child support a year ago since he wasn’t paying the mortgage anymore but was receiving unemployment. The judge ordered an income withholding from my ex’s UIA checks, but to have it listed as “attorney fees” instead of “child support” in order to not affect the DHS benefits my children receive. The judge specifically instructed the FOC to not have it listed as child support, but to have it withheld from my ex’s income the same way child support is withheld. I have my annual DHS Benefit Redetermination meeting next week. I worry that if my caseworker knows I receive funds from my ex then I will be in trouble, even though it’s not technically considered child support or alimony. I assumed since the judge purposely worked it this way so I wouldn’t lose any DHS benefits, that it must be legal. Even with the money from my ex, I still could not afford private health insurance for my kids, especially since my ex is unemployed and I am only receiving a small amount of money from his UIA checks. Since this money isn’t considered child support, do I need to disclose it to the DHS caseworker if she asks if I receive child support? Since DHS, SSA and MISDU are all interconnected computer-wise, I assumed DHS would already know if I was doing something wrong. Any ideas here? I don’t want to get into legal trouble. Trying to do the right thing. I know the judge ordered it to be done this way, but I just want to be sure it’s 100% legal. Thanks!!

admin answers:

I’d suggest that you try calling the attorney who represented you when you went back to court for child support. If the money he has paid you for “attorney fees” has not exceeded the money you did pay out for attorney fees, I would think you would be okay.

If you can’t get an answer from your former attorney, you may get an answer from an attorney here. If neither of those works, you might try asking a free question on this website, which is supposed to give you answers from attorneys:

If the judge ordered it, you should be okay, but it’s good in situations like these, I think, to be overly cautious and get an answer from an attorney.

George asks…

can a 2nd mortagage lender come after you after a short sale in ca?

my mom did a short sale in ca last year in november, both the first and second mortgage lenders issued a 1099-C, now citimortgage is calling asking for their money, checked her credit report and both accounts stated they were settled and paid legally for less than the full balance, what can she do now? also, it appears that citimortgage transferred the loan amount (which had been settled) to a different acoount now, the status of that is open, looks like this account was posted by them back in july
so what recourse does she have now?

admin answers:

Unfortunately Jimmy gave a great answer here. When completing a short sale, one must make sure that part of the terms is that the lenders both 1. Agree to settle short of full payment and 2. Waive any deficiency judgments. Most first lien lenders will waive the right to seek any deficiency, it’s the 2nd that you have to be careful of (and in some cases, mortgage insurance companies as well) as they will not waive their rights, they will agree to payment and settle, but they will pursue their rights. About the only advice I can give you is to find the approval letter from citi and possibly seek legal counsel as the verbage on the approval could be tricky and actually give Citi the right to pursue their deficiency rights

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Your Questions About Check My Mortgage Status

Helen asks…

Do some adults require babysitters?

I’ve done lots of jobs.

When I was a teenager I was a cashier and worked a pizza shop. At the grocery store, the same people would come every day to buy their items in small amounts. At the pizza shop, people would walk in, order, and drive away. In other words, they had a car. They had phones. They just had to have their order taken by another person.

In college I was a teller. The same people would show up every day to pay a bill, cash a $30 check, etc., i.e., things they could either do on line, or if they didn’t have a computer, the phone, and they elected not to get enough money to last them through the week or month.

Then I worked in mortgage loan orginations and processing and underwriting. The same people would call me every single day about the status of their loan. I’d tell them what it was. I’d give them a timeline. I’d tell them I’d promptly call them if any further information was required from them.

Now I work in the operational side of banking, and the same people from retail or Commercial will call every day, with a silly question about how to do something or complaining about something that is was their responsibility to correct. In other words, my job is to make sure help the institutions become compliant with federal and state regulations, not do it for them.

At first I thought this phenomena was due to my working in a customer service environment where you deal with the lowest common denominator on a daily basis. Then, as I moved away into operations and underwriting I found that that basest element was mitigated, the idiots remain.

So, do some adults just need a full time babysitter? Should I bring suckers and pacifiers with me to work?

admin answers:

Yes every one is looking to some one else to hold there hand.

As long as you know you did not make the final decision.

William asks…

Is it really that hard to imagine or even try?

The past few months I have been thinking alot in relation to the upcoming election and the status of the U.S. in general. But I guess what sets me apart from most is that while many are deep in the trenches of the subprime mortage mess, my mind has been on those who have always been and will most likely continue to be less fortunate.

To me, it seems that these Citizens are The Forgotten Ones – easily shuffled to the side as always when those who have wealth have discovered that their money is in jeopardy. We dismissively regard the less fortunate as “lazy,” and blame them for their own troubles. They should get a job and work for their own health insurance and to put food on the table. Because it’s easy to think that when we have enough to pay our rent, see a doctor, and put more than enough food on the table, “it could never happen to us.” “I have an education and I work hard so that I will never ever be in that situation.” It’s a great thought, one which fortunately most are correct in thinking.

However, there are many who unfortunately discovered that they were wrong. Who knows why exactly it happened – perhaps they fell ill with a debilitating disease of which they had no control over, which caused them to lose their job, therefore their health insurance. The hospital bills begin to pile up, as well as utilities, rent/mortgage, etc. Then the day comes when the last penny of savings has been spent on every day needs. Because of this disease, they are unable to return to work. The medicaid barely covers their needs, and the $660 Social Security/Disability check that arrive once a month is just not enough to make ends meet. They remember the days when a trip to the grocery store was merely a chore, and when they never thought twice about what they threw into the cart. Nowadays they have carefully choose only what they need. They feel the $1 increase in a gallon of milk as if it were a punch in the gut.

As they walk down the streets, clothed in a threadbare jacket because they can no longer afford a new, warm coat, they pass people that could have very well been former coworkers. Dressed in sharp suits and shoes that click-clack down the sidewalk. In an attempt to regain some sort of relationship with their former self, they smile at the passerby. But instead of a returning smile, they hear the passerby mumble quietly under their breath “Lazy, stupid bastard. Why don’t you just go get a real job?”

You see, it -could- happen to you, no matter how much you may prepare. Systems Fail, as well as your health and other life-altering events. All I’m asking is that before you go and make a judgement about that person on the street, you take a few minutes to think about what could have possibily put them in that situation. And really – how hard is it to help? It can be donating a coat, old clothes, a few dollars or just a smile. Or realizing that the public programs that exist are not there to simply “steal your tax dollars,” but are helping that person who could have been a former coworker. Or a friend.

admin answers:

So you don’t like living under the gop elephant either?


Ken asks…

House under contingent contract?

I just found the most awesome home that was only listed for sale 7 days ago. Great price, new kitchen, new garden. Perfect house for a girly girl like me.
Im annoyed because I emailed my real estate agent at that time if he had that exact kind of listing.
It turns out he went and played golf instead of checking new listings for me Argh.
Anyway in the MLS, this house for sale status is listed as: Active, but contingent. What does that mean ?
Does this mean I still have a chance at it ?
I’m pre approved for a mortgage and already sold my old place.
Any advice appreciated
Also I should add this house is located in Southeastern PA if that helps on advice

admin answers:

I would ask your real estate agent about the opportunity for you to put an offer on this property. “Contingent” itself means something has to be satisfied before the deal is final.

If your real estate agent isn’t performing in your best interest, let your expectations be known and if he isn’t in agreement then find another agent. You sound like you are computer literate so your agent should use the technology available to notify you or new listings. There are lots of agents out there who will set up automatic notification of new listings within seconds of them being listed on MLS.
Make sure your agent is a “Realtor”.

Chris asks…

Where is my Post 9/11 GI Bill BAH and book stipend?

So here we are further into the month. I posted a questions similar to this last week or so. I’m just checking on if there are any updates to the status of any ones tuition or BAH. My tuition debt is up to almost $8K. Had to drop classes because I haven’t received any money nor has the school. My financial aid is still being held hostage because of the tuition debt. Hopefully some one out there has some good news. Any one receive anything yet? I filed a congressional inquiry because the VA owes me and my husband more then $10K not to include tuition. That would be almost another $17K. They didn’t even pay out chapter 30 before they canceled it and left me empty handed. The bills are due, the mortgage is late and I’m stuck in a bind! I read the other there are more then 200,000 Vets who haven’t received their tuition benefits yet. How ridiculous is that? It probably went to cash for clunkers! Anyway if anyone has had better luck with the VA, I sure could use some tips.

admin answers:

Nope my fiance started school back in August. We have yet to see a dime of that money. We paid for his tuition and supplies. I can wait a bit longer for the bah money, I just want us to get reimbursed for his tuition, the military can at least make sure our tuitons are paid for instead of dragging their asses about it. I want to start classes myself in the spring and I hope my fiance gets his money soon so I can get my tuition paid

But at least we are not as bad off as some people are. I work full time and my fiance works full time and goes to school full time. But there is a lot of people out there who quit their jobs thinking they could just live off their bah, and they are hurting right now

Sandra asks…

Is it selfish if I end this relationship?

I know money is not everything in life but we can all say it’s necessary. We expect our weekly or bi-weekly checks to pay for groceries, bills, and a mortgage to name a few. I recently bought a house and with it I have become more aware of my expenses and now manage my money more carefully.

My boyfriend of almost a yr and a half is still where I met him. In fact he’s worse than how I met him. Let me start by saying he’s an illegal immigrant. When I met him he had a stable job 5-6 days a week. As of today he works 1-3 days a week if he’s lucky, he does not have a car, and shares a small room with 2 other guys. You can imagine how crowded they are. Well I don’t care that he doesn’t have a comfortable place to live in but I do care and it’s starting to become a frustrating issue that he doesn’t have money to take us both out.

For a while it was me paying for everything. This was before I bought my house though.

And it’s always been me who drives us everywhere. In the beginning this was not an issue but lately I’ve been very angry and frustrated to see how he sits so comfortably in the passenger’s seat and I’m always annoyed and tired driving his ass everywhere. I’ve dug deep inside and I think the reason I feel this way is because I don’t feel appreciated and at times have felt used.

I’m very independent but also very old fashioned. I live alone, work full time, go to college and I don’t have kids yet. I can be on my own without a man’s financial support but still expect my man to open my car door and pay the bill, propose on his knee, etc. etc.

My boyfriend is a good man. He is sweet and loving yet I don’t feel appreciated and sometimes feel like he takes advantage of me because of what I have to offer him. I love him very much but his situation is wearing me down. I hate the fact that me being the woman have to rush to get ready and pick him up like if he was a little princess. I feel selfish as I write this but I feel like he has nothing to offer me. I am going to college and aiming for a Bachelor’s degree. He, he’s staying home sleeping when he’s not working. English as a second language classes are offered for free near his home and he quits the 1st or 2nd week. I see no motivation in him and I think it’s due to his legal status – “I have to live one day at a time because I don’t know what tomorrow can

admin answers:

The whole “role reversal” thing shouldn’t be a problem. Equality means sometimes you’ll have to do things for yourself.

That said, getting stuck with someone who doesn’t seem to want to better himself and move up (legal or not) is never a smart idea. Most relationship arguments are due to money. If you’re the only one making any, how stable do you think your relationship would be?

I would say dump him & move on. If he were just out of work because of the economy & trying, it would be different, but he’s not even trying. That tells me he doesn’t value you enough.

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Your Questions About Check My Mortgage Status

John asks…

(Letter to settle out of court) Can you read this letter and tell me how it sounds, please?

This letter is an attempt to settle the termination of guardianship before going to court.

Please read it and give me any advice.

The letter needs to persuade the child’s grandma (the guardian) that it is the best decision to allow the child to move with her father and step mother.

The guardian has stated the father must have own home before she will ‘allow’ the child to move, the letter needs to prove it is better to stay in the current situation.


June 28, 2009
Dear Guardians (Daughter’s Maternal Grandparents,)
It seems like the girls just got out of school, but here we are half way through the summer, already! With the new school year approaching, (Wife) and I would like to discuss with you a possible change for (Daughter).
A few years ago, I do agree that I was unable to care for my daughter and provide a stable home for her. I appreciate all the help you have given (Daughter) and me. I am so grateful you could help give (Daughter) the best life possible while I have been working hard at getting my life together.
As you know, I started a new job. I love this job (and new line of work) and can see a long future with this company. They have excellent employee benefits; in fact, health benefits will be available to all of my dependants and me shortly.
In addition to this big step, (Wife) and I have been planning for the future and we are proud to see everything start to fall into place! Now, I am ready to give (Daughter) the stable loving home that she needs and deserves.
(Mother-in-law), (Father-in-law), (Wife) and I have been discussing what is best for the future. When (Wife) and I moved into her mother’s home to help after (Wife)’s grandmother passed away, we had not planned to stay this long; but we have developed a system that benefits everyone, especially the girls. Each of us contributes something to the household and we all work together to accommodate everyone’s needs.
Dividing the household to move to a separate address would have a negative impact on everyone! The girls would be forced to change schools; (Wife) would have to return to work and would no longer be available to care for the girls afterschool; (Mother-in-law) would struggle with her mortgage payments, (Father-in-law) would need to hire a home health nurse to periodically check on him throughout the week and several other hardships would be created if we were to move.
(Mother-in-law) will be giving (Wife) and me the house when she retires and I am restoring the house little by little, so it would not make sense to move. Not only would moving make it difficult for me to continue working on the house, but it would be silly to make such a change then turn around and come back to where we started in a few years.
Giving children, a loving stable home and an opportunity for the best education possible are essential for them to grow up as responsible well-balanced adults. The current arrangements are ideal since it allows (Wife) to be home to care for the girls and the girls are zoned for high quality schools.
HM Smith is just blocks away from our house. The school has received high achievement status for AYP and is Clark County’s Southwestern Region Model School. Students participate in many fun educational activities, which include field day, several contests, assemblies and field trips throughout the year. HM Smith recognizes students for achievements each semester such as A Honor Roll, A/B Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Golden Rule and AP Reading Excellence. At the end of the year students who maintain their achievements for the entire year, receive awards and prizes. HM Smith also puts on an annual talent show! ((Daughter) talks about how much she would like to participate in the talent show, all the time.)
I realize it must be difficult having to get up so early to drive a long way to work and having such a busy day as you do; not to mention, having the additional tasks of getting (Daughter) to school, picking her up and, after a long drive home, cooking dinner. I see how finding time to relax could be hard. It must be extremely stressful and exhausting for you, I know it has been for (Daughter). (Wife) and I both have noticed a change in (Daughter)’s behavior that is also affecting her at school.
Although (Daughter)’s final grades were As and Bs, there are several areas that she did not meet standards and teacher comments about behavior problems. During the year, (Daughter) complained that she was struggling in school, because she did not understand her homework and no one at Safe Key could help her. At one point (Daughter) brought home an unsatisfactory slip and explained to us that it was actually her second one. Additionally, (Daughter) told (Wife), how sad she was to miss out on field trips and other fun activities (Activities normally offered by other schools.) during the year, because her school could not afford them.
(Wife) has a great schedule that really works for Hayley a
Nevada District Court requires the parties to try to settle the case outside of court first and written proof (letter certified return receipt) has to be submitted to the court with the petition. This is a formality, we have had several conversations about this issue, face to face with the guardian. This letter is to prove we have tried to settle before filing.

My husband and I wrote this letter together.

admin answers:

In my opinion:

This situation needs to be face to face, not a lengthy letter that appears to be mainly written by the new wife, the child’s biological father needs to be able to make the case himself in front of the grandparents,

A letter from the wife, kind of makes the case against him, in support of the grandparents requirement; then you tie in the contents of the letter outlining why living with your parents would be a better living situation then living with her blood relatives in the current situation

Beware you letter can be admitted into evidence in the court hearing

Lizzie asks…

RESUME HELP! Can I aks for some outside assistance?

I have been unemployed for just about 8 months right now. My resume, when the job market was good, was a decent resume. I had some help from an associate at the last institution I worked for, however, reviewing it, I do not feel it is all that strong. Could I get some help or just another set of eyes to look at it and let me know what you think?

Also, should I list my unemployed status? I am working part time at Target while unemployed for some supplemental income, should I post that? Should I leave Linens n Things on there, even thought it was only one month?

Thank you in advance,
–A sad and frustrated banker.

Adam Armstrong
225 Stark St. NE.,
Salem, OR. 97303

-I am seeking a position that will further my career, as well as assist in the growth of the company and my fellow associates.

-Nearly four years experience in management.
-Exceptional training in communications.
-Goal-oriented individual with strong leadership capabilities.
-Organized, highly motivated, and detail-directed problem solver.
-Proven ability to work in unison with staff, volunteers, and costumer’s.
-Strong sales leader.

-Currently attending the University of Phoenix, majoring in Business Management.

Relevant Work & Accomplishments
-Mentor (trainer) for new associates.
-Annual budgeting.
-Consistently able to help the branch meet the goals set (20% increase from previous year).
-Directed recruitment and retention of supervisors and staff of nine employees.
-Training, supervising, evaluating and coaching improvement management skills.

Relevant Work Experience
Linens n Things, Salem, OR.
Nov. 25th, 2008
Dec. 23rd, 2008
Department Manager, HouseWares,
-Sold fixtures, gave quotes, and helped in the removal of fixtures.
– Assisted in the liquidation of all product.
-Answered phones, and questions on the phones.
-Recovered HouseWares and assisted in recovery of other areas in the store.
-Double verified deposits.
-Ran transactions on cash registers.
-Recovered shopping carts.
-Assisted in all aspects of customer service.
-Assisted associates when needed.
-Stated employment with the understanding that the position was temporary due the liquidation.

Marion and Polk Schools CU.
Assistant Branch Manager II,
June 14th, 2007
Aug. 20th, 2008
Salem, OR.
-Provide exception service to staff and customer’s alike.
-Home Equity and Mortgage loans, as primary lending duties. Assisting in auto, boat, RV, personal and Visa loans as well.
-Involvement with the West Salem Rotary and the West Salem Business Association.
-Community involvement, primarily with the West Salem High School, in our Titan Branch. We currently have three interns working between the two branches.
-Branch support in all aspects needed. Assisting other loan officers, acting as a teller, handling member discrepancies and teller cash/check outages.
-Meet monthly referral goals.
-Handle multiple operating systems at one time.
-Met the following lending goals monthly: $250,000.00 home equity loans. Close at least one mortgage.
-Make sure the branch meets its control policy and passes all audits, according to company policy and State/Federal guidelines.
-I would handle new and existing IRA’s and Certificate deposits.
-Coaching the staff monthly or as needed by individual.
-Marketing and new Relationship marketing quarterly with our Relationship Manager.

Umpqua Bank.
Nov. 1st 2004
June 9th, 2007
Lead Associate/Mentor
-Lending in the following areas: auto, RV, home equity, Visa.
-Opening and maintain new accounts, IRA’s and time deposits.
-I would assist in branch goals and the overall flow of the branch.
-Open, close and assist members in safe deposit boxes.
-Weekly we had teleconferences where we would discuss our success, and areas we needed to improve in.
-Balancing the vault, coin machine, and teller drawer.
-Over draft reports; calling and following up with clients.
-Yearly we had to volunteer 40 hours to a local charitable organization.
-As a mentor my duties were to train the new hire in the Umpqua culture. I would train them on
-I would also, on occasion, assist in ‘Train the Trainer’ classes.

admin answers:

Don’t forget Cover Letters!

Cover letters should include:
Which position you are applying for
A summary of your key skills & qualifications
An explanation as to why you have chosen the company & position

Resumes should:
Be created for each application
Clearly state your education information- type of degree, grade average & major
Detail your involvement in extra curricular activities and include personal experiences
Use bullet points, write in clear, concise terms using active words
Keep it 1 page
Detail any work experience: volunteer, internships, independent contractor, part-time, full-time

Yours looks great. Just avoid long sentences. You want to go for short, succinct yet clear points. Be more specific with your objective.

Susan asks…

question for loan officers or attorneys?

My husband and I have been divorced since September of 2007. Back in 2005 my ex husband cashed a draft check that came through the mail for 3500.00. Both of our names were on this draft loan because it was through our mortgage company. As of December the amount left on this draft loan was 367.85. I took out a cash and demand loan through the mortgage company. This is a different loan that is solely in my name. However the 367.85 was transfered to my loan because it also had my name on the draft loan. My problem is I never corrected them about my marriage status and I was divorced at that time. We were still living together as we were trying to sell the house. It is listed in the divorce decree that he is to pay this loan off. He is refusing to pay because during the move (we sold the house), he is missing a camera that he said he thought I stole, so he is withholding the 367.85. Can I get in trouble for the loan I took out because I didn’t say we were divorced?
Just to let you know more about this camera. My ex husband was fired from his job because he purchased this camera for the sales department at a hotel he worked at using a petty cash voucher. The problem is he kept the camera for himself.

admin answers:

You owe the $367 because it is in your name, You don’t want a court case because of a few hundred dollars so make sure it gets paid off. The bank does not care about your divorce, all they want is the $$$. Think of your own credit, it will be damaged if you don’t repay it and that is the only real trouble you are in..Camera story means nothing.

Laura asks…

I got email from U.S. Senator, what do you think?

Maybe you guys need to contact your U.S. Senator about the Bailout.

Thank you for your letter expressing concern about Congress’ consideration of a plan to meet our Nation’s credit crisis with financial help from the Federal Government. This is a difficult situation for which there are no perfect solutions, and I would like to share my thoughts and concerns about this issue with you.

On September 19, 2008, Secretary of the Treasury Henry M. Paulson, Jr. announced a legislative proposal to use $700 billion to purchase illiquid mortgage-related assets from ailing financial institutions. Secretary Paulson’s three-page proposal was a non-starter, and without critical changes it has no chance of approval from Congress.
This proposal would have given a blank check to an economic czar who would have been empowered to spend it without administrative oversight, legal requirements, or legislative review. Decisions made by the Treasury Secretary would be non-reviewable by any court, agency, or Congress. The proposal also lacked a requirement for regular reports to Congress on the status of the program. This was simply untenable.
Since this announcement, my offices have received thousands of comments from Californians like you concerned about how this action will affect them. Yet, I believe prudent action must be taken. The bill should include the following principles: a phase-in of funding; oversight, accountability and transparency; a mechanism allowing the Secretary of the Treasury to modify mortgages to prevent additional foreclosures; and a precise cap on executive compensation.
The current credit crisis affects all Americans. If action is not taken to stem the crisis, Americans risk losing their homes, jobs, personal savings, life insurance and more. Banks will cease to lend to businesses and homeowners, and credit will be increasingly difficult to come by for average Americans. I strongly believe that the consequences of failing to act now would be greater than not acting at all.
Attached please find a statement I recently made on the floor of the Senate expressing my feelings on this issue. Please know that I will keep your thoughts in mind as this situation unfolds.
Once again, thank you for writing. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 224-3841. Best regards.

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein
Floor Statement on the Economic
Rescue Proposal
September 26, 2008

“Mr. President, to date I have received from Californians more than 50,000 calls and letters, the great bulk of them in opposition to any form of meeting this crisis with financial help from the Federal Government. I wanted to come to the floor to very simply state how I see this and some of the principles that I hope will be forthcoming in this draft. Before I do so, I wish to pay particular commendation to Senator Dodd, Senator Schumer, Senator Bennett, and others who have been working so hard on this issue. I have tried to keep in touch — I am not a negotiator; I am not on the committee — but California is the biggest State, the largest economic engine, and people are really concerned.
We face the most significant economic crisis in 75 years right now. Swift and comprehensive action is crucial to the overall health of our economy. None of us wants to be in this position, and there are no good options here. Nobody likes the idea of spending massive sums of Government money to rescue major corporations from their bad financial decisions. But no one also should be fooled into thinking this problem only belongs to the banks and that it is a good idea to let them fail. The pain felt by Wall Street one day is felt there, and then 2,3,4 weeks down the pike, it is felt on Main Street.
The turbulence in our financial sector has already resulted in thousands of layoffs in the banking and finance sectors, and that number will skyrocket if there is a full collapse. The shock waves of failure will extend far beyond the banking and finance sectors. A shrinking pool of credit would affect the home loans, credit card limits, auto loans, and insurance policies of average Americans. I am receiving calls from people who tell me they want to buy a house, but they can’t get the credit or the mortgage to do so. Why? Because that market of credit is drying up more rapidly one day after the other. It would have a major impact on State and local governments which would lose tens of millions of dollars, if not hundreds of millions of dollars.
Hurricane Ike shut down refineries on the gulf coast 2 weeks ago, and now, today, people are waiting hours in lines for gasoline in the South. Similarly, the collapse of the financial sector would have severe consequences for Americans all across the economic spectrum: for the person who owns the grocery sto

admin answers:

This is the same Sen. Feinstein that funneled millions of dollars to her husband companies in defense contracts with no bids when she was chair of the Appropreations Committe. No ethics investigation. She just stepped down from the chair position. Is this the same Sen. Feinstein that two or three months ago said the Senate cafeteria would be privatized because it has not made a profit and they cannot make the payroll or benefits of the employees. This people are controlling billions of dollars for the bust Mac and Mae that gave them millions in contributions and run by Clinton people that gave themselves hundreds of millions in bonus and lied about the bottom line. They can’t even run a cafeteria right under their noses and in the same building. Why don’t you email her and ask when the Department of Justice investigations are going to take place and how long before the crooks responsible are indicted. I live in Ca. Also. My neighbors and I wrote to Boxer about a Social Security law tha Boxer voted for that takes the whole months Social Security away from a person if they die before the month is over. I mean if they die one hour before the first of the next month you have to refund the check to the Government. So the last month of your relatives life and their Social Security is not theirs. My neighbors and I got a nasty letter in return from Boxer and three weeks later we all got letters on the same day we were being audited by the IRS. You are aware that Dodd got more money from Mac and Mae than any other person in Congress and Obama was second in money recieved from them.

David asks…

Do you think some people just want to be babysat?

I’ve done lots of jobs.

When I was a teenager I was a cashier and worked a pizza shop. At the grocery store, the same people would come every day to buy their items in small amounts. At the pizza shop, people would walk in, order, and drive away. In other words, they had a car. They had phones. They just had to have their order taken by another person.

In college I was a teller. The same people would show up every day to pay a bill, cash a $30 check, etc., i.e., things they could either do on line, or if they didn’t have a computer, the phone, and they elected not to get enough money to last them through the week or month.

Then I worked in mortgage loan orginations and processing and underwriting. The same people would call me every single day about the status of their loan. I’d tell them what it was. I’d give them a timeline. I’d tell them I’d promptly call them if any further information was required from them. Then, without fail, later that day or the next, they’d call again. In other words, my job is to make sure help the institutions become compliant with federal and state regulations, not do it for them.

Now I work in the operational side of banking, and the same people from retail or Commercial will call every day, with a silly question about how to do something or complaining about something that is was their responsibility to correct.

At first I thought this phenomena was due to my working in a customer service environment where you deal with the lowest common denominator on a daily basis. Then, as I moved away into operations and underwriting I found that that basest element was mitigated, the idiots remain.

So, do some adults just need a full time babysitter? Should I bring suckers and pacifiers with me to work?

admin answers:

LOL. I think u must be quite a looker. It seems that they just come 2 c u.

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Your Questions About Check My Mortgage Status

Charles asks…

Here’s my problem… while I was involved with my exboyfriend, he was involved?

in various real estate transactions… he would buy, fix and sell. After a few months of dating, with the assumption and knowledge that the relationship was a lasting one, I agreed to having him put some houses in my name. On one particular house, I also agreed to take out a mortgage for him with the agreement being that he would pay the mortgage every month ($225) and take care of the house and all bills included with the house, i.e. taxes, insurance, etc. All the bills for this house were put in my name. Unfortunately, i signed a quitclaim deed giving him the house for $1.00 in the event that we broke up. Well, that has happened two years later. Since the breakup, he has not paid the mortgage and I recently found out that he has not paid the property taxes for nearly two years. The house is currently in tax title and was going into foreclosure in a month. I just found this out a few weeks ago. I have been in total contact with the mortgage company from the beginning and they are doing everything they can to help so they don’t foreclose on the house. Also, this was a rental property. The ex was renting it out to Section 8 housing and collecting checks from the government. After researching with the housing department, I found that he was collecting the partial rent checks under his name as the owner. I informed them of the situation, that he had not been paying the bills on the house, showed them my deed and they changed the owner status to me. I have received one partial rent payment. The renters are responsible to pay the owner the balance of the rent. They have been informed of the change in ownership status from the housing department. I have serious emotional anguish speaking to this man as he is never truthful in whatever he says and is very manipulative. I finally got him to pay me back $5,000 he owed me, after continually hounding him for 6 months and him continuously lying to me about the money. So now, after he didn’t receive his monthly check, he called me and said he had his income tax money and wants to pay on the mortgage and to pay him back the money I owe . He is collecting $2,400 a month of rent from this rental!!! My question is this, is this quitclaim deed still legal after having been signed in 2009 and him just filing it on April 6? Also, how can a property be legally quitclaimed if there is a tax lien on it and an outstanding mortgage? Is there anything I can do to rebutt this quitclaim deed as he has breached his oral contract with me? please help, thank you!

admin answers:

Signing the quit claim deed did NOT release you from the legal obligation to pay the bills.

You owe him NOTHING. The house is in your name, you legally are entitled to collect the rent. Yes, the quitclaim deed is still valid. He can file the deed, if they allow it, it is going to make the mortgage come due in full.

Try and prove the oral contract. You can’t. Any homes of his that are still in your name, I would sell them. Including the one in question.

Thomas asks…

Denied for credit card…what does it mean?

I checked my credit report last week on equifax and saw that my score was 739. Last month I consolidated a $16,000 loan at a rate of 29% into a $20,000 loan at a rate of 11.5%(payment is $518). I also have a student line of credit (now inactive) for $12,000 with a balance of $7,500 (rate is 5.75, min payment is $75). I have a mastercard with limit of $2500 and a balance of $4. I have another inactive visa on my report with a balance of -$23.

I was looking to get a new visa in order to benefit from the air miles, insurance, and other benefits that my active mastercard does not have. The adviser at the bank figured that I would be ok to apply since I make $75,000 and have no current mortgage or rent payment (I don’t own a house though or other assets though).

She put the application in on Friday and it came back declined today. The stated reason was that “client has a new consolidation loan, and trades are high. Client also is without savings”. that’s the extent of what it said.

My adviser was a little surprised but told me that she could check with her manager as sometimes they can vouch for a clients low risk status. I told her that I just wanted to know what I should do to improve my credit worthiness. She’s checking with the manager and will get back to me in a few days.

I’m in need of a new car. Does this mean that I would not qualify for an auto loan at this point? What is my best course of action to improve my situation?



admin answers:

It depends on the bank. Some banks aren’t taking any risks these days. I have more debt and less income than you and never had a problem getting a credit card through Chase, Amex, Citibank, Bank of America, or Discover. Try another bank. I wouldn’t think you would have any problem getting a car loan with your score and income.

Chris asks…

what is this?

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Personal Information
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admin answers:

Looks like phishing spam, don’t fill it out, it’s not from yahoo, report it as spam and delete it.

George asks…

Will Social Security help me pay for a Handicapped Accessible apartment?

I am a 24 year old female who has been collecting Social Security Disability (SSDI) as well as SSI for the past two years. Currently I am living with Muscular Dystrophy, Gastroparesis, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, Anemia, and Herniated Discs in my Cervical and Thoracic Spine. I also have a few medical conditions that do not contribute as much to my disability status, such as Hypothyroidism and Polycystic Ovarian Disease.

Six years ago I began attending college on a full scholarship, but when I started to become very ill about halfway through my junior year, I had to move back in with my parents (even though they are also living below the poverty line and have been collecting food stamps to try to make ends meet). My SSI and Disability checks have long been my only source of income, but together these checks only grant me about $600/month. About a third of that money goes to Medical Expenses not covered by my insurance, and another half towards helping my parents with household expenses, leaving me with less than $100 each month to pay my bills.

Now my parents can no longer pay their mortgage are facing eviction, and there is no way that I can find an apartment on Long Island for less than $300 (the amount I’ve been allotting from my checks to give to my parents for shelter expenses each month). Does social security help people who are on disability to find housing, and more importantly, to pay for it? I don’t walk well, so the apartment would have to be on the first floor and handicapped accessible, and I know that my current benefits couldn’t afford me an apartment anywhere in NY, even if most of my check didn’t go towards other expenses. I always try to stay positive, but I’m starting to feel really hopeless. Where can I turn to for help?

admin answers:

Social Security pays monthly benefits only and provides Medicare to those who are eligible; how you spend your benefits is up to you. The claims reps are not social workers and are not in the business of helping people find housing. The agency doesn’t pay additional monies for housing or home health care or anything else. That isn’t the purpose of Social Security. Why wouldn’t you have Medicare and Medicaid? Between the two they should cover all of your medical expenses.

People who have Medicare and SSI can file an application at the county welfare office so that the county/state will pay the Medicare premiums, co-pays and deductibles.

You can complete an application for subsidized housing at HUD, I believe, but the lists are years long. You will probably have to find yourself a roommate until you can obtain Section 8 housing or find a two bedroom apartment and share it with your parents and pool your income with theirs to meet living expenses.

And like Teddy says – don’t pay any attention to Flower’s answer but I do want to point out to you that if you were paying your fair share of expenses your monthly benefit between SSI and SSDI would be $718 per month – not $600. Fair share is monthly rent, utilities & food divided by the # of people living in the household. You have not been committing fraud.

Mary asks…

Requirements for VA refinance…?

I rec’d a postcard for refinancing my VA loan at a rate cheaper than what I currently have. It also states that there will be no credit check and no income verification. But, why in the loan application does it asks for a copy of your tax returns and your work tel#? I would like to refinance to skip 2mo payments and have lower monthly payments, but the problem is that I was laid off 3mo ago and still cannot find work. I do not want to have my wifes name on the refi (she is not on my current mortgage since I bought house before we were married) in case I have to walk away from my mortgage if I cant find work soon and don’t want to mess up my wife’s credit if I walk away. I’m not late on my mortgage payments now, but cant pay for long without work. Any ideas or know why the loan is asking for stuff that can tell them what they are saying they don’t need (income verification and marraige status from tax return).
I was really wanting to know why these brokers send out these ads (post cards) stating “no income verification”, but then their loan application asks for a copy of last 2 tax returns and your work ph#. I really do not want to provide my last 2 tax returns because I am married and it shows I have a wife. I don’t want to ad my wife on any refi. paperwork in case I default on this refi (if I cannot find a job soon). I want to refi. because it will allow me to skip 2 payments (gives me a longer time to find a job, and then pay mortgage each month). Do I really need to provide copies of tax returns in order to get a refi. loan?

admin answers:

If your wife is not on the current mortgage loan, any negative action caused by this property would not be reflected on your wife’s credit report. Her name nor social security number is on the mortgage loan you obtained to acquire the property. This would be true even if you added her name to the property deed by quit claim. You did not and can not add her name to the mortgage loan, without a refinance.

What you have gotten in the mail is a streamlined VA mortgage refinance. You may refinance without an appraisal and income verification under this streamline procedure. You might have also been offered a 2.99% interest. This is an adjustable rate mortgage, therefore be careful of any mortgage loan docs you would sign prior to getting a full explanation as the type mortgage you are getting. This mortgage loan would adjust in 5-7 or 10 years.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Powered by Yahoo! Answers

Your Questions About Check My Mortgage Status

Linda asks…

Based on this information about my credit status, do you think I am in a good position to buy a car?

I checked my credit scores yesterday and they are as follows:

Equifax = 491
Experian = 595
TransUnion = 601

I have been paying on a mortgage for a year and have never been late with the payments. I have been paying on my current auto loan for two years, and have never been late with a payment. I have obtained various credit cards (approximately four) in the past six months or so, and have never paid any of them late. However, I have 21 collections on my credit report – the majority of them are from medical bills, and most of them are a few years old. I have one large medical bill on there for a little over $33,000. I am not sure what’s pulling my Equifax credit score down so much, but either way I want to get a car.
I currently have a 2006 Isuzu Ascender and I do not like it. It has horrible gas mileage and not very many amenities. I want to trade into something with a rebate, preferrably a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. I have also thought about getting a BMW 300 Series, but don’t know if luxury cars offer rebates. Right now I owe about $21,000 on the Isuzu and it’s probably worth $14,000 or $15,000. They do not have a good resale value and I didn’t know that at the time. My current interest rate is about 17.9% – that’s outrageous, but I am hoping to get a lower rate since I have built some positive credit history. We got a fixed interest rate on our home (5.5% through FHA), but we got hosed with my car. I guess our credit wasn’t that great at the time. My husband is a co-signer on my car and his credit is a little bit better than mine. He’s probably in the mid 600’s.
Do you think I stand a good chance of getting a better car with a better interest rate? I am planning to have my husband co-sign again. Do you have any suggestions? Serious answers only please. Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

Can hubby sign on the loan by himself? If his credit score is much higher than yours, he has a greater chance of getting financed.

However, your situation is all too common in today’s market. Isuzu doesn’t carry much weight when it comes to resale value (and you’ll find that the dealers will NOT give you top dollar for an SUV, as their lots are full of them right now). As you know, you’re going to be upside-down, and in a huge way. And, honestly, none of the Hondas, Toyotas, etc (and certainly not BMW) are going to be having rebates that even come close to covering your negative equity. You’re lucky to see $2000 off a Honda or Toyota, and that might be on a high-dollar model at year-end. BMW almost never gives rebates that high. The reason? Demand. These makes are always in high demand, and do not need to give such incentives. And, being $7-10,000 upside down would kill any rebate as it is (and then some), so the new negative equity would just be added back to your new loan. Hence, you start the cycle all over again.

And, if you choose to try the used route by going to a “buy-here, pay-here” dealer (due to your credit situation), be VERY CAREFUL about how much you’re going to pay for the new car, as these dealers have no issue with adding that negative equity to the loan. They’ll show you a tolerable payment, but it’ll be based on extended terms (so more finance charges in the long run), high interest rate (no explanation needed), and a down payment that’ll probably be half what the new car’s worth.

Also, if you keep that Isuzu and pay it off, that’ll reflect more positively on your credit report than trading after 2 years.

Advice given before is correct: “keep the Isuzu and ride it out”. Gas prices and a bottoming SUV market have killed your wants and desires. Unfortunately, it’s reality at this time.

EDIT – DO NOT reply to the poster below (“Mark”). It’s a scam. – And it looks like Yahoo took care off his post, anyway…

Lizzie asks…

Under what circumstances would a seller contract with a buyer that sets the closing date 4 months later?

I was interested in a property that came on the market in late February but it when from active status to pending in about two weeks. There was no change to option pending or anything in between. It was there and then gone from MLS.

I visited the house. It was completely updated and ready for move in. The house was empty. The current seller never lived in it at all. Apparently, the house was an investment property for seller because I found that he owns three other homes and his primary residence is one of those.

I finally got my PIA realtor to check into it and she said that the closing date is scheduled for the end of July for an offer that was accepted by mid-March. Why would the seller wait this long to close? Under what circumstances would the seller pay the mortgage costs for several more months to make a sell that could possibly be made with a 30-day close?

admin answers:

Because perhaps it’s the buyer that wanted it later. If someone offered the seller the price that he wanted, but couldn’t close for a few months. They could have worked something out. If the buyer is giving him a good price, it could be worth it to keep for a couple more months.

James asks…

Help with a legal issue please?

One June 11, 2008 at 3 pm, my mother was taken off life support and died. She had an inter-cranial hemorrhage, and was on life support for a week, before life support was ended she was able to donate her liver and her kidneys. At the time of her death I was 17. My eldest brother Adam was made executor of her will and estate. When I turned 18 that August, I inherited 38 thousand dollars from my mother’s life insurance policy. As soon as the money was in my bank account, my father Robert told me to write him a check for the amount so I did. And he did the same thing to my brother Jacob, and my other brothers.

At the time I was attending Kent State University at the main campus branch in Kent Ohio. Adam and Robert told me to sign a paper so Adam could speak for me in court, thinking that since they were my family, they would have my best interest at heart I signed the paper. I also signed the paper because I was afraid of what Robert would do if I didn’t.

After my mother passed away I more or less became the house’s personal servant. I did all of the cooking and cleaning while being a full time student. Robert would sit up in his room all day either watching CNN or blowing the money into the stock market on E-Trade. Also by getting horses, cows, chickens, and a pig. When “we” started the “farm” Robert would still just sit in his room. During this time I wasn’t allowed to have a job or get my driving permit.

In July of 2009 Robert informed me that I have an older half-sister named Trisha. He told me this only a few minutes before she showed up at our home, I was also told that I have another brother (half) named Luke, whom is only a a month or so older then Adam. A few days later I decided that I was tired of the mental and sometimes physical abuse, so I told Robert that I was going to hang out with my friend Sara for a while and he allowed me to go.

After a few hours I called Robert to inform him that I wasn’t coming home. I decided to move out this way because Robert had always been a loud and violent man. I know that if I had told him I was leaving while still at the house that I would have never gotten out, and I would have probably been hit.

When I called Robert to inform him that I was not coming home, he began to scream at me through the phone. He yelled at me that the next time he saw me, I better have cops with me because he was going to beat me bloody. So my friend Sara took me to the police department and I was police escorted to my home so I could get my clothes.

My Aunt called my Grandmother on my mom’s side when she found out what had happened, my grandmother then got a hold of me and she flew me out here to California to live with her.

I have been trying to get my inheritance back from Robert so I can finish school like my mother wanted me to. According to him the money is all gone. I also received a letter stating that there is going to be a hearing about the status of the mortgage. And debt collectors are calling me aswell. I was a minor when my mom died and don’t understand how they can come after me for the house. Also I haven’t even lived in said house in over a year. I am wondering what I should do legally to get the money Robert took from me, and what to do in regards to the mortgage.
@ Jeff Smith

Many questions need to be answered here first.
1) Is Robert your father or step father??
—- Father
2) was an investigation done into your mothers intra-cranial bleed? Was it a stroke or was it due to trauma?
—-There was no investigation, it just happened. One day she was fine and the next she was brain dead and on life support.
3) why was Adam executor of the will and not the husband? Most states (even when no will is in place) the spouse gets 50% unless specified by a will.
—-My parents were not married at the time of her death, they just lived together. Adam is the oldest of us kids so he was exectur. Also I think it was in her will.
4) was the house paid for at time of death, and who was it titled in? Being a minor (unless emancipated) there is no way that you could have been on the title.
—–No it wasn’t paid for, we were in the 2nd or 3rd year of the morgage.
5) There are some very suspicious things surrounding Robert and your half/step siblings. Do you even know that they are his children??? Was any DNA or family history done?
—–It’s been confirmed through other family members that Robert slept around on my mom. But no DNA has been done.

admin answers:

Many questions need to be answered here first.
1) Is Robert your father or step father??
2) was an investigation done into your mothers intra-cranial bleed? Was it a stroke or was it due to trauma? It sounds like Robert is abusive, and if it was not a stroke did he hit her as he hits you? (There is NO STATUTE of limitations on murder.
3) why was Adam executor of the will and not the husband? Most states (even when no will is in place) the spouse gets 50% unless specified by a will.
4) was the house paid for at time of death, and who was it titled in? Being a minor (unless emancipated) there is no way that you could have been on the title.
5) There are some very suspicious things surrounding Robert and your half/step siblings. Do you even know that they are his children??? Was any DNA or family history done? It sounds as if Robert has ripped off you and your family. The papers you may have signed may had been powers of attorney, and now he pretty much has bled your family dry during a very tragic time.
I can not foresee anyway that you were on the deed to the home, however, if in fact you signed papers that you did not read, and you were an adult at that time, he very well could have done a quick deed throwing you on the deed, and taking advantage of your naivety along with your grief ripped you off.
I would find the answers to the above questions, then contact your FBI field office. From the way things sound you were not only ripped off but there is a good chance that some foul play was involved surrounding your mothers death. If this is in fact the case put robert where he belongs….in PRISON

Now that you answered the questions;

Joseph asks…

My credit score is 579? need advice…?

i am going apply for mortgage in couple of months so checked my credit score. when check report 3 money laundering company as runned credit checked which i never applied there are only two account one is from my bank and another one is Shop Direct Finance Company Ltd which i never applied.. it shows the status as t settled what is it??????????? what should i do……. pls need some good advice

admin answers:

Dispute those entries with the credit reporting agencies. All have an online form for that

Michael asks…

Buying a new house- can’t get a loan?

My husband and I put an offer on a house and when we went to talk to our mortgage broker about a FHA loan he told us his apprasier told us that because the house did not have a ‘public’ septic system that we would have tp purchase that in order get obtain the 3 1/2 loan which might cost us a few thousand more dollars. We have three options:

1) get an apprasial for the sewer and if its 3% more than the asking price of the house then they will not make us pay for it
2) take out another loan but we would have to put 5% down which we dont have unless we didn’t pay our bills for a amonth
3) have my husband take out a ‘my community’ loan without my name on it.

my questions are:
– are there any other suggestions?
– for the my community loan, is there a way for him to find out if he is married, like do they check your taxes ( we filed together) or ask his marital status? If so, it wont work.

thanks for the advice.

If i made less money and had bad credit, I would be able to get a house! what the heck!

I’m not trying to be dishonest, trying to get a loan.

admin answers:

Yes, of course they check taxes and credit. Maybe your problem is you are dishonest and what comes around goes around.

Sewer hook up is about 1200, if it is on that side of the street. It could be impossible otherwise.

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Your Questions About Check My Mortgage Status

Donald asks…

City and County Tax Refunds for Dallas?

My tax status was changed on my home mortgage and the city and county will owe me a refund. I need to know the site to go to checking on it to make sure when it will be ready, or if my name is already there.
I have already filed for homestead exemption and disability status.

admin answers:

You need to file a homestead exemption with the Central Appraisal District.


They will change it pretty quickly after you file, but if you have an escrow account with your mortgage, they will hold off as long as the can before reducing the escrow. I filed a homestead exemption and also went to a hearing with the appraisal board and got the value reduced, and I still can’t get my escrow reduced until I actually provide the bank with a copy of the tax bill which won’t go out until October.

My escrow payment is about $ 500 per month too high. It’s like giving the bank an interest-free loan. Eventually I’ll get the excess refunded.

Thomas asks…

Mortgage Questions…?

Here’s my situation:

My husband and I just moved to the USA a few years ago. After we arrived in the US, we had a few lapses in immigration status during which neither of us could work because we were waiting for work papers from the USCIS. These lapses caused “black marks” on our credit reports. My husband was doing residency at this time, and our resources were limited, so it made it difficult for us to bounce back completely after going several months without income! Last time we checked, our credit scores were in the high 500s (no rude comments pls, it sucks, i know).

Anyway, he finished residency in January, started work as an internist in April. He is now making $160K/year. The problem is – our credit score sucks big time and we don’t really have savings to speak of. But, we want to buy a house at the soonest possible time, if only for the tax-deductible interest payments.

The question is – is there any place where we can get a decent mortgage despite our shortcomings?
Gabe TX – My husband and I are both physicians. My husband is working in an underserved area, where American doctors refuse to work. He is taking care of Americans, keeping them healthy and alive. He is helping to prevent the collapse of the American Health System. So, I hope you are not implying that he shouldn’t be welcome in this country. No, he is not mowing lawns – he’s doing much better things for this country.

admin answers:

Firstly, I commend you for coming here, working hard, coming by your money honestly and contributing to our great society. Hopefully, our government will let in more people like you.

As far as mortgages go, with that level of current income, it will be absolutely no problem to find someone who would give you a loan. The real question is, what the rate will be. The best rates are to be found online, at low overhead lenders, but unfortunately, they make it much more difficult to bring down the rate, once your score improves.

I suggest that you check out the poor credit links at for some rates. Print them out, and bring them in to a local bank. Ask if they can match them, and if you can build in an option to refinance with no closing costs when your scores get above a particular threshold, say 650 or something like that. That way, you pay the least for a loan now, but get the option to lower the rate and payments as soon as things improve, which will happen fairly quickly.

Good luck!

Ken asks…

I took out a mortgage on my home for a friend (my house was paid off), he cosigned on the mortgage papers.?

He said he would pay the debt and now months later I have been making the payments. He said that if my house goes into default he would then be able to get the payments current and take my house from me. Is that possible? He is not on the deed of my home. You hear the nightmares of someone cosigning a home loan but it was done for his benefit.The mortgage company that I went through stated that they would go to court on my behalf if I pursue legal action for the monies, because he told them all that he was the one who needed the money and I was doing this to help him out. I also have documentation of the money going into his checking account and also the receipts of where the money went and it is all in his name. I live in Ohio so I am hoping someone may have some advice. Also he has applied for an FHA loan and has been approved and is looking for a house. So will the late payments that have not been affected our credit reports hinder his final approval for his own home loan? I wasnt expecting to have to pay the monthly payments so every month I have been paying late but keeping my loan out of default status. Will they call the loan company and ask about payment history before they close on a home for him?
There was never any paperwork for him to be on the deed of my home. When I bought the house I bought it cash outright. When he needed the money and could not get a personal loan is when I went to the lender and took the loan out on my home with him as a cosigner. So I guess now I will get an attorney because he has defaulted then on his verbal agreement with me. I had nothing to benefit from any of it. All the money went directly to him. I have learned a very valuable lesson that’s for sure. But I knew he was getting wrong information in thinking he could just take my house from me if I defaulted on the loan. Because he has no ownership. He even went as far to say if they come after him for money then he would sue me. Never ever again will I ever do something nice for someone. Because we broke up he feels like he isnt responsible. He got what he wanted.

admin answers:

If you have been making the monthly mortgage payments on time, then his credit report would reflect no late mortgage payments.

The current FHA lender he is approved with would not call the mortgage company nor anyone else for any reason to see if he is making the monthly mortgage on time or even paying the mortgage. His credit report is reflecting that the mortgage loan he co-signed with you is current with no lates.

Even if you are a few days late, you are not 30 days late, therefore your credit report as well as his credit report would reflect no 30 day late payments and the mortgage loan is current.

If your friend co-signed the mortgage loan with you and signed the mortgage loan docs, this person is on the title deed with you. A lender would have the title deed drawn with each person on the mortgage loan as owners of the property. A title deed would be included in the mortgage loan docs both of you were required to sign at the closing of the mortgage loan transaction.

In order for this person not to currently be on the title deed you would have had to have him sign a quit claim deed or go through a local title company to have his name removed.

You might would want check with the county recorders office to verify that his name is on the title deed.


I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Carol asks…

financial aid question?

So I’m 21 just moved back in with my parents after losing my job. I decided to try the college thing and anyway I need financial aid. Here is the questions/problem my parents don’t have the money this semester (or more) due to the economy. My parents overall family contribution estimate is like $30,000 dollars, which is insane. My dad was without a job for a couple months and now my mom is worried about her current job. They have a mortgage loan they are still paying off and car payments. Anyway after checking my financial aid status it said that college costs were like $16,000 a year so minus $30,000. In theory, according to the government, my total needed financial aid is negative $14,000. I was wondering if this means there is no way in hell I will get any grant or loans? Can I appeal anything? Also wondering if anyone has any good websites for scholarships(essays are fine).

admin answers:

You should let the financial aid office at your school know that your dad is currently unemployed. They will readjust your awards package, but if your mother’s income is still high enough… You still may only qualify for federal loans. Even though your efc is 30000, if you choose a school that’s less than $5,500/year – the entire amount will be covered by financial aid (federal loans). Start with a community college if you cannot afford a 4-year school right away. Community colleges are between $1500 and $3000/year in most cities… A huge savings. Then, you can transfer to a 4-year school in a few years. You can look for merit-based scholarships… Which unfortunately are very hard to find if you’re a non-traditional student (meaning you didn’t start right out of high school). Many scholarships require financial need… Which you currently don’t have based on your efc. The best place to search for scholarships is looking through the large scholarship books at your local library.

Fafsa does not consider debt or expenses (with the exception of high monthly medical costs), the application only considers income, household size, etc. So, the mortgage and car payments will have no affect on your efc (which is annoying, but makes since since some people choose not to purchase a house or cars).

The government offers financial aid to everyone in the form of federal student loans. You have to choose a school that’s less than this. Your need isn’t negative 14,000 because if you chose a school that’s 16,000/year… Then you’d pay 16,000/year. If you choose a school that’s 2,000/year, then you only pay 2,000/year. Speak with your school’s financial aid office and explain that you and your father are currently unemployed. If you still cannot afford the school, then you will have to find a cheaper school that you can afford. Good luck to you.

Nancy asks…

IRS has royally screwed me with my mortgage. What can I do?

Ok, so granted my husband filed his 2007 taxes late and I ammended my 2008 to include his. Well, the IRS filed the 2007 with the 2008 ammendment, and now its “lost”. The IRS failed to switch my filing status to head of household to married filing joint with the ammendment, and took my husband’s income and put it down as mine…. So now we are trying to close on a house, and the bank tried to get his transcripts. well, now the IRS says there is no 2007 and 2008 is in process to fix their mistake. Ive gone to the IRS office twice and spent a total of 4 hours on the phone with them trying to get them to fix this. They keep saying they will, but they dont.

I have a staement from the IRS stating on Sept. 28 they received his 2007 taxes, and that the original got filed with the ammendment. I have a copy of my tax transcript that has his income, which matches perfectly with this W2s, but under my social.

I had both 2007 and 2008 ammendment checked by a tax professional, so I know the forms were filled out correctly.

So what the heck can I do?? Anything?? Do you think the underwriter will be able to see how the IRS messed up our taxes, and still allow us to close while they work on fixing it?
tro- i guess you dont get the IRS has ADMITTED their screw up their is no transcript to get because though they received it they never processed it

admin answers:

Dear messed up: Do you have a copy of what was filed? If so just certify they are correct and include any correspondence from the IRS (transcripts etc.) Contact the Title company and explain the SNAFU. If required provide copies of your W2’s to prove income. The Title company should have some flexibility in their regulations. Also contact your broker or real estate person and ask for intervention with the bank/title company.

This advice was prepared based on our understanding of the tax law in effect at the time it was written as it applies to the facts that you provided. Click on my profile to read more Errol Quinn Enrolled Agent

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Your Questions About Check My Mortgage Status

Charles asks…

need advaice for mortgage?

I checked my Credit score and is “Fair” status. i understand that is average score as other peoples. How likely i can ge Mortgage deal with 5% rate with 10% Deposit??? I like to borough 180K. Which the best bank will be??

admin answers:

Mortgage banks have gotten tougher on their requirements in the last 2 years because of all of the problems with the sub-prime mortgage markets.

My advice would be to find some local mortgage brokers or mortgage banks in your area. (You can find them on the internet or in the phone book) and make an appointment to discuss your situation. They can pre-qualify you for a mortgage and you will know what you will be able to get. It doesn’t hurt to do this and you can pre-qualify with several companies at the same time. Note, that pre-qualifying is different then applying for a mortgage.

David asks…

Getting a mortgage with less than 2 years history? New US resident from UK…?

i am a US citizen and my husband is a UK citizen who has permanent resident status here in the US. he just moved to the US 7 months ago.

we are looking to get a mortgage asap but my husband obviously doesn’t have a full 2 years history here in the US. is it possible to work around this?

he is also self employed but does work for the company he worked for in the UK, so he does have plenty of UK history. but unfortunately the credit scores and such in the UK do not transfer over to the US. He has only been here 7 months but already has a credit score (we checked) of above 700, just no history to go with it.

i have a credit score of 750, and together we make around 10k a month, we have at least 20% down saved (although we would ideally like a 100% mortgage)

are there any brokers out there with experience of this type of situation? can you help us? thanks alot!
thanks for the help so far..
but i just have to say to the first answerer, all the applications i have ever seen for a mortgage requires you to list 2 years of history. ???

admin answers:

There is no “2 year history” requirement to get a mortgage. If both borrowers have citizen/permanent resident status, good credit and income there should be no problem getting a loan.

Sharon asks…

IRS Amendment and Mortgage Lender Verification (4506-T, 4501)?

Hello all,

I am in a difficult situation and need your guidance and expertise. Please help. The following is my scenario:

I am currently in pending status for a home at this time and processing the loan.

I am a W2 income employee with gross income more than enough to quality for my home loan with good credit, 20% down payment, and absolutely no other issues as advised by the lender.

However, on my 2010 tax return (1040), I mistakenly filed for too much deductions including business/travel vehicle and job related expenses (that I did not incur) that brought my net taxable income down to less than half of my gross. This was an error/mistake on my part so please don’t judge. Because of this the lender would have to use my taxable income instead of the gross income that appears on my W2, and this amount is not sufficient to qualify for my loan.

I have already AMENDED the tax return and removed the job expenses, and doesn’t have any work related deductions, and express mailed to the IRS today 04/25/11, in which they should received it on 04/27/11. So my gross income would be used for the qualifications instead.

However, I have read that the IRS may take 8-12 weeks or even more to process an amendment to a tax return. But in my case, I am not expecting a refund, I am expecting to pay the tax I owe in installments to be set up with the IRS. I am also currently paying them on taxes for the previous years in installments. There is absolutely no tax liens on my file.

All I need is for the IRS to update my file and update the numbers in my amendment and not process any type of return so that my lender could verify the amendment and my income via the 4506-T or 4501 form that is generally used to do so.

MY QUESTIONS: will the IRS update my file in time in the next 2 weeks so that the lender could verify my return and income via the 4506-T or 4501? I am bound to close in 2 weeks.
Is there any lender that only used my physical paper tax amendment and do not check with the IRS?
Are there any other alternatives for my dilemma?

Thank you so much & I truly appreciate your reply.

admin answers:

No the IRS won’t have your file updated because that really is the time it takes to process. You have to remember your amended tax return has to go through verification twice and then be updated and filed, then you will be notified by mail.

A lender will use your paper tax amendment now but also will be checking with the IRS for verification as the process goes along. Banking Guidelines change every day so unless they have verification they won’t fund the loan.

Your Escrow Instructions or Purchase Contract states that you wil close on or before said date. Now not every transaction closes on time, and something can go wrong up until the day of closing. There are a lot of things that can happen but don’t panic as that may only cause further delays.

Do not call the bank because they won’t talk to you and they will put your file on the bottom of the pile. Don’t try to call the IRS because they will only tell you it takes the 8-12 weeks time that you already know.

There is no other alternative because if you try for a different lender you will have to start everything over and you will be past the deadline anyway.

Maria asks…

immigration question for President Obama?

Dear Mr. President,

Can you give us potential immigrants (ie people currently applying or people thinking about immigratin­g to the US) one single reason or give one single benefit to not come to the US ILLEGALLY? How would a person and his family benefit by following the American immigration law? Please realize I have a family as well, by circumventing the immigration law I will be able to: have an early start for my children in American schools, they would be able to learn English while still very young, American K -12 are free, and schools are not allowed to check for the immigration status of the students, 12 states in the US give in-state tuitions for illegal immigrants that my children will be able to enjoy later in life, I would have given my family better safety in the US, etc. By using Google Map, I have picked out a place that I want my family to live, and I have got up in the middle of the night, calling international long distance to 7 realtors, and all of the conversations end something like this: “Mr. Chow, I just wish you are in the US now instead of however long it will take you in the immigration process.” I relied “Ten to fifteen years.” “Mr. Chow, we are having historically low mortgage rates right now, but in ten or fifteen years it definitely would have gone up, and that’s $20,000 to $35,000 in savings in real money, but if you can’t physically be in the US, Mr. Chow, there just is not much I can do for you.” Mr. President, I am only a common person, $20,000-35,000 in real money savings would mean a lot to me. Mr. President, even though I come from a third world country, but I do have some financial sense, I know “money now is better than money later”. The key in talking about immigration is not when a person gets legalized, it is all about when that person’s physical self is in the US.

Mr. President, I guess I can speak for all people around the world who are going through the legal process of US immigration, we are not arguing against your reasons to support those people who are currently in the US illegally, we just want you to extend your support to us as well, because we want to have better lives for our families, we would pay taxes, we would improve the US economy, we have children who would become Pulitzer Prize winners, soldiers, lawyors, engineers, and doctors, and we have an American Dream as well.

And finally Mr. President, do you think it’s unconstitu­tional, specifical­ly a violation of the 14th Amendment when you subject a group of people under the existing immigratio­n law while letting others to circumvent it and push to pass new legislatio­n to justify this circumvent­ion?

admin answers:

Pearl is right. Obama is way too busy to sit on his computer at work and peruse Yahoo Answers like we do. Sending a letter to the White House won’t get you anywhere either. Some 20 year old intern will read it and, if you’re lucky, send you a form letter response. If you write a crazy enough letter, the intern may even write you a personalized response. He/she will even put the President’s signature on it using an auto-pen machine!

Nancy asks…

Serious help needed about green card status?

I am a US green card holder for 2 decades. Ever since I got the green card, I never managed to secure a job in US as I was too highly educated and I did not want to work for $7 per hour. Upto 2005, my brother supported me with food and accommodation. He fed me for 15 years and still wants to look after me food/accommodation wise. But he makes $40K per annum and pays mortgage and fees for daughter at University. As a result he lives on bread and water but fed me better.It is 2010 now and I have not been able to go back to US due to lack of funds (to get food stamps in US I have to have paid 40 quarters of taxes but I have never worked and never filed taxes. I did do 15 years of unpaid voluntary work to help five needy/disabled neighbours. In UK I get state benefits so I have no bills for my food or accommodation or medicines (I am seriously diabetic). I had a friend who overstayed out of US for 2.5 years but me managed to get into US via Toronto, canada because often if you flash your green card, they just let you pass. Another person I read about, he was out of US for 3 years but he said I only left 10 weeks ago and immigration officer let him in. This is because when you leave US, there is no immigration so if a green card holder leave USA, they do not know when you left (compared to tourist visa when they attach a slip in your passport which airline check in people remove so they know when you left the country). Yet another person I read about as follows. This person left US to go to France to attend a wedding. 10 days later when he was returning, he found out that he left his green card in a relatives home who is not contactable. There was no time to wait so he decided to enter US under visa waiver having electronically registered the same in US embassy at Paris. Then he came back to France within the time it said on the sticker stuck to his passport. He then collected his green card and entered US with his green card and there was no problem.

There are three scenarios above and I need to ask which I can get away with. This is the last time I will leave US, You guys will think I should not be allowed to enter US as I had no intyention of staying there. Not true. I could not stay due to lack of funds and was ill with diabetis and could nto pay doctor and even a dentist. I am now in touch with a person who says he will give me below minimum wage for 18 hours work per day for at least 15 months.

I do need to enter US and I am at my wits end. Please advise as I do not want to lose the green card. I wish I had done a few hours a week job when I was there upto 2005 or even applied for citizenship and then I could have been out of US even for decades.

Help from legally qua;ified people greatly appreciated.

PS: Does US now keep records for departure from USA (for green card holders) and how about me entering US via Toronto or may be under visa waiver and then return to UK within the expiry period and then enter US again but with green card.

admin answers:

Hate to bust your bubble, but the US DOES keep track of all who enter and LEAVE the US..including green card holders (my husband is a green card holder) IF (and this is a HUGE if) you managed to enter the US again….understand they will catch this. Either when you apply to have your green card renewed or when you apply for citizenship. During renewal of green cards, and citizenship processing..they have a lot more time to comb over your record, and will discover your extended absence from the US. At that time you will be placed in removal proceeding. Your green card has been dead for many, many years now. If you want to legally return, you need to start the process all over again.


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Your Questions About Check My Mortgage Status

Laura asks…

Can I get a credit report and loans with my status? Please help.Urgent!! See details below.?

I am international student in U.S.A. and get a social security number just for work. For myself, I do not have any credit cards, loans, house mortgage, cars, and I do not need to pay any bills.. What I only have is saving account and check account.
I have two questions:
1) Can I get credit report with my situation?
2) Can I get credit card or any loans?
Please help..Urgent!!

admin answers:

You can get a credit report from Put in your Social Security number and you’ll get the report. However, there probably isn’t anything on it since you don’t have any credit.

I would suggest you go to the bank where your savings account is and apply for a card with them. You’re already a customer with them and have money in their bank. That would probably be your best chance with no credit history.

You will have to show them some sort of income though. No one is going to give you any type of credit without seeing income as you would have no ability to repay.

David asks…

Is it better to have 0 or 1 exemptions on your W2’s when you are married?

My husband and I were married in May 2005. When I changed my status at work on my W2’s, they changed my expemption from 0 to 1. I had less taxes withheld on each paycheck. I did not want 1 exemption, I wanted to keep 0. Can I change my exemption back to 0? We also have a rental property. Do I have to claim the whole rent check each month or just the amount left over after we paid the mortgage on the rental property?

admin answers:

You should be able to continue to claim 0 exemptions if you want. Ask your employer for a W-4, complete the form requesting 0 exemptions (and, if you want, to withhold at the higher, single rate), and then return the form to the personnel department.

Your rental will be taxed on its income after expenses. One of the expenses is the mortgage interest (NOT the entire mortgage payment).

Nancy asks…

If i am late on one mortgage paymnet but double up my next payment will it effect my credit score?

My grace period id up today. I will not be able to pay the full amount of 1103.80. I only have half of my payment and my mortgage company will not accept partial paymnet and will send my check back. My only other option is to default on this payment and double up my next months paymnet. I was out of work for 3 weeks and it damaged my financial status pretty bad. Any suggestions? and how bad will skipping a payment drop my credit score?

admin answers:

If you’re less than 30 days late, you just pay the late fee and no damage to your credit. If you pay over 30 days late, you get a mark on your report. Hard to say how many points you’ll lose. You’ll get most of them back within a year. Please, when you get caught up, start yourself an emergency fund. Most recommendations at 6 months worth of living expenses. But a good start is a spare mortgage payment in your savings account. Good luck!

Carol asks…

very bad house to live in?

have a property in spain and a mortgage i have lived here for 6 years and there has been problems after problems i was advised to get a architect to come in and check the construction of the property the report came back in and said its very dangerous it needs to be pulled down and start again my question is, is the bank to blam for not checking and establishing its status first

admin answers:

The bank? No. The bank loaned you money. You are the one that picked out the house, this is on you. YOU should have inspected first.

Mark asks…

what rights do i have if my mortgage company gives information about me?

I have filed a claim after a storm for roof repair; the insurance checks are made out to myself and my mortgage company; I have had repairs done and the contractor has contacted my mortgage company about payment. I was told, and this could be here, say that my mortgage company gave information about me and my claims status to the contractor stating it was under fraud investigation. what right does the mortgage company have to say that to a company I hired and what are my rights to do anything about it in Texas? Any suggestions, thank you
My deductible had already been taken care of, the contractor has been harassing me but there is nothing i can do until the payment is released. I just want to be done with the contractor, thanks everyone.

admin answers:

The mortgage company would only know this from the insurance company. If the price of the roof is too high or above what is normal, yes it sounds like fraud on your part and the contractor’s part and the insurance company may not be willing to pay. This often happens when the contractor tries to help you avoid paying the deductible, stupid, stupid, stupid, insurance companies know almost to the dollar what it costs for repairs.

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Richard asks…

How many other people did not get Stimulus Rebate on Friday?

I should have received the economic stimulus tax rebate on Friday via Direct Deposit. I filed in Feb and received regular tax check just fine. Last 2 digits are 18. On 5-1-08 IRS put up a “Where’s My Stimulus Payment?” feature to check the status. I checked it by entering my SS# and exemptions and it just says I must have made a mistake. There was no mistake. I was counting on this money for a deposit to hold a new rental place. This sucks. The only thing I can think of is the tax issue due to being behind on my mortgage. I pay taxes and insurance through my mortgage payment. So, maybe that’s the issue?? Anyone know?? Grrr….
There is a new feature Slayor. And I have not spent the money yet. I will just lose out on the place I really wanted.

admin answers:

Well I spent over an hour on hold to the IRS…They told me it is on the way, My last 2 are 08…But still no money in my account. Then I called H&R block..I did my taxes online, but instead of paying them with a credit card i had them take it out of my return. Therefore it became a “3rd party” So the money was given to h&r block and then they put it into my account. So the IRS never got my account info. Long story short, I will be getting a paper check… :(. I think the goverment should have given out more info. This is just a nightmare.

Maria asks…

Is it against the law for a bank to hold my early partial mortgage payment, as “unapplied”?

When I set up my mortgage they said I could not pay bi-weekly. I refused to accept that answer. So, I sent half the payment 2 weeks early, to save interest. They put the money in “unapplied” status. Is this legal? The money is out of my checking account, but not applied to my mortgage.

admin answers:

Before you sent payment you had already been informed that paying bi-weekly was unacceptable yet you still went ahead and did it, you can’t then complain about the bank not applying the money to your mortage.

Donna asks…

which filing status do I use?

My husband and I have been seperated for 1year. I have our two children. A tax advisor said I can file HoH and get EIC. This really scares me. What if I file this way and the IRS wants proof. I don’t have proof that we are seperated. We have nothing thru the courts. All the bills and the mortgage are still in both our names. We do not have a savings/checking together any more. He pays the morgage in the place of child support. We were seperated last tax season but because it had not been six months we had to file together. AND it looks as if we might get back together now. If I file HoH this year and MFJ next year, will that raise red flags? I could really use all the refund that the tax advisor is saying I can get. I realize it would be easier just to file MFJ this year, but like I said if I can get that extra money, it would really help. Any advise.
I guess I did not word that correctly. The child support that he pays me totals the amount of mortage I have to pay. That was the agreement between us. It is not like he gets the bill in the mail. I get it and pay it with my own personal check.
Judy, I was hoping you would answer my question. I have been reading all of the questions under “Taxes” and by reading your answers I have come to trust yours the most. I can only assume you are some sort of tax advisor. Thanks.

admin answers:

The Head of Household status requires that your spouse has not spent any time at your home during the last six months of 2006, and that you have, with you own money, paid over half the cost of maintaining the home.

Since your spouse has paid the mortgage, I have some doubt that you will be able to establish that your expenses for utilities, repairs and maintenance, and food eaten at home total more than the mortgage payments.

In hindsight, had you received child support payments instead of having him pay the mortgage, you may have qualified for Head of Household status.

Added later: My answer took note of the statement “He pays the mortgage in place of child support.” My answer doesn’t change even if he gave you the mortgage money and you paid it with your check. He paid you for the mortgage, so he paid household support, possibly more than half. If you can establish you paid for more of the household expenses than your spouse did, then you can claim HoH.

David asks…

Can I sue my Mortgage company for mental anguish, and loss of my job as a result?

I have been to court with their attorneys to keep my condo. I am now in a foreclosure status, and have been fighting with them for approx 2 years now. I did the whole “trial Mortgage” and here it is a year later (the “trial” should have only been for 3 months). I have been making the payments during the trial period on time as requested. Now they are telling me I am in foreclosure status, and they have returned my check for this month- indicating that they will not take a personal check on a foreclosure. The letter also said there was not enough funds in the bank account, and that letter came the same day that the statement from the bank came showing that the funds were available for them to take the funds. I have had to go to the state Attorney General for assistance in the past when they said they did not get my paperwork they had requested, however, I had proof that my fax was successful – showing the date and time it was sent.
Meanwhile, my company I worked for was going through some changes, and one of the criteria that they were evaluating us on was our job performance (which is normal). However, I had the first negative review of my entire career at the company (14 years), and as a result I was laid off when it came time to reduce numbers. My job has been outsourced.
I feel that if I had not been going through the ordeal with the Mortgage company, that I would have had a better performance review, because I would have been able to concentrate better, and may not have been laid off. There are several people from my department that are still there. I was one of 5 let go- out of 14 from my team.
I should tell you the reason I fell behind in the first place was because I had to have surgery, and lost two months salary while I was recuperating. This is how it began.
There are other factors that also add to this.

admin answers:

Can i sue my lender for breach contract mental anguish? My wife is not on our loan yet called to inquire if we were to fall behind on our payments due to the disaster to home what would happen.the supervior knew my wife wasnt on the loan put us in forbearance and said it was a special program for disaster victims 3 months later we are in pre forcloser we never were sent any paper work stating how forbearance works as well as they had no right allowing my wife to make this discision my wife ened up in a menatl hospital due to this thinking she was at fault we got 2 months together they accepted payed nexted month they rejected inquired why they said because i didnt pay all 3 months at once in nov i found out it was rejected because of how the paymnets were made they lost modification paperworker they have been very misleading and unethical what can i sue them for they ruined my credit my wife now i have to take care of my children because my wife is mentally disabled due to the guilt she feels from putting us in this disaster i want to sue for mnetal anguish

Donald asks…

How many deductions should I claim?

I was married last month and need to fill out a W4 for work. I make around $50K and my wife $75K and we don’t have any children but we do have a mortgage. Should we both just claim 1 and have single status if we want to avoid paying a lot in or receiving a large check? I appreciate any help!

admin answers:

I have 2 boys and a husband and when I get a new job I always claim Married but at the higher single rate. That way the most money is taken out of my check during the pay periods and we get a bigger refund. It will say on the W-4 claim Married at the higher single rate.

Since you just got married…I would suggest that you and your wife file separate tax returns so that you can get the most back. If you use an account then definitely seek his advice as to how to file your return for 2008.

One of the best sources out there for debt management, savings and investing is This man had it all…the big house, the nice cars, all the best toys..etc. Then one day it all came crashing down and he was literally bankrupt. But he created a solution to get out of debt through various means without filing bankruptcy or having to go through credit counseling. You may not think you need debt management now….but think about it. Saving, Investing, being debt free. Dave Ramsey probably thought he would never need a plan either..and look what happened to him. We found out of him through our church. We took his 13 week course. It was fabulous. We have several members that went and now tell us that within one year they will be debt free…because they followed his plan.

Good luck…hope you get back lots of money. Especially at the beginning of every marriage…you can use all the money you can get to set up household…and get the little extra things you want but is not in the budget.


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