The Home Mortgage Book: Insider Information Your Banker & Broker Don’t Want You to Know

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Finding and arranging the best mortgage for your dream home purchase can be a confusing and daunting experience. With so many mortgage offers to choose from, you will want to be sure that you are getting the best loan and rate for your particular circumstances. Buying a new home can be an ominous process, whether it is your first or your tenth. It is definitely not something that you do everyday, but finding that perfect mortgage loan at the best rate does not have … More >>

The Home Mortgage Book: Insider Information Your Banker & Broker Don’t Want You to Know

5 thoughts on “The Home Mortgage Book: Insider Information Your Banker & Broker Don’t Want You to Know

  1. Buying a house can be so exciting particularly for a first time home buyer. The idea of actually owning one’s own piece of land is incredible. However the process and the complexities of mortgages can be a confusing headache at best. The Home Mortgage Book is a really good book for getting rid of some of that confusion.

    This book breaks down the mortgage process step by step. Elements beyond just the mortgage payment like escrow and mortgage points are explained. The Mortgage Book doesn’t just explain mortgages but explains the entire process of buying a house. The reader learns how what to look for when inspecting a house and how to determine what type of home is right for them.

    When buying a house there are so many decisions to make. Several times throughout the Mortgage Book the author helps the reader make a decision by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of that choice. Should one buy a manufactured home or not? Should one use a bank or mortgage company? Should one get a fixed or adjustable loan? The reader isn’t told what to do but just given more information in order to make an informed decision.

    Even if one isn’t buying a house right now, it’s a good book. This is simply because everyone needs to at least know what the mortgage process is like. This is just good information that every adult should know. Also if a reader has less than perfect credit, tips are given on how to improve credit. So that when one is in the market to buy that first home he or she can be knowledgeable about what to expect.

    Overall this is a great book for the first time home buyer. The language is simple and thorough explanations are given without bogging the reader down in too many unnecessary details. This book is a really good idea for someone in their twenties who may have just graduated college or newlyweds wanting to start a family. Even if you’re not buying a house at the moment it’s just good information to know.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. While this book is primarily about mortgages, it would be wise to point out that it, in fact, covers everything from the moment that someone decides that they’re going to buy a house. And, as such, it’s a great step-by-step guide to the entire process.

    In fact, some of the introductory chapters, on considerations before taking the plunge are as valuable, if not more, than the more detailed banking and mortgage chapters.

    The style of writing is very factual and clear, which makes it useful reading, but, at times, a little dull. However, it’s good, relevant, information, and comprehensive, so it’s only a minor irritant.

    A better title – or sub-title – for the book might have been something along the lines of “So you want to buy a house? A step-by-step guide from decision making to mortgage.” Actually, the book’s title doesn’t even come close to doing the book justice, it’s a guide for every step of the home-buying process, and, as such, has to be regarded as a very useful – if not essential – book.

    The information on every step of the process is top notch, and the tables and charts invaluable. This could easily be the homebuyers’ Bible.

    While not many institutions would necessarily want the customer to be totally informed about the entire process, it would be good if the first step in anyone buying a home would be the compulsory purchase of this book. It’s that useful.

    With the financial world and mortgages under scrutiny, it would be wonderful for all considering buying a home to save themselves a lot of potential problems – and a lot of money – by first investing in this book.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Before you start into the home buying process, buy this book. Right from the beginning Dale Mayer spells it out: “…purchase of your dream home can be a confusing and daunting experience.” In an easy, explaining style Mayer leads you through the experience, leaving you informed and with eyes wide open.

    Many books on such a complex and life altering event like home purchase, tend to either stray on overwrought details for particulars that are beneficial to only a few or deal in cliché or shallow descriptions and glossed over details that end up being no help at all. The Home Mortgage Book has balanced a readable and informational tone with an obvious knowledge and logical sequence that will help anyone, but particularly novices in the mortgage process.

    Mayer has done his research and offers honest and valuable tips that will save the home owner money not only on their initial purchase, but in managing the financial responsibilities and challenges over the life of the mortgage. His suggestions around PMI insurance, refinance guidelines, and peculiarities between Reverse Mortgage, Second Mortgage and HELOC more than pay back the investment in this book.

    More than just a mortgage book, there are tips and worksheets for financial analysis and a blunt discussion on wants versus needs in your home features and options selections. Additional sections on managing your credit, the case for renting and doing research and obtaining advice go a long way to avoiding “buyer’s remorse” and leaving you secure and happy as a homeowner.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. The first time I bought a house I was completely overwhelmed by the terms, paperwork, and procedures thrown at me; from the house hunt, to the offer process, to the mortgage process!

    This book completely broke down for me everything that “the other side” seems to already know.

    I found it helpful to read about purchase agreements, home inspections, and other key points related to the actual selection and agreement on the details of the house.

    Additionally I found the sections about the different types of mortgages and the full details about each type of mortgage completely explained in a way that can be understood by someone who is not in the mortgage business!

    After reading the information in this book I feel so much more informed and confident about approaching the process of buying my second home.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Location, location, location – the three most important things when buying a home, right? Well after reading The Home Mortgage by Dale Mayer I learned that there are many factors that play an important role in your new home purchase, and location, is just one of them. This book provides information your banker and broker don’t want you to know, but reading it will provide you with an insider’s guide so you can make informed decisions and alleviate some of the anxiety that goes along with buying a house.

    It goes through all of the stages including researching neighborhoods, hiring a home inspector, escrow, property taxes, and the purchase agreement; and helps the reader recognize that a realistic approach to what they can afford is best. This book even gives you the pros of renting versus buying, tips on how to improve your credit rating, and ways to reduce your debt. And if that weren’t comprehensive enough, Dale Mayer even throws in a history lesson on mortgages.

    The Home Mortgage is the book you’ll want to keep with you when going through the entire home buying process; it includes invaluable resources like government web sites, on line calculators, worksheets, credit counseling services, and even a glossary to help with those confusing terms.

    Rating: 5 / 5

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