The Reverse Mortgage is Meeting the Needs of Seniors in a Big Way

In most cases the senior is looking places to find money to off set the major loses they have felt from the banking and investment crisis. The one place that is still a safe haven in many areas is the home, even with declining values. The main reason is that most seniors purchased their homes when values were mush lower before the great appreciation era. If a seniors still has a mortgage on their home and many do have a current mortgage on their home and have to make payments every month. If a senior has a first mortgage lets say just for $100,000 at a 6% rate they are putting out over $600.00 per month or $7,200 per year. This amount if they did not have to make the payment would be added to their income that they would be able to use to live.

In many cases seniors over the years when the economy was booming many took at 30 year loans and or adjustable rate mortgage and are now faced with higher payments and they are trying to stay afloat.

If a senior is faced with this problem they should really consider a Reverse Mortgage for many reasons not to mention relief from payments. In many cases not only would they be free from mortgage payments, but they would receive additional funds to use as they see fit. Under the Reverse Mortgage program they senior controls how and what they spend the money on once they have closed.

Some things never change when doing a Reverse Mortgage and that is they still must pay the taxes and insurance on their home. If a senior is use to having an escrow of taxes and insurance they maybe able to set aside the monies with the company and have them pay it yearly for them.

One thing that all seniors should be looking at is the availability to access the money that they need from their home that they paid for over the course of their lives. In the years that you will need it the most and not have to worry about paying it back in their lifetime.

Many seniors are now thinking that if they take out a Reverse Mortgage and the bank or Mortgage Company goes out of business they will be out of luck. This is not true it is protected by the FHA mortgage insurance, that if they do go out of business then Federal Government takes over and pays them the money. The Reverse Mortgage is the safest mortgage in the entire mortgage industry. Unlike a typical mortgage where a lender has many options to force your paying of the loan, the Reverse Mortgage has the full protection of the US Government that guarantees that the senior will never have to leave their home for as long as they live. This of course is providing they pay their taxes and Insurance and continue to live in the home as their primary residence.

Now in 2009 a new program is emerging within the Reverse Mortgage and this a great option for many seniors who have one reason or another sold their home or have to move to a newer location. The Reverse Mortgage purchase program is now available to seniors over the age of 62. The program is design to allow seniors to purchase a home without any mortgage payments for life. Now just to make it very clear this does not mean that a senior can purchase with no money down. This is not the same mortgage that got this country in to the financial situation that we are in where people would by a home with zero down or less in some cases.

A senior who is looking to purchase a home will have to have money to purchase a home; it is all based on the age of the person and the appraised value of the home. Let’s say that a person age 62 wants to purchase a home that is appraised at $200,000, they would need approximately 40% down payment on the home. They would in most cases be able to finance all or part of the closing cost within the Reverse Mortgage. But let’s look at it in another way! Remember the older you are the less you will need down!

If that same person wanted to purchase a home using a conventional mortgage, they would need at least 20% down and would have to qualify with at least a 720 credit score and have the income to qualify for the mortgage payment.

So let’s look at the difference!

Conventional Reverse Mortgage

$200,000 Purchase price ………………………$200,000
$40,000 down payment ……………………….$80,000
$160,000 mortgage …………………………….$120,000
$858.00 per month payment……………………Zero per month

Now this is what it looks like on paper for a conventional mortgage verses the Reverse Mortgage the big difference is that a senior for a Reverse Mortgage purchase they will not have to qualify for the loan they already are if they are 62 or older. Also under the conventional mortgage if a senior fails to make a payment on their mortgage they will be foreclosed on just like anyone else.

For the senior who has a mortgage currently and is worried if they are going to be able to make payments on the mortgage Think Reverse Mortgage! No Income or Credit qualifying; if think this isn’t a big deal call your mortgage banker and see what it takes to get a mortgage today.

Also this is very important issue your conventional mortgage is not guaranteed that you will stay in your home for the rest of your life!

Here is what you have to do to get a Reverse Mortgage for your home!

Speak to a Reverse Mortgage Specialist who can educate you on all aspects of the program.
You will be required to have a FHA Approved counseling session and receive your certificate to hand to the mortgage company.
A Fully executed loan application must be signed and submitted.
The FHA appraisal must be completed for value and condition of property.
The title search must be completed and cleared of any and all liens and judgments
All insurances must be changed all endorsements
Closing is scheduled once all final conditions have been cleared.
Closing takes place either in the home or at a title office.
The client must wait three business days for the cancelation period which includes Saturdays.
Money is disbursed and all existing liens are paid off and any additional funds available are sent to the person who closed on the loan.

So if you are thinking of how you are going to make it through these hard times, waiting to see if the market will ever turn around you are loosing money in your home.

Remember this as the stock market, and real estate even stay where it is now you may never see the return of that money.

I am a Reverse Mortgage Specialist I have spent over 20 years as a Real Estate broker and the last 10 years in the mortgage industry, and 5 of them providing Reverse Mortgages. My years as a professional, I have always felt that helping our seniors is helping the back bone of this country. Our seniors are the ones who made this country great and in the time of their lives that is so suppose to be their golden years it is in many cases painted black. I have dedicated my life to helping them achieve some sort of financial independence and help to enjoy the fruits of their labors. You can visit our site and receive all the education

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