Three Common Misconceptions of Mortgage Brokers

Some first time home buyers opt to obtain a loan directly through their local bank branch rather than employing a mortgage broker. The reason why this may occur is because there a few misconceptions associated with the mortgage broker profession. In reality, mortgage brokers and their respective brokerages have come along way from the days of selling loans simply for profit purposes. Listed below are three opposing thoughts on common mortgage broker misconceptions.

They just want to sell you a loan.
Fact is that once a mortgage broker is employed by you, he or she is simultaneously employed by your mortgage lender as well. Ultimately, however, a loan will not go through unless the future mortgagor, you, agree to the terms of the loan that your mortgage broker had set up for you with your new lender. This means that first and foremost you are their customer, not the lender’s. Additionally, mortgage broker fees are extremely competitive and they are aware of that fact. So much so that most brokers are willing to negotiate their fees with you which will, in turn, take your concern that they are just trying to make a buck out of the rest of the loan process equation.

They are old fashioned and only do business one way.
Some people picture a mortgage broker as a ‘business only’ profession. Meaning that customer service is not a high priority. On the contrary, mortgage brokers are constantly training on new and improved ways to satisfy their customers needs. Whether it is learning how to initiate a short sale on your behalf or taking seminars on what new programs lenders are able to offer you as a consumer, they are continuously finding new ways to keep their finger on the pulse of what prospective clients want and need.

They will quote you an interest rate just to get their foot in the door.
While it is true that the mortgage interest rate amount fluctuates daily it does not mean that the rate they may quote you today will be obsolete by tomorrow. Mortgage brokers are able to negotiate directly with lenders in order to lock your interest rate for a certain period of time in order to get your loan approved and closed in a timely manner. Please note that some lenders will require monies up-front in order to lock in a certain rate, however, the funds put in will be credited back to the customer at the time of closing.

Mortgage Brokers work for you and take pride in what they do. They want to know what new programs there are in order to stay up to date with our market needs as well as be able to provide you with superior customer service. Choosing a mortgage broker over a loan officer at your local bank branch has its advantages. When you decide a mortgage broker is right for you, you will get a highly skilled, well trained, and customer service oriented professional.

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