Untapped Riches: Never Pay Off Your Mortgage — and Other Surprising Secrets for Building Wealth

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Why do some folks get rich while others just get by? The biggest stumbling block for most people is believing they lack the capital required for serious wealth-building. Untapped Riches dispels this myth. This remarkable book reveals that most homeowners are in fact sitting on “untapped riches.” Working diligently to pay down mortgages, they are unwittingly tying up money in equity they could be investing elsewhere for greater return. Offering 40 weal… More >>

Untapped Riches: Never Pay Off Your Mortgage — and Other Surprising Secrets for Building Wealth

5 thoughts on “Untapped Riches: Never Pay Off Your Mortgage — and Other Surprising Secrets for Building Wealth

  1. Most workers want to choose investments which eventually will give them more financial freedom – UNTAPPED RICHES offers many surprises linked to the benefits of home ownership, and shows how to build wealth using new mortgage instruments, flexible and ‘smart’ loans, and more. Here are some 40 wealth-building and wealth-protection strategies to achieve financial goals, discussions of ‘bad’ and ‘good’ debt, and plenty of financing insights: any general public lending library will want this.

    Diane C. Donovan

    California Bookwatch
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. These two mortgage brokers really deliver the goods with their approach to investing, but at what cost? Sure, don’t pay your mortgage, and with the money you save you can “purchase” more property, and don’t pay those mortgages either–just keep investing. In the end you will have amassed a fortune and you won’t have paid (much) for any of it, because if you are using so-called smart loans, you won’t be paying any principal (at least for as long as you can get away with it). Just like gambling, one can become addicted to this type of speculation posing as wealth accumulation.

    If “greed is good” is your motto then this book’s for you. No pesky values like integrity mentioned here. According to these authors owning your own home outright is a 20th century concept whose time has passed–financing for as long as possible (like forever) is the new black.

    Though the writing style of Susan and Anthony Cutaia is less than collegiate, they do get their misbegotten point across.

    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. It was informative and eye-opening. I have trouble with the idea that you should keep a mortgage after retirement if on a fixed income. If you have a huge 401k or other retirement planned where you will be taxed high and heavily, then may make sense.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. When you understand money you know that if you can use OPM (other people’s money)where the interest is tax deductible and the gain is non-taxable up to .5 million (married couple)you have it about as good as it gets. This book shows you many ways in which to more efficiently use money. If you can put $100,000 in your house replacement account and you have a $100,000 mortgage, you have paid off your house, you just haven’t transferred it yet (but you could at any time). This is for people with discipline – if you go out and blow the “safe” money, it is your own fault.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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