Use A Mortgage Broker For Your Remortgage

Using a broker for your remortgage who offers whole of market advice is the best way for you to remortgage. If you go direct to your bank they will sell you something from their own limited range. A mortgage advisor can provide all the information you will need to help you make that final decision on which mortgage product to apply for.   The best time to remortgage is three to four months prior to your existing mortgage deal finishing. It used to take around six weeks for an application to be approved however in these times of lenders being much stricter with their lending, checking every detail thoroughly it now can take quite a bit longer for your application to be approved.   It is worthwhile doing some homework before approaching a mortgage lender. If you have a better understanding of the types of mortgage products as well current interest rates and best buys available, you will get a lot more out of the appointment.   There are a couple of key questions to ask an advisor before choosing a mortgage broker. First of all ask if they are a ‘whole of market’ broker. When the broker is selecting mortgages suitable for you it will then compare it against every available mortgage product on the market. There are brokers who just search a small number of lenders. ‘Whole of market’ remortgage brokers UK is crucial.   Secondly it is important to ask if they charge a fee. Brokers earn their money through commission however some also charge a fee. There are many brokers on the market who don’t charge a fee so finding a broker for your remortgage shouldn’t be hard. The advice from fee free brokers is just as good as and often better than those who decide to charge a fee. The final piece of advice; find a remortgage brokers UK that you are comfortable with. Are they pleasant and provide a professional service?   The mortgage broker market is very competitive and with mortgage lending low at the moment, every customer counts at the moment. If you aren’t happy with one broker you will quite easily find another with much better service.

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