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Maria asks…

How do I check that my ex-wife is not borrowing money against the house, which I pay the mortgage for?

I pay the mortgage on a joint named property until my youngest leaves full time education. My ex ‘appears’ to be spending money like water and I am worried that she is borrowing, using the house as collateral. How can I check that she is/isn’t doing this?

admin answers:

Check with your lender any additional loans against the property as security have to be recorded as second charges and be registered with the land registry,if there are no recorded second charges the whoever she is borrowing from cannot take the property.Your mortgage lender who has the first charge also has to agree a second charge to do this they would need your consent,so I think you are quite safe but as said just to be sure check with your lender.The problem may arise in that if she gets into too much debt the lender may declare against her assets which might through the back door, mean your home.Are you legaly seperated if so that may give some more protection.If in doubt allways seek legal advice.

Donald asks…

can a person cash a check with three endorsees on it but only one signs it?

My husband and I got a property claim check to fix our roof and the check had our names and the mortgage company name on it. We sent the check to the mortgage company to endorse but we didn’t endorse it. But some how the mortgage company cashed and kept it without our signature. Is this a fraud?

admin answers:

It is not fraud if they deposited it in their account. You can deposit a check without an endorsement signature, but you can’t cash it for cash unless all parties endorse it.

The question now is, how are you going to get that money to pay the guy who fixes your roof? The reason insurance companies do that is to insure that you actually use the money to fix the roof and not cash the check and spend the money elsewhere. The mortgage company needs to insure you are maintaining the property in a good state of repair since they hold the title to the property as security on the loan.

Call them (your mortgage company) up and ask how you should proceed to get the roof fixed since they now have the money. They may even arrange a roofer themselves and pay them. Call and ask.

Ruth asks…

I’m disabled lady in a wheelchair on fixed income.It takes all my check to pay my mortgage.?

I then have to try to find way then to pay my utilities but, have a hard time with it. Does anyone have any ideas on earning some extra income for someone disabled in a wheelchair with bad health.

admin answers:

I do mystery shopping. It doesn’t bring in a lot of cash – but I eat out a lot for no cost and that helps keep expenses down. More info at

Do you have a spare room – rent it out since you own your home.

Forget the phone sex – the money isn’t as good as people think. I was that desperate for awhile and it ended up costing me to do it because you have to pay a fee to start.

Susan asks…

i received a check for $5,000 but the thing is that the check is on my name and the mortgage company nam?

is theres any way that i can cashed this check.Without send it to the mortgage co?

admin answers:

Nope, you will need to contact the mortgage company and find out what their procedure is for dealing with this. I would guess that you got some kind of insurance payment for some damage. By putting the mortgage company on the check the insurance company is making sure that they know about the situation and then they can make sure you actually fix the house.

Daniel asks…

how can i get a mortgage pre-qualification WITHOUT a credit check?

are there any major banks that give pre-qualifications WITHOUT a credit check? I need to get a prequalification for a mortgage before I go house shopping, but don’t want to hurt my credit.


admin answers:

It won’t hurt your credit.
You are talking 1 or 2 points out of a score of 850
It is the most minor thing that could possibly affect your credit.
And the damage is temporary.
Plus, lenders look at reports and make their own decisions – they don’t go by the score alone. They will see the inquiry and dismiss it

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