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Mandy asks…

I noted “final payment” on my last check to my lien holder. Never got a mortgage satisfaction letter.?

What now? I’ts been a few years and the guy might even have died. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

I would contact the local Lions Club in the town he lives in. They should be able to help you with this.

Sharon asks…

Getting a mortgage with someone with a lower credit score.?

My fiance and I are planning to buy a home together before we’re married. My Credit Score is 885, but he foreclosed on a mortgage 4 years ago and at last check he was in the 600’s. We would need our combined income to afford the house we want. Would our credit scores get averaged together? Will having a mortgage with someone with a low score effect my score?
I thought 885 was a little high too, but I got it through Experian Vantage Score and they list the scores as 501-990.

admin answers:

Ask your mortgage loan officer to run the application BOTH ways

and check out the difference for yourself

theres no sense in guessing

(thats what i would tell a client to do)

Ruth asks…

When do the first Obama welfare checks go out? My mortgage and car payments are due next week?

admin answers:

I am so glad we don’t have to work anymore. The messiah will just tax whitey and give us freebies from now on.

John asks…

Will I lose my mortgage/house?

I got a mortgage approval and got a week away from the settlement/closing table and I lost my job. We had put so much into getting the house and after much agonizing we decided we could still afford it and be financially comfortable. Today at the closing table I signed a document saying that I allow my mortgage provider to check my employment (again!) for verification. It didn’t say they would, just said they could. Will they check my employment, again? Is this common practise to check employment AFTER they purchase the house on someone’s behalf? If they check my employment and find I no longer have that job, what will they do? Thank you for your advice.

admin answers:

Well, if you default on the loan they will sue you for fraud. You signed it knowing full well that you had no employer at all.

I would really think about it, is it worth prison?

I would be surprised if they check again w/o something happening to trigger it.

Laura asks…

Could My mom sue her mortgage company for wanting after photos of her House being fix after a Hurricane? ?

Her mortgage company wants after pictures of her roof after the contractor did the roof so they could get paid. She went on the roof to take pictures. Coming down from the roof she fell off the ladder. The mortgage company is holding our insurance check until all repairs are done. The mortgage company already had the proof from the contractor. The check came from her insurance company. Since the house is not paid for we had to send the check to the mortgage company. They would not release any money until they receive after pictures of the work. They made that very clear. My mom hurt herself after she fell off the ladder and she already have bone cancer. So could she file sue against the mortgage company since they already had the proof they needed?

admin answers:

Common sense would dictate that a woman with bone cancer would not step foot on a ladder no matter what. (If the mortgage company had said – jump off a bridge and we’ll pay you….I am sure your mother would not have jumped.)

Anyone could have taken the pictures, or perhaps they could have been taken from the neighbors window or by the roofer.

Bad judgment decisions on your mother’s part is not the fault of the mortgage company. I own a 3 story home and if someone said “climb on the roof and take pictures” I’d tell them to jump off a bridge. I would either hire someone or ask the contractor to take the pictures.

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