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William asks…

can I get 2 checks or just one check?

I’ve been on Workman’s comp since july 21,2009.
My check each week is so small.I have to take 3 weeks of checks just to pay our mortgage payment.The last check(the 4th),I have to buy food,pay car insurance,1 credit card payment,all 4 utility bills,and gas for the car.This leaves me with nothing. I mean O.
Can I get “temp disability also,or,not?

admin answers:

Sorry, but you only get one or the other. You may file for disability, but once you are approved and start receiving disability payments, your workman’s compensation payments will stop.

Nancy asks…

Hold Harmless Agreement for Mortgage Company?

I had some repairs done to my home because of hail damage. I sent the insurance claim check to my mortgage company and they are holding it. The contractors required that I pay in full upon completion of the repairs. I sent a copy of all the paper work stating that the contractors have been paid in full, including their signature. My mortgage company is requesting that I send them a letter called “hold harmless agreement” stating that no contractor will place a lien on the home due to non payment and that they are not responsible for any unpaid contractor. Any idea how to write this letter? please help! I’m not sure how to begin writing this letter and what the proper terminologies are.

admin answers:

Too Whom It may Concern,
The repairs done on my home as a result of hail damage have been completed and I have paid them in full guaranteeing that none can seek future payments nor place a lien on my property as a result.

Furthermore, I hold ABC mortgage company harmless in this matter.


Joe Home Owner

If this doesn’t meet the needs of the mortgage company have them tweak it. Good Luck

Michael asks…

NSF fee if paycheck is same day as mortgage?

My pay day is the same day the mortgage comes out. But I don’t have direct deposit, I get checks.
So the mortgage actually comes ou before I can put my check in. Will I still get an NSF fee if the money isn’t there in the morning when they try taking it out, but it is there in the afternoon…?
Thanks for the info, but I just love how everyone is so quick to judge how I may or may not be living. I am in a position right now with my finances in which I am normally not, hence why I am asking the question.
Thanks though.
Sorry, shouldn’t have said everyone.

admin answers:

Yes, you will incurr a fee. This is how banks make money

Better idea: Keep a minimum in your checking account to cover your mortgage payment at all times. It almost sounds like you are living paycheck to paycheck.
That is a horrible way to live – change it now
Keep at least 2 weeks pay as a minimum in checking, and open a savings account to have at least 6 months worth of emergency living expenses.
You never know when you will lose a job

Jenny asks…

Can i sue the mortgage broker who changed our policy insurance ? Without telling us?

We had to renew our policy for our mortgage and we had always had it where if one of us had a life threatening illness our mortgage would be paid of , we have just found out that my husband has cancer and when we checked out policy we realized the mortgage broker had changed out policy where we wasn’t fully covered , we had told the mortgage broker when renewing our policy that is what we wanted , is there anything we can do ?

admin answers:

You’re responsible to read what you sign.

Ken asks…

I get S.Sec. for 17yr. old son. He wants to live with uncle in NJ, Will I loose his SS check?

My husband recently passed away. I get a S.S. check for my son. I have no other income, presently and have been using the check for my mortgage. He wants to move to his Uncle’s house in NJ. He is 17 and graduates next June. Will I loose his SS check if he goes? Can I get around this? Sandy in MI

admin answers:

You’ve used the words “check for my son” and “his check,” if it is HIS check, why are YOU using it? The check has his name on it, meaning he’s the one who is supposed to sign the check and cash the check, right? So does this mean that you have been forging his signature, and basically stealing money from him?

Think about that for awhile. Oh, and you might want to start checking the classifieds for a job…you are gonna need it.

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