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Sharon asks…

Bank of America ran mortgage twice.?

BOA who I have my mortgage and checking with ran my mortgage payment twice. Which caused my account to go into negative. I had the duplicate payment reversed. They have charged me 4 35 dollar overdraft fees due to mortgage being charged twice even tho the second payment was reversed. I have called the checking end and they told me they will reverse one of the 4 overdraft fees but not the other three. I’m really annoyed. I called them the day I saw the duplicate payment pending and was told it was taken care of. Then two days later see it went thru along with 4 overdraft fees. Is there anything I can do??

admin answers:

How did the payment come out twice? Was it set up through Bill Pay, or is it on an automatic payment? If it is on bill pay through online banking, ask to talk to the bill pay department specifically and once they credit the account they can also credit the fees. If it was done on an automatic payment (they pull it out of your account each month using your checking and routing numbers) , then the checking department should definitely be able to reverse all of the fees. If that’s the case, call back and tell them to check the history on that day to see that a duplicate payment was processed.

Linda asks…

Come on Obama. Where is my rebate check? Why can’t I afford my mortgage?

Why are troops still in Iraq? Come on Obama, get busy.

admin answers:

Obama just got into office, give him a chance to have a full day or work before you start raggin on him!

Lizzie asks…

How to pay your collections?

A few months ago a mortgage loaner checked my boyfriends credit, and told us that he owed a cell phone company and a hospital in another state a few hundred dollars. We want to pay it off, but we have no idea who to call? We don’t know which hospital it was, or which phone company. Is there just some kind of collections place that we can call, and pay it all off?

admin answers:

Do not call anyone.

Call no one.

Calling a collections place is one of the worst thing that you can do.

If you must ask them something or tell them something, then do it only in writing, without using the telephone.

To find out which hospital or phone company it is, get your credit report for free at without using the telephone.

It will have their address on it. If you need to tell them something or ask them something, send a letter to that address.

Do not use the telephone. I cannot stress this enough.

Richard asks…

How do you select a mortgage lender?

How do I get quotes for a mortgage wihtout jeopardizing my credit score? I understand that every time you have someone check your credit, you drop your score.

admin answers:

I am answering from South Africa but I am sure mortgage brokers all work similarly, world wide. My advice is to go to a broker. They will be able to assess, without an initial credit check, whether you qualify and what you qualify for. If you qualify they have their ” favourite” financial institutions which they will submit your application to. Be honest answering any questions asked of you, so there are no surprises later. In doing this your credit rating should not be affected in any way.

Jenny asks…

How can you add someone to the deed in FL?

My boyfriend and I are moving in together. How can I get added to his deed so that I can get an equiity loan on the house for renovations? Will I need to be added onto the mortgage? If I need to be added onto the mortgage, will the check my credit for that? Thanks!

admin answers:

Through the county hall of records

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