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Mary asks…

Is there a mortgage that I can pay with my airline mileage card?

I pay thousands monthly on two mortgages, would like to figure out how to pay for them with an airline mileage card. Most mortgage companies won’t let you charge your payment, and writing a credit card “check” is actually like a cash withdrawal that they don’t give mileage for… any ideas? Thanks…
ADDED: Thanks, but MOST if not all will not take a credit card for payment. Try yours, if it works let me know!! Paying with credit for your mortgage is looked at like you don’t have the money to pay for your house, so they won’t take a credit card payment. Thanks.

admin answers:

I haven’t heard that charging a mortgage payment is off-limits…have you checked that thoroughly?

It would seem that they want their money and would not likely be concerned as to how it was received?

…as long as the card used was not drawn on the same financial institution.

If that is just the case with your mortgage company, then perhaps refinancing elsewhere would be your only option?

Good Luck.

Richard asks…

when a mortgage company makes an error what rights do I have?

My mortgage company made a clerical error which resulted in forclosure on my home. I was never late and always paid more and had all the proof but I could not get anyone to listen to me and an attourney wanted large amounts of money just to send a letter to stop the forclosure. I already had all the proof and had done all the leg work. I finally got the forclosure stopped 2 days before the sale and was issued a large check because I had too much money in my escorw after they corrected the error but it has ruined my life. I am a single mom and do not have lots of money to hire an attorney. They all tell me it is common.

admin answers:

Your rights will vary depending both upon the state in which this took place and the contract you have with your mortgage company. However, if you stopped the foreclosure and received a refund, it seems unlikely that you’ll have substantial monetary damages.

James asks…

Will a direct mortgage lender have an effect on your credit score?

I was just told by a direct mortgage lender that it would have absolutely no affect on my credit score/report if he was to run a credit check on me, is that true? He says it is because he is a direct mortgage lender not a broker. Anyone know about this?

admin answers:

BULL S–T! I am a direct lender as well and any inquire on your credit effects the score. I just pulled one where the client has been shopping for a loan and with 18 pulls the scores went from 619 down to 567. Don’t believe him as it is not true. I will have to wait for her scores to reset in order to help her get a home.
I am a mortgage banker in TN & KY

Charles asks…

when will a down payment actually be requested on a mortgage?

My wife and I are going to the bank to get preapproved on a mortgage. When are they going to ask for the downpayment? After we’re approved? Right before we buy the house? Reason being is I will be getting my bonus check next month so I wouldn’t officially have a downpayment until next month.

admin answers:

Yes, you bring it to closing. You pay the earnest money to hold the house when you sign the contract and that is added into the down payment.

Helen asks…

my husband has not made a mortgage payment in months. How do I get him out of the house?

He received OUR tax check back this year in the amount of $12,000 and did not apply any toward mortgage, not sure what he did with the money. Trying to find out how do I go about getting him to leave. I have asked him to leave and he will not. I can’t afford to hire an attorney at the moment.

admin answers:

The bank will start foreclosure proceedings after so many months of being in arrears. Getting him to leave is a short term problem, you need to get in touch with the bank to see if you can avoid losing your house so that you aren’t homeless. Good Luck.

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