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Sandra asks…

Am I liable for the payment if my name is on the mortgage only?

My house is going to foreclosure. My name is on the mortgage but not on the deed nor the note, am i liable for the payment? I just check my credit report it is not affected at all, does that mean i’m safe and the bank won’t come after me??? I am in Michigan. Thanks.

admin answers:

If you are one of the signers (guarantors) to a mortgage loan, you are responsible for payment even if your name is not on the deed to the property on which the mortgage was generated. I’m not certain how you got yourself into such a silly situation, but I assume you are correct in the information provided.

I would venture that, at this time, the lender is only reporting credit deficiencies on another name on the mortgage (yes, that happens). However, once the property is foreclosed, that action becomes public record, and the credit reporting bureaus will gather such information from those records and put it in your credit file.

Whether or not the bank pursues you for repayment is the option of the bank.

David asks…

For tax purposes…is it ever considered income if someone writes you rent check in this situation?

I was wondering if a family member lives in my house and writes me personal checks every month amounting to about half the mortgage and utilities, could this ever be misconstrued somehow as income by the IRS? Would it mess with my taxes in any way?
I will be asking my accountant one day when I get around to it, but I’m sure some of you know the answer

admin answers:

No, your not renting for profit..however, do not try to claim the person paying you “rent” as a dependent you wont have a leg to stand on

Nancy asks…

Can a couple get a mortgage, with both incomes being considered, but only 1 credit check?

My fiance and I are thinking about buying a house together. He has a house currently but we need something bigger and in a better location. The problem is, while his credit is perfect mine is not.
We want to apply for a mortgage together but with only his credit being checked. I know this is probably not possible, but we need the bank to take both of our incomes into consideration, just not my credit. Is there anyway we can get a mortgage with both incomes considered, with only his credit checked?
Im obviously going to pay it back. I have a 40,000 car loan that I have had for 3 years and never missed a payment, so its rude for you to just assume I wont pay it back. I have bad credit from issues when I was a teenager.

admin answers:

Absolutely not. If they are going to give you money they want to know what kind of people both of you are. It sounds like you have vastly different ethics, ans your ethics indicate it is not wise to give you any money, you are not going to pay it back.

Mandy asks…

How my spouse’s credit score will affect to get a mortgage?

My spouse and I are planning to buy a house in the next few months. I am wondering how my spouse’s CS will affect to get a good mortgage deal. I have good credit (781, just checked) but my spouse has been accumulating credit history for less than two years. A point that may be consider is that neither my spouse nor I carry credit card debt, just student and car loans. The total payment is less than 5% of our monthly income. Thanks!

admin answers:

When you apply, put your name first on the application and your spouse as teh cosigner. You may get a slightly higher interest rate because of her score, but I think you’ll still be okay. Do you know what her score is?

Joseph asks…

Are certified check funds available anywhere, immediately?

I will be closing on the sale of my apartment, and moving to a new state, where we already have a house lined up to purchase. There is no mortgage involved. If I take the certified check I receive here , and use it to open an acct at a bank in my new state (my bank does not have branches in the new state), can I get a certified check issued immediately, for the closing over there?


admin answers:

The bank that issued the certified check has the funds to cover the check.
It will depend on the bank you open an account with.

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