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Susan asks…

What does it mean for a Mortgage Company to check your employment.?

Am Trying to close on a house, I gave all the information bank statements etc to the mortgage people, but i have not receive a date to close. My home inspection is this week. Should i be closing soon?

admin answers:

The mortgage company is simply verifying that you have the job you put on the application and have the income you claimed.

You should pick the closing date that works for your schedule. Usually you close 30-60 days after the seller has accepted your offer. Typically an inspection will happen 1-2 weeks after to formally apply for a loan/mortgage.

Charles asks…

are there any sources out there who will check my mortgage contract for junk fees before i go to closing? who?

admin answers:

Usually that’s the job of your loan processor/officer, realtor or title company. Junk fees are usually tacked onto the actual title, not the mortgage. If you’re unsure about any fees on there you should definitely ask your loan officer for clarification. Then double check with your realtor since they are experienced with contracts.

Carol asks…

How can I fix this mortgage problem with my home’s title?

I’m trying to sell my home, but it seems an unexpected mortgage comes up on the title check. That mortgage has been paid off over 10 years ago, and I haven’t been paying any mortgage since then. The mortgage company that held the mortgage has been sold and bought numerous times by other companies and I’m having trouble trying to get verification for the buyers that the mortgage has been paid. I need to do this quick so the buyers don’t back out. What can I do?

admin answers:

In the quickest scenario you will need to find some kind of proof relating to the pay off of the mortage regardless of what it is and then record an affidavit stating that the attached proof represents the pay off and describing all of the recording information regarding the mortgage. You really should get a real estate attorney to quickly help you. The title company can also assist you in the needed research showing who bought and or was supposed to service your original mortgage. The lender who gave you the money should have all that information as a starting point.
To get legal help go here:
American Bar Association: or
Buena Suerte

George asks…

how do you sue a bank that marks out your account numbers on the check fr your mortgage and puts other numbers?

Bank marked out mortgage account number on “checks” continuously stated I was late after drafting without my consent 4 payments and now ready to forclose my house, I wasn’t late to begin with

admin answers:

Report the bank for fraud to the Federal Trade Commission, the highest authority for banks. You can do it online but also need to make a police report and have the officer sign off on the printed report before you mail, email or fax it back. On the report, use the FTC Complaint Assistant, and when you get to the type of complaint, check that you are dissatisfied with the practices of a debt collector or “other” and keep going from there.

I’ve only filed Identity Theft reports with the FTC, but one was against a bank, and the procedure is different for that.

John asks…

Possible to have a mortgage loan where homeowners ins. is not escrowed ?

My sister has her mortgage with Bank of America. She swears she pays $40 a month for homeowners insurance – seperate from the mortgage check. I guess she sends State Farm a payment every month.
Have you ever heard of a mortgage where your payment is NOT included and escrowed?
Edit : Mikey loves to learn things………Thanks.
Edit : Mikey loves to learn things………Thanks.

admin answers:

I haven’t had my insurance escrowed for years. I haven’t had the property taxes escrowed since I re-fied six years ago. Banks will agree to this when loan to equity is below 80% – or they did, before the recent mess. Now they’re likely to be more cautious.

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