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Thomas asks…

can I sent a check to pay my mortgage with the week later date on it?

I used to sent a check to bank to pay my home mortgage week before my last day to make sure it will arrive on time but on the check I put the date with my almost last day that is due. I was fine since now this month I sent a check with a 10/13/06 on it but the bank took money on eleventh costing me a charges for not having enough money on my account to cash the check. When I went to the bank they told me I can’t sent a check with late date on it and that they are allowed to cash the check whenever they receive it is it true? Can they cash it even that the date on the check is in couple days in advance and is it true that I can’t sent checks with advance date on it.

admin answers:

Yes, they can cash it whenever they get it!!

Richard asks…

does the u.s consulates check the mortgages and leases of people one is to visit in the U.S?

Incase i want to visit a penpal in the U.S on my own uncles sponsorship,can the U.S consulate ask for the mortgage or lease of the fellow receiving me?

admin answers:

I’ve never heard of that. They are “supposed” to check if the person who’s applying for a visa has properties or a job in his country of origin. That, in their language, means ‘to have ties to the country’, meaning he’s planning to go back and not stay in the US.

Of course, they don’t always look at the papers; they’re probably too lazy or have NO clue what those papers are, so they just decide -maybe by the color of your clothes- whether you have ‘ties’ to your country or not.

There has never been any logic in what they do.

Sandy asks…

What right does my insurance company have to Include my Mortgage Company on my claim check?

We had a house fire and I’m looking for answers.

After all, my mortgage is secured from default by PMI. My Mortgage company did not take out the policy on my house, I did. My mortgage company does not own my policy, I do. So if anyone can explain why the Ins company has the right to include the MC on my claim check I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.
Thanks for all the answers!

admin answers:

Your mortgage company has a lien on your home. To protect the lien it expects the property to be repaired after a fire loss.

By including the mortgage company the insurance company is trying to guarantee that its money is properly used.

PMI is a guarantee you don’t walk away from the house and mortgage and really has little to do with maintaining the value of the property.

Charles asks…

Will mortgage lenders perform a credit check to add me to an already existing mortage?

My brother and girlfriend have just split up and they cant sell the house due to the fee and the value of the house is much less than the originally paid for it. He wants to add me to the mortgage and take his girlfriend off (she consents) but will they perform a credit check? My credit is not brilliant, but will be able to afford my half of the mortgage as I earn more than my brothers girlfriend

admin answers:

Yes they will perform a credit check.

They will also revalue the house and if it is in negative equity (which it appears it is) they will not allow you to borrow more than the house is worth now.

David asks…

How long until Obama sends me a check in the mail for my mortgage payment?

I voted for him specifically for the fact he said he would pay my mortgage, i have not paid in three months and am being threatned with foreclosure, is there a number i can contact to get the check forwarded faster?

admin answers:

Obviously you’re being sarcastic and making fun of the many thousands of idiots who actually believe that will happen and are not paying their mortgages waiting for Obama to send them a check.

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