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Mandy asks…

What is wrong with my resume?

I’ve been looking for a job for the past 6months what is wrong with my resume please help!…I would appreciate it if y’all can rewrite it for me 🙂 thanks soo much

Lakesha L.Herbert
City, State, zip

Objective: I am seeking a position as a Customer Service Cashier in a major retail enterprise where my extensive experience of receiving, recording cash and charge payments and daily cashier charge activity will further help in the progress and expansion of the organization.

Qualification Summary:
Result-oriented cashier with more than three years of experience in merchandising and customer service.
Great ability to establish successful working relationships internally as well as externally.
Willingness and ability to cooperate as part of a team and service-oriented approach
Ability to maintain a professional, pleasant manner when interacting with members of the public, employees, and coworker

High School Diploma
Ville Platte High School, Ville Platte, LA

Work History
1st Franklin Financial (Prairieville, LA) 2006-2007
Loan Officer

Processed loan application such as auto loans, mortgage loans, debt consolidation loans made credit decision up to $5000
Process payment and daily balancing of teller drawer also made call to delinquent accounts 30-90 days past due field chase when necessary

Jack in the Box Houston, TX 09/07 – 09/08
Customer Service
▪ Handled money and count down registers
▪ Assisting customers with their food request

JC Penney Co. Houston, TX 12/08 – 07/09
Sales Associate
▪ Assisting customer with merchandise
▪ Maintain clean and orderly checkout areas
Resolve customer complaints
Receive payment by cash, check, credit cards, vouchers or automatic debits
Issue receipts, refunds, credits, or change due to customers
I’m not giving out any personal information out on here!..

admin answers:

You didn’t include any contact info. How are they supposed to get ahold of you.

Richard asks…

Faulty credit report – regarding being on electoral roll?

I’ve just heard back from a potential mortgage lender. They’ve declined my application because apparently I have a low credit score. So naturally I went to check my credit score with experian. I did a report in March this year and it was 909 which I understand is fairly good. However, the one I did today only had 670! And nothing has really changed in between. The report says that minus point is I’m not on electoral roll. And the one from March says I am on it. I even went to vote in this years local elections.

I also called my local electoral register and they assured me I’m definitely register with correct address and all.

Has this happened to anyone else? How is this even possible? How do I fix it with all potential credit agencies the lenders may use?

Thanks for any suggestions.
Just to clarify: this is for UK reports. seems like something for US. And FICO report says exactly what Experian does on landing page.

admin answers:

Two suggestions: first get the local Electoral Registration Officer to provide written confirmation that you are on the Roll and show this to your mortgage provider. Second it is my understanding that the generic database from which all UK credit reference agencies work, is held by a firm called Dunn & Bradstreet. You can find them via Google. Contact them and verify that once they are satisfied then this correction will be available to all UK credit agencies.

Helen asks…

Credit history for Mortgage?

I have good credit on my own. However, my fiance had to recently claim bankruptcy. Can I claim her income for a mortgage application without having a credit check done on her just on me?

admin answers:

Depends on other variables such as how much you plan to put down, what your credit score is, how much you make/if you can qualify on your own, and/or if you can qualify for a non-income verification loan. Overall, you can likely put her on the loan but chances are you would have to get a sub-prime loan which may have a higher rate than you just getting an “alt-a” loan by yourself with no income verification.

Your best bet would be to find an HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY mortgage broker to weigh your options and find you the best deal.

Charles asks…

Credit history for Mortgage?

I have good credit on my own. However, my fiance had to recently claim bankruptcy. Can I claim her income for a mortgage application without having a credit check done on her just on me?

admin answers:

No, if you want to claim her income, they will check her credit. Depending on how good your credit is, it may not matter, but I would think it would be better to do it on your own if the bankruptcy was recently.

Ruth asks…

I have a question about Line of Credit and possible mortgage fraud.?

Hi my name is Jane and I am living in Virginia.
I purchased a house in Woodbridge VA in Dec/2004.Tom was my mortgage agent. I made 10% deposit. (Contract amount was $535,000.00)
US Express Mortgage Company approved first and second mortgage (1st $374K and 2nd $107K). About two months after settlement I received check book from BB&T Bank (3rd lien – Line of Credit $125,000).

I called Tom (Mortgage Broker) and asked about the check from BB&T because I had never applied or asked Raymond to open a Line of Credit for this property. He said “Jane, you did not need a loan application and you didn’t have to sign anything because you have a good credit and your Woodbridge house had an immediate equity right after you closed the deal. So BB&T approved the loan based on your excellent credit and equity of your house.

By the way I did not close the account and unfortunately I used the money.

December, 2008, the house was foreclosed (by 1st lien holder) and 3rd mortgage lender; BB&T Bank filed a lawsuit against me in the amount of $125K. I received complaint by mail in 01/15/2009.

* Right before foreclosure I requested all the documents regarding this loan to the entire lender including BB&T. (I was not sure what they have but I tried.)
Shockingly enough, there was a Loan Application which I have never seen and someone forged my signature.

BB&T Bank was not a wholesale lender. (BB&T had a wholesale department but I am not talking about them)/I didn’t know at that time because Tom and Bank loan officer were acting like they are…/The loan officer had to contact with borrower directly but it didn’t happen. Someone forged my signature in Loan Application, Credit Line Agreement, and Credit Line Deed of Trust (Notary Public? I don’t know who she is and there was no seal)
So they foreclosed my house and also asked me to pay. Yes I did use the money. If I have to pay then I have to. But how about a FRAUD. (Forgery and violation of lender’s liability…
Q #1. What should I do? Do I have to pay them and bury that fraud?
#2. We have 2 years of statute of limitation for fraud in Virginia. Someone told me that when I received the checkbook from BB&T Bank I should have known that it was a FRAUD (He said this is common sense). What do you think? I confirmed fraud when I saw someone forged my signature on Dec.2008–My deference is –“Jane you did not need….. your excellent credit and equity of your house.”
#3.Can I fight with the lender for anything like-Breach of Contract or Fraud or Lender Liability… I don’t know.
Thank you so much

P.S. Just for your information, Mortgage Broker and the loan officer are in federal prison committing Bank Fraud, money laundry etc. But not for my case.

admin answers:

You questioned the line of credit initially and found out that it was a 3rd mortgage placed on your home.

Had you returned the money and then asked to see the loan documents you would have a good case. But instead you used the money (why not tell us what you purchased with it). You had full knowledge where the money came from at the time you received it.

Now that it is time for someone to take responsibility for that money you want to say.. “I never asked for it”.

Too late. While you know now that your signature was forged, you had to know then as well. Not to mention the monthly payments you were or weren’t making. This makes you an accessory to the fraud, like accepting stolen goods.

Bottomline.. You had NO problem using the money.. Only paying it back…

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