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William asks…

Question about landlord?

A week after moving into a new rental home a man came knocking on the door. He was from the mortgage company and got our information. He gave me an envelope to give to our landlord. I called the landlord and he explained that his mortgage company sends people out when he is 30 days late. He said that he became late due to the property being vacant before we moved in. A week after that we got an advertisement from a law firm stating the property was due for trustee sale on 12/23/10. I again called the landlord. He PROMISED that the house was not being sold. He was paying it that week and all would be good. The next week we got CERTIFIED mail from the trustee handling the sale. When I called him he said no problem, don’t worry I’m paying it up this week. I contacted the trustee office and they have been allowing me to call daily since last week to see if the property has been removed from foreclosure and if the loan has been reinstated. I checked yesterday and still nothing. House is still up for foreclosure. After a little digging I found the last tenant on Facebook. She said the man is not very trustworthy, he didn’t fix anything and was THREE MONTHS BEHIND when she moved out – making him almost 6 months behind when we moved in. The mailman knocked on the door and actually asked me who lived here. He said that a man had just forwarded his mail to this address in October (the month before we moved in). I again contacted the landlord and he stated this man was supposed to move in but he never gave them any money and so they told him he couldn’t have the property. The landlord left a folder here with papers in it – I told him it was here, he never came to get it – and so today I opened up. It is rental applications with folks personal information on it (social security #s, driver license #s, birth dates etc) and a lease. The lease is with the man who had his mail forwarded here. It also has a reciept – that this man paid $2200 cash to move in.

At this point, I don’t know what to do. The landlord says he’s caught up, the trustee says no. I have the rent in a cashiers check, I just haven’t handed it over yet. My husband and I just do not know what to do. This man seems like a scammer to me…
We never opened any mail that was not addressed to us specifically or ‘tenant or occupant’. The certified mail was addressed to Jane / John Doe (Tenant / Occupant) and the advertisement was sent to Current Resident. It does not matter that this man may have possibly rented the property out twice??? This folder was not sealed. It was a basic 5 Star school folder. This other persons lease is from 10/2010 to 10/2011. Our lease is from 11/2010 to 11/2011. That doesn’t seem strange to anyone but me?

admin answers:

Make him take you to court for the money – then he’ll have to tell the truth about what is going on. Set up an escrow account with all the money that should be paid for rent going in there. The bank can tell you how to do it, and then you have done everything you should have on your end of the deal. Keep copies of the rental agreement and money that the other guy paid so you can show that this landlord is a shady character. And look for a new place – sounds like you won’t be there for long…

James asks…

Why am I having so many problems with My married name?

I have had trouble with my name change due to marriage. That none of my other female friends nor family members have experienced these problems. I have been married for 2 years and I changed my information about 2 weeks after the wedding.

I changed my name on my social security card, state driver’s license, voter registration, car title and registration, utilities, financial institutions such as banks, credit cards and creditors, etc. When I filled my joint tax return I had to file two. I got married in June 2010 I was told to file one in my new legal name and one with my maiden name along with a change of address form required by the state and government. To make sure no delays in receiving our tax return.

I had contact the 3 major credit bureaus who told me I didn’t need to send them any proof of the change of name or current address that my current creditors would give them that information. I’ve been checking my credit reports more regularly to make sure my information was update and it was not.

None of them had my new name or aka / alias or current address on file 8 months later into the marriage.

Joint accounts I have with my husband such as a credit card and a mortgage didn’t have our accounts listed as jointly. I wasn’t getting credit for our mortgage and the joint credit card said it was an individual account under my maiden name only and previous address before I got married. None of which I used when I applied for credit so I didn’t supply the creditor my maiden name and gave them my current address and name.

So I contacted my creditors and credit bureaus to have them correct their data. I made sure to receive copies of the changes. The credit bureaus has had my new name and addresses for at least a year.

Because my husband and I sold our condo and bought a affordable home. This new address has been reported to all 4 credit bureaus. Solicitation comes to my current address only in my maiden name but I have only lived here for 3 months. Doubt very much it’s just info from an old mailing list.

I wasn’t getting credit for joint accounts with my husband at all. So it’s not just about the name. I had problems using my ss number at times for a whole year. I had to carry my marriage license and old driver’s license DMV legally allowed me to carry cus I dropped off my maiden name completely.

I could not use my ss number without using my maiden name then switching card to married, or applying for application in person. Showing proof of current self and sometimes proving my previous name.

Only one of the credit bureaus have a 10 year old closed account on file under my maiden name. I had open when first building credit. All of my current open credit is under my Married legal name whether I just opened or old ones I had them update my card and information on file.

I haven’t as often had problems using my married name with my social security number as much anymore except my free annual credit report. I have to use my maiden name only. I ones again opt out of pre-screen offers. Up until this year all data places had only my maiden name on file and that I wasn’t married to my spouse. He was married to someone else. Half had him living with me and other half with another woman at her residence and phone number.

Will my credit always be under my maiden and current name always an alias or aka? Is all this normal ? solicitations only in my maiden name? Normal even with public phone listed to never be linked or living with current spouse.

My husband had to have addresses he never lived at belonging to his ex off two of his credit reports? Is that what is also causing the problems. I had to call the state to update my maiden name to my new name on their file so when they send refunds it will be only in my current name. For some reason they keep switching it back to my maiden name. So some times personal property tax bills and refund checks would come in my maiden and other times in my married name.

I have asked these questions to the credit bureaus and state and government but no answer. The credit bureaus did say they have my current address and new legal married name on file. However it’s not their fault that I have to only use my maiden name to check my credit it’s supposedly the annual credit official site security. I’ve had gotten no response from the annual credit report place.

So even though my credit is good and the same even though my ss is the same number I was having problems. I back traced all my steps including marriage license and doesn’t seem to be any trouble on that end.

Is it common to have offers only sent under my maiden or previous name? To have this kind of trouble after 2 years of marriage and almost that long of a time with a legal name change. This is my first marriage and first name change.

admin answers:

I’ve been married 14 years, I still get mail from time to time addressed to my maiden name.

The rest though sounds like there was an error. The credit and bank and so forth should all be up to date.

Nancy asks…

I have a question about Line of Credit and possible mortgage fraud.?

Hi my name is Jane and I am living in Virginia.
I purchased a house in Woodbridge VA in Dec/2004.Tom was my mortgage agent. I made 10% deposit. (Contract amount was $535,000.00)
US Express Mortgage Company approved first and second mortgage (1st $374K and 2nd $107K). About two months after settlement I received check book from BB&T Bank (3rd lien – Line of Credit $125,000).

I called Tom (Mortgage Broker) and asked about the check from BB&T because I had never applied or asked Raymond to open a Line of Credit for this property. He said “Jane, you did not need a loan application and you didn’t have to sign anything because you have a good credit and your Woodbridge house had an immediate equity right after you closed the deal. So BB&T approved the loan based on your excellent credit and equity of your house.

By the way I did not close the account and unfortunately I used the money.

December, 2008, the house was foreclosed (by 1st lien holder) and 3rd mortgage lender; BB&T Bank filed a lawsuit against me in the amount of $125K. I received complaint by mail in 01/15/2009.

* Right before foreclosure I requested all the documents regarding this loan to the entire lender including BB&T. (I was not sure what they have but I tried.)
Shockingly enough, there was a Loan Application which I have never seen and someone forged my signature.

BB&T Bank was not a wholesale lender. (BB&T had a wholesale department but I am not talking about them)/I didn’t know at that time because Tom and Bank loan officer were acting like they are…/The loan officer had to contact with borrower directly but it didn’t happen. Someone forged my signature in Loan Application, Credit Line Agreement, and Credit Line Deed of Trust (Notary Public? I don’t know who she is and there was no seal)
So they foreclosed my house and also asked me to pay. Yes I did use the money. If I have to pay then I have to. But how about a FRAUD. (Forgery and violation of lender’s liability…
Q #1. What should I do? Do I have to pay them and bury that fraud?
#2. We have 2 years of statute of limitation for fraud in Virginia. Someone told me that when I received the checkbook from BB&T Bank I should have known that it was a FRAUD (He said this is common sense). What do you think? I confirmed fraud when I saw someone forged my signature on Dec.2008–My deference is –“Jane you did not need….. your excellent credit and equity of your house.”
#3.Can I fight with the lender for anything like-Breach of Contract or Fraud or Lender Liability… I don’t know.

Thank you so much

P.S. Just for your information, Mortgage Broker and the loan officer are in federal prison committing Bank Fraud, money laundry etc. But not for my case.

admin answers:

Your question is almost completely incomprehensible, so you’ll have a hard time explaining it to the government.

With respect to foreclosures … One thing you can do, if you had the loan for awhile and it changed hands, you can halt or slowdown the procedures by asking to see the original documents you signed and then claiming “if you can’t even show the original paperwork I signed, how can you hold me responsible for this loan”?

These banks have been handing these things around left and right and have been shredding documents/etc. … So depending on the situation, this may provide you a bit of process help that may help you to restructure or exit things.

Mark asks…

Why was I rejected for a credit card when I have a good credit history?

I have a good credit rating, I earn a 6 figure salary, I have one credit card with a 5K limit on it and a small car loan that I have never missed a payment on. I have never applied for credit more than 2 times in 6 months.

I was recently rejected on an application “due to either not meeting the banks lending criteria, my credit rating or a mixture of the two’

I have checked veda advantage and there are no blemishes there – I don’t have a mortgage and have total debt of under 10K – What possible reason could the banks have for rejecting me an AMEX?

admin answers:

On that credit card you now have with a 5K limit
What is the balance on it?
Did you know that any time you use more than 30% of your limit your score starts reducing? Ex: $5,000 limit, never use more than $1,500 at any time.
That’s why experts say: Pay those credit cards in full each month.
Carrying balances can actually destroy credit (if too high)
Could this be the problem? Are you carrying a balance?

Very strange that they turned you down.
People that make 6 figures I imagine don’t carry credit card balances
Check all 3 credit reports at
Annual Credit
Some people only check one credit report. And some small collection items only report to one report to save money.
Reports are free – don’t pay for the score – you need to check the reports line by line

Betty asks…

Who will give me a credit card based on my salary (as opposed to my non-existent credit score)?

So lately, I’ve been itching for a new laptop. I went to Best Buy last weekend, and decided to pick one up. It was $1,600. I had $1,200 in my checking account. I decided that instead of waiting for my next paycheck, I’d try one of their financing options. I figured it would be a breeze and I’d be at home firing up my new laptop in no time!

An employee was sitting behind relaying credit card application questions interrogated me for a good half an hour. After he began, I started getting nervous. Then, he asked me my annual salary. “fifty-seven thousand,” I said. He raised his eyebrows and pushed his bottom lip up as if to say “not bad.” I felt a rush and started getting excited at the thought of racing home and firing up a fresh machine with specs twice as good as the specs of the laptop I had. “It’ll be just a sec!” he said. I turned to my girlfriend and we smiled at eachother. She new I had been wanting a new laptop to do my work on. Two minutes later, the store clerk looked at me and said, “I’m sorry sir. It didn’t go through.” My heart dropped. “What the hell!!! He made that face at me though!” I thought to myself.

We left the store.

We came back 5 min later. He never handed me back my driver’s license.

The next day, we went to our bank.
“I wanna get a credit card.”
“You mean you would like to apply for a credit card?”
— No… I want to GET a credit card, but if you can’t give me one, sure I’ll apply for one you condescending uppity ****
“Yeah… that…”

I went through the interrogation again… this time with a well-groomed slick-haired guido lookin-guy who kept checking out my gf. At the end of it, he simply said, “They’ll mail you something.”

I thought, “They’ll mail me…. a card?”

Today, I got home and checked my mail. One article of mail… … from the bank!!!
I got excited. I pulled the envelope out of the box but, in my excitement, didn’t notice how light it was. I started to open the envelope, and grew suspicious of it’s lack of rigidity.

There was a single piece of paper in it. There was test on that paper that stood out in all caps.


I now sit here, typing this in extreme frustration. Even my bank -the institution that should know best that I pay all my bills on time- has denied me a credit card.

What the heck does a guy have to do to get a credit card/build credit? I’d like to take out a mortgage and buy a home in the near future.
(note: I cannot have a joint card with my parents. Let’s just not go into detail as to why that’s not an option please)
EDIT: I guess I should have mentioned that I’ve already gotten copies of my credit report from the 3 credit reporting agencies. 😛 All clear. My bank also does monthly monitoring and every month I get a text alert that says the same thing every month (that there’s nothing negative and no new accounts opened or something like that).

admin answers:

First, stop applying for credit cards. Every time you apply for credit an inquiry is noted on your credit report these inquiries lower your credit score. Many people make the mistake of re-applying for credit cards after being turned down, not realizing that their credit score is being lowered by each application they submit.

Unfortunately, as a result of the 2008 “credit crisis” a shift has been made towards using the credit score as the sole means of determining credit eligibility. Creditors today give little weight to things such as employment history and income levels when deciding to approve consumers for credit. Having said that, getting a credit card when you have no credit is quite simple, especially for someone with a good income like yourself. Your best bet is to get a secure credit card. It will require an upfront deposit, which will determine it’s limit, but it will allow you to have a credit card. After a period of time, usually 12 months, of timely payments and depending on the card company, you will be able to convert your secure card into a traditional credit card. You can read more about secure credit cards here.


If you get nothing else from this response please believe me when I suggest you not apply for anymore credit cards until you build some credit history. It is not a matter of finding a “good fit” with a bank or credit card company. Inquiries remain on your credit report for 2 year and are the bain of many consumers. If you have a minimal amount of credit their effect is that much worse, since the only items on your credit report are negative items. Don’t fear though, while you will probably have to wait till payday to get your new computer you now have the tools to build a solid healthy credit history.

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