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Maria asks…

How can I spice up my resume??

I am a mediocre student, just starting to get decent grades. I am about to enter my senior year. I have worked full time jobs. Never had an internship, volunteer experience. etc. Should I include my accomplishments at each job instead of duties?

To obtain an entry level position that will allow me to utilize my customer service skills as well as the knowledge gained and skills developed from my previous work experience and education.
Completion Date: May 2009 Xavier University New Orleans, LA
Major: Finance
Minor: Business Administration

05/2007 – Present MedPage Today Little Falls, New Jersey
Onsite Manager
•Travel United States to represent company in all aspects and fashion.
•Assist in complete set – up and display of booth and networking scheme to consistently build clientele.
•Document Doctor/Nurse Information and report numbers back to company to record our productivity.
09 – 2007 – 05/2008 Ritz Carlton New Orleans, Louisiana
Front Desk Agent
•Assist guest with both checking in and out of the hotel while maintaining a certain mystique and exceptional customer service.
• Post charges to guestrooms, verify credit cards, balance bank at the end of the shift.
•Distribute information to guest in a timely manner and assists in rectifying guest questions and concerns.
09/2002 – 12/2006 Banana Republic New Orleans, LA Cashier/Sales Associate

•Maintained high levels of customer satisfaction by providing customers with exceptional customer service.
•Provided training for new employees to maintain store performance.
•Performed cash support services with operations team.
•Consistently met sales goals while multi-tasking to meet managerial expectations.

01/2006 – 05/2006 Hudson City Savings Bank Teaneck, NJ
Bank Teller

•Building lasting relationships with customers in order to build rapport.
•Securing mortgage payments for customers.
•Performed daily banking activities such as: cashing customer checks, and depositing funds into customer accounts.

admin answers:

You have it in a pretty good format. I would recommend writing out the results of each point that you have written. For example, in your bank telling experience you have:

“Performed daily banking activities such as: cashing customer checks, and depositing funds into customer accounts.”

Maybe write:

“Performed daily banking activities such as: cashing customer checks, and depositing funds into customer accounts that help to…..”

This will spice up your resume because it shows how you made a difference in the workforce.

Chris asks…

Making my credit rating better?

I recently got a credit rating report and ther were qute a few things still on there that I had paid off years ago. I still have quite a high balance on a catalogue and a store card, plus lately have been overdrawn quite alot due to companies taking cheques out two weeks later than expected which means that I have become overdrawn and had several overdraft charges. Reason I am asking whether I can improve my credit rating is because in the next year or two my partner and i are looking to buy our own house and don’t really want to get knocked back due to my credit rating. Which we did not so long ago. I am making regular payments, high payments than the minimum to try and get things paid off. I also would like to know is, say in a year I manage to pay everything thing off and all balances are 0, will my rating improve and be able to get a mortgage?

admin answers:

With credit reports the bad outweighs the good. Mortgages and loans are determines by your fico score which is calculated by the info on your credit report.

35% is based on your payment history and the more recent a missed payment the more it hurts your score

30% is the current usage of credit, meaning how much on a current loan do you still owe, how much of your credit limit on your cards is used. If your balances are close to the limits it has a negative effect on your FICO score.

15% is the length of credit history, how long have you been using credit, 1 year, 10 years, the longer you’ve been reliably using credit the better.

10% is based on your applications for new credit. Applying for too many new accounts is bad for yor FICO score. It’s based on how many places have requested a credit report on you, so even if you apply and don’t get it then it still reflects negatively on you. New accounts include car loans, store credit cards, regular credit cards, etc…

The last 10% is based on how well you’ve been able to pay off different types of debt.

It’s in your best interest to get your FICO score as high as possible before applying for a mortgage because it’s the key to secure the lowest available interest rate. If you’ve ever seen an ammortization schedule then you’ll know that over the life of a mortgage interest alone can be equal or more than the purchase price of the house.

If you want to crunch the numbers and see if it’d be worth it to wait a little longer on the purchase to save more for a down and improve your FICO it may be a wise decision in the long run.

Sharon asks…

auto loan question about owning home.?

Me and my wife’s name are on the mortgage, when a lender checks my dept to income percent, after they run my credit and see the house payment and credit cards etc; do they allocate the full house payment in to my dept or half of it since my wife is part owner as well?

I only have a $920 a month house payment and 2 credit cards with no balance, after doing the math of 16-20% DTI it doesnt leave me a whole lot to bargain with a monthly payment for a car, I make $3200 a month. But I have also read that lenders dont want your dept to exceed 40-50% gross pay which sounds alot better to me, Im aiming for a $400-450 car monthly note.

looking at $22,000-$25,000 total loan amount for auto, 750ish credit score with 11 months for home mortgage… 2 years of one credit card and 7 months of another around $500. limits, thats my credit history .

admin answers:

If your name is on the loan then you are responsible for all of it. If you default on a car loan and the bank has to take it back, the car has lost value and the bank will lose money. You should be able to get a car loan with your score, the question is what rate will you have to pay. A Credit Union should give you the lowest rate.

George asks…

How can I stop a checking account garnishment when I have filed for bankruptcy?

I live in Michigan & recently went through a divorce, foreclosure, and was laid off at work. For the past year, I have been unemployed & then am currently temping.

My ex-husband declared bankruptcy and basically, our second mortgage wasn’t foreclosed on (it was a different bank than the first mortgage) and that entire balance is now my responsibility. It’s over $35,000. I was served last summer and then in Feb 2009 my MI State Income Tax refund was garnished. Now, I received a writ of garnishment from the court and it was sent to me FROM my old credit union. THEY were served with papers on 6-18-09 and thankgod, the account was CLOSED so they could not pull money from the account.

I am fearful that now, they will get to my CURRENT bank & possibly my staffing company where I work.

I checked my current bank acct. and there is still a positive balance but what should I do? Close this account?

NOTE: I secured a bankruptcy attorney and paid in full within the first week. I was given a first draft and returned that to them over 3 weeks ago. I am awaiting a SECOND draft. It has not yet been filed with the courts. Am I not protected yet? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

admin answers:

Draw out all your money in coins and stash it in a jar somewhere where it’ll be safe and nobody knows about it.

Banks are the worst places to keep money when there some legal stuff going on.

The IRS and other nice folks can freeze your assets faster than penguin crap on an Antartic ice cap.

The continues to use your money for whatever banks use other people’s money for but you can’t touch a dime of it until all the slick lawyers clean you out.

Then the bank will charge you for service fees.


Linda asks…

mortgage suspense balance and due date?

I had a mortgage loan with AmTrust Bank, I sent in a request to have them credit my mortgage payment from my bank account automatically on every 1st of the month. But the thing is, I wasn’t aware that the auto-pay was set up and I set a a check for November 1 (which was sent on October 20th.) And as I mentioned before, I wasn’t aware that the auto-pay was set up, so Amtrust credited another $1200 from my bank account. and now I have made 2 payments for November, but still due December 1 because the mortgage is holding my $ in the suspense accout and would not apply it to the monthly payment. Can anyone advise me what to do? Can I possibly get that extra payment back or what I can do to make them apply that fund to my monthly payment and have the due date bought to Jan. 1, 09 ? please, can someone give me an answer?

admin answers:

Contact the bank and get the money back or if you can afford it have them apply the money as a one time extra payment case in point
I have a 73,000.00 mortgage payment is 680.90 per month for 20 years. If I apply 400.00 extra a month. This loan matures in 8 years. Just a little tidbit you might set your sites on.

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