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Helen asks…

Credit Card Fees . . . Can they do this?

Three weeks ago I found out that my UI Benefits, after 52 weeks (or one year) would need to be re-certified. It’s something my state does to insure that a person should still be receiving benefits, if they are following the rules to qualify for benefits, if someone is working part-time the correct salary is being reported, etc. I was told by the local UI office that there was no doubt that my benefits would be resumed, but because I fell into the one year time frame, I had to go through the check as well. At that time the UI office explained that it could take up to 4 to 6 weeks to get re-certified, so the wait was on.
Not wanting to take a risk of being late on a mortgage payment (I’ve been blessed up to this point and never been late on one yet), I made my January mortgage payment using my gold visa credit card I have with Bank of America (it’s a regular credit card with a $29 per year renewal fee). My mortgage payment is $663.00 per month . . . no where near the limit on the card. I used the service MoneyGram to make the payment, and my mortgage was paid on the 21st of December. I received my statement and was shocked to learn Bank of America charged me a “Cash Equivalent Fee” of $26.91, as well as a “Credit Protection Fee” of $6.64. My UI benefits were re-established and I paid off the complete balance on the credit card (twenty days before my due date). I guess the question of “Can They Do This” is a little late, because they did it, but can they do this?
What if I were purchasing $600 worth of clothing and the seller only accepted MoneyGram as payment. Would Bank of America still charge me a “Cash Equivalent Fee” and a “Credit Protection Fee”? I could see if I were late making payments, but I have never carried over a month to month balance on any of my credit cards. Bank of America only knows that I changed my credit card for $X amount and used MoneyGram to make a payment. I consider the transaction as a change, NOT a cash advance.
I’m to understand credit cards (or banks) are pushing the envelope when it comes to interest rates associated with balances, but this is ridiculous! What are my chances of negotiating with Bank of America to get my account credited for $26.91 and $6.64.

admin answers:

MoneyGram took a cash advance on your credit card and then wired the payment to your mortgage company. You also should have been charged interest from the date of the transaction — no interest free grace period like for purchases. You are stuck with that charge.

You might have been better off to have used the credit card directly with the mortgage company. Sometimes those transactions are not processed as cash advances.

As to the credit protection fee, call the credit card company and cancel that. Somehow or other you got signed up for that and you want to cancel it before you get hit with another fee next month.

Michael asks…

How can I get my husband to finally see his spending habits are slowly eating away at our marriage?

Before I got married, I was frugal and had great credit. I knew my husband was not very good with money, mostly because he couldn’t remember to break out the check book and pay his bills. My husband has poor credit when we got married but with me being the “bill payer” in the family, we were able to pull his credit score up.
At the beginning of our marriage, I noticed he liked to spend but after a gentle reminder we needed the money to pay this or that bill, he would calm down. However, in the last three years, I’ve noticed that his spending has become worse and his attitude toward it has become very negative.
First, we had a joint checking account, but he would never tell me when he was taking money out (although he never put in). So, I began bouncing checks. After a year of this, I shut it down. He understood the reason for my decision and that was the end of it. About two years later, I got us a joint credit card. Foolish, I know, but I honestly thought with his making more money and growing up a bit, he would be able to handle it. I was wrong.
Over the past year, he has rung it up to it’s max. It’s not that he goes on shopping sprees and buys junk. Most of it is irresponsibility (like renting something and never returning it so it rings ups thousands of dollars) or buying me flowers (it’s nice and all but on our joint card?) and insisting we eat out all the time (though he swears it has nothing to do with my cooking). Today, he called me from the gas station to come rescue him because our credit card was declined because it was maxed out (I’m hoping the embarassment would teach him a lesson but something tells me he didn’t learn anything).
I’ve tried numerous times to have a civil discussion about the problem but I get empty promises “I’m having a good month, I’ll give you a little extra at the end of the month to help pay the card” only I don’t see it or he gives me an extra $300 then he rings up $500. Or he gets defensive and screams at me.
I’ve tried a couple of things that have done more harm than good.
When I went in to get my car loan a couple months ago (I had to get another car because my old car finally died), I was talking to my bank. I happened to mention in passing that my husband likes to ring up the credit card and I just couldn’t reel him in. She suggested that I transfer the balance from my card that has a high APR to their card for a lower APR and then letting my old card expire and not renew it so the new card is in my name only and I can pay it off. I had no intentions of telling him the plan. Only to have my bank call me and leave a message on our answering machine. He asked about the message and I told him that it was about transfering our balance to a different card. I think he realized what I was doing and he acted a little disgusted about it. But I didn’t care.
Today after the situation at the gas station, he asked about the new card (which I decided not to transfer the balance until the card expired to prevent the card from getting rung up again before it expired at the end of next month. I explained I hadn’t activated the new card yet and that I thought we ought to not use the new card and go on a cash only basis. He threw a fit about not having a card for emergencies. I suggested he open up his own credit card and see if he can get something with a low balance.
I’m done with us having joint expenses. He’s 40 years old and still can’t handle being responsible with money. I feel that I have no choice but to separate our expenses with the exception of the mortgage, utilities and car insurance.
This issue isn’t going to go away just because I split our expenses. Eventually, he’s going to start relying on me to bail him out everytime he can’t charge his gas or charge his lunch at McDonalds (I could kill McDonalds for having a credit card paying option). And it’s going to be a source of many arguments from now on (we don’t really fight about much… just this).
I also want to add that a lot of his spending (outside of eating out, flowers and not returning items he rents) but also commits us to things that we don’t have money to do. For instance, he will make plans with our friends and buy the tickets for concerts or rent hotels for weekend trips away without out my knowledge or consent or he’ll tell his parents that yes, we’ll join them on their vacation (where we are paying our own way) without consulting me. He does this often, even when money isn’t involved (sure, my wife and I would love to come to your party!). This gets under my skin!
It’s these behaviors that are slowly eating away at our marriage. When I said I would love him for richer or for poorer… I thought it meant for richer or for poorer when it’s beyond his control not through lack of responsibility. I could really use some advice.
Liz – people change. My husband was trustworthy when I married him. Just because you marry someone doesn’t mean everything in your marriage is going to be wonderful. No marriage is perfect and trust can be broken.

admin answers:

It’s hard to look this problem straight in the face I’m sure…
You can’t control him but you can control yourself. It’s good that you are beginning to stop enabling his behaviors.
Next time this happens do not let him cross your boundary, allow him the experience of solving the problem on his own and holding him accountable.
Get separate accounts, you have a marriage…you did not sign up to be his benefactor or parent.
You can love someone with the entirety of the world and still not give them the ability to put you out or cross your boundaries.
Next time he commits to something you don’t want to do, make it clear. Don’t get mad but simply say you are not interested or you cannot afford it. If he insists then it is his decision and he can do it alone and pay for it alone. With his own money. On his own card!

Sharon asks…

Relationships, Money, X’s – My GF owes money?

Very long story…

I really love this woman. I have dated her for 2 years. She is athletic, smart and likes to do a lot of activities which I also enjoy doing like riding road bikes and mountain bikes as well as hiking.

After dating for about 18 months, our relationship seemed to have many up and downs. We broke up two times and got back. In December 09, we went on a day trip snowboarding(yes, she likes that too) At this point we were back together. The night before the snowboarding trip, she had used my computer to do farm ville and check her emails. The day went well. I went home that night and used my computer. I opened the email and found that her email was logged in. I could not resist not reading it once I saw that a few of the emails were from her ex-bf…

This woman had a child when she was 19 y/o by an abusive boyfriend. The bf did not stick around/she left. She later dated/lived with and eventually married what seems to have been her “first love”. They were together about 8 years and the marriage lasted about two of those. After her divorce, she bought out the ex husband from a house. Seems like she had to refinance her home in order to get cash to pay off ex.

At the time that she got divorced, she started dating her ex boyfriend. This person now seems to have been her second bf as a teenager (her ex hb was her first) What I have been able to gather is that this last boyfriend did not have a job or managed to borrow and not pay my gf money during the time he lived with her. Currently, there appears to be a balance of about 12k that he owes her.

Back to the snowboarding trip and emails, my gf and I had recently had some disagreements about her meeting an ex of mine because of a mutual friend’s party. In the emails that I saw, she was very openly communicating with her ex boyfriend about how bad of a person I was for bringing that up.

She openly denied about communicating with her ex then. She lied about having seeing him. She did not bring up that the ex owed her a lot of money or what her lifetime “friendship” or relationship meant.

Now, after the December and the emails and all that. I realized that I really love this girl and I want to stick with her. We talked about and came to the conclusion that we need to live together and I rented out my place and move to her place.

Since, I have found out her financial situation. She basically is maxed out on her mortgage and possibly may be able to get out of her house if needed to, with a dollar in pocket… She has a very high mortgage payment and a maxed out house line of credit. The amounts are over 500k (45k as line of credit and the rest in mortgage) for a house that is in poor condition that may not yield as much. She had a 44k balance on credit cards for which she sold a car and managed to pay off about 26k of that from the sale. So there is a balance still on credit cards of about 18k. The ex owes her about 12k and is paying $100 a month… which equals to about a minimum payment on a credit card.

I feel that before I marry this girl, she needs to get a handle on her finances and realize where she is at with them. I think she needs to go after her ex boyfriend to recoup some of that money he owes her.

Now, for the other part of the story. My gf still thinks of this ex boyfriend as a friend. I think he is still manipulating her into thinking that she needs him for something. What grown up man will use a woman to pay his rent and loan him money and meet “his needs” and walk away owing money to her? I think this is BS and she needs to understand that he is not her friend. This has been more a problem recently in that I really would like him to go away from the picture.

Comments welcomed…
Thanks for your responses. Leaving this woman is not going to be easy.

– I feel that I can’t trust her.
– If I walk out now, my financial damage is not that bad. She will be in a bad situation because she will soon run out of savings to pay her mortgage. It appears that she made decent money at some point (40k a year + commision), but after the recent layoffs, she had to get a job that pays maybe 40k with commision. To afford her mortgage & living, she has to use up her savings and charge more on credit cards.
– I feel as thought if the financial burden was not there, it would be so much easier to plan a life together.
– On top of the financial burden, there is the x situation to deal with. I read the socipath description and I see some resemblance… tragic.
Thanks for the responses. I am feeling pretty guilty about this situation. I should have definitely ran the other way in December. Why didn’t I? Am I a sucker!

I had another talk with her last night. Explained my issues about the ex and how he manipulated her. I feel as thought the sociopath description is pretty good so I offered that. She momentarily accepted that he was not a real friend and that she didn’t like to feel like a sucker.

The guy was in contact with her over email about being late for his $100 payment. She was brief on her email responses but did respond. She and I had previously agreed that she would still accept the payments and that eventually he would stop paying… but I didn’t agree that she would accept gifts or anything else from him…
My main issue now is that she even denies that he sent her an email.
I don’t like what I have become… paranoid and not trusting and prying. I justify by saying that is going to be my wallet..
Here is what I saw last;
Subj: April payment (April 6)
I have had a hell of a few weeks and I am dealing with so much BS I spaced the payment. If you need me to deposit directly into your account I can tomorrow and if I do not hear from you I will just mail it off as I have been.
Long story short, living with is not working out at all and if you want me to elaborate I will be more than happy to.

Subj: Re: April payment (April 7)
Hey ,
Thanks for the 411 – please mail the payment when you can. FYI – please don’t mail me anything other than payments…
Sorry to hear about ?!

Subj: Re: April payment (April 7) (From him to her)
Might I ask why I can not mail anything else? Just so I know, I thought you would enjoy the CD’s and such.
Subj: Re: April payment (April 7) (From her to him)
Subj: Re: April payment (April 7) (From him to her)
To be honest that is upsetting and hurtful, 20 years down the tubes. I would not take that from anybody…nobody has the right to butt into my past…it is mine and that is all we have when we are on our deathbed. But then again this is your future so I have to understand.
I personally feel If one can not be secure with me then I would not want them around…but that is me.
Thanks for understanding about the payment.
Subj: Re: April payment (April 7) (From her to him)
I know

Well, other than that the car is good, is good, the dog I am fostering is getting better and work is crazy busy…so I have some good things going on.
You take care and never, never hesitate to call if you are in a bind or just want to talk…I am your friend forever, regardless of the choices you have made with your new man and not being able to stay in touch.

admin answers:

Holy crap. This doesn’t sound too good. She has a lingering relationship with an old lover that has leeched off of her. And just how in the hell can someone making 40K afford a 500K home? Impossible. Not unless she got 60K in commissions.

If you ever marry you will be in the hole and end up owing. The ex is troubling to say the least. Then she lied about being in contact with him. She has far too much baggage. Maybe you want to hang around to see how it goes – you do care for her. But I would not marry or otherwise be too deeply invested in this relationship financially or emotionally.

You seem like a really smart, nice guy. Funny I road and mountian bike and ski too! If you rock climb we’re totally alike!

Sorry, you’re between a rock and a hard place. Just protect your heart and your wallet.

Jenny asks…

I need a car loan after BK7?

Hello Everyone, This will be my first post here. I would love all your comments and replys. So on June 14 2012 I filed personal bankruptcy in the Eastern District of New York. Everything was overwheling and my business at the time was faling he is the information in the bankruptcy:

Mortgages: First Mortgage : 1,765,231.12
Second Mortgage:245,987.23
Home Equity Loan: 61,563.74

Credit Cards/Personal Loans
Amex 23,658.14
Amex 9,568.65
Bank of America 17,896.19
Bloomingdales/DSNB 11,263.85 Wife
Bloomingdales/DSNB 14,596.45 Me
Capital One 10,563.04
Capital One 5,496.87
Chase 31,569.12
Chase 12,368.67
Chase 24,165.32
Citi Cards 16,584.96
THD/CBNA 27,895.23
Discover 3,596.42
GECRB/ Lord & Taylor 6,598.73
GECRB/ P.C. Richards & Son 9,785.61
GECRB/Lowes 12,695.74
HSBC/ Saks Fifth Avenue 18,456.28
HSBC/ Neiman Marcus 13,596.24
TD Bank – Touraneu Watch 9,854.19
Tiffany & Co 35,698.74
Nordstrom FSB 7,459.86
Wells Fargo – Breast Implants 11,859.63

Car Loans/ Leases
2011 Mercedes-Benz E550 4MATIC Sedan – Leased : Surrended
2011 Cadillac Escalade SUV Luxury AWD – Financed : Surrended Balance: $51,263.91
2012 Mercedes Benz C250 Coupe – Leased: Retained (Daughters Car)

Self – Employed : Check Cashing: Annual Income 2011 $483,560.00

I had to surrender personal assets such as wedding bands, rolex watch, furniture, piano, sub zero refrigator, wolf range, hunting rifles, cash, tiffany diamond, womens wearing apperal and much more.

My Credit Scores now TU: 477 EX: 515 EQ 493
Credit Cards: Capital One Visa : $2,000 , Credit One Visa $1,500

What kind of car loan can i obtain

admin answers:

Auto finance is what I do for a living and since you reaffirmed on your Daughters car (real dumb by the way) you can get approved for another ca loan.

My suggestion would be to find a large dealer that advertises Special Finance and talk to them. They will be able to tell you what will be required for you to be approved for a vehicle loan.

Please understand since you did reaffirm on your Daughters car your looking at the possibility of being turned down since Special Finance lenders require a butt for every seat as they say. So if it’s you and your spouse you will only be able to buy 1 vehicle since you already have one.

Good luck.

George asks…

Collection Agency Woes, they won’t accept a payment in full!?

I applied for a mortgage loan and discovered I have a judgement against me that I had no prior knowledge of. Apparently an old apartment I moved out of after I lost my job due to extended time off for cancer treatment got a judgement against me after I moved out. I have a letter from them stating I owed nothing after the walk through and so on. I called the property owners and they explained the additional charges resulting in the judgement. Why I was never notified I don’t know but I stated I would like to pay them in FULL to resolve this. They stated I needed to speak to the collection agency who now has the account.
I called the collection agency and explained I wanted to pay them in full to resolve this matter however I asked they please send me via email, fax or mail a letter confirming the balance. I stated after I receive this I will pay them. The collection agency said they will NOT send me a letter with the balance unless I first allow them to take the money from my bank account via an electronic check. I told them I will not be able to agree to this but I’m happy to pay them in full once I get the amount due in writing. This turned into them stating they will not jump through hoops for me unless I jump through hoops for them. I didn’t realize it was so difficult to send a letter. The call ended with the “legal” guy saying he will just take the money from me and hanging up.
Long story short our lender states we should not pay them unless we get a letter first. Since they will not give us a letter he states we should hold the money in escrow and it will be paid at closing. So that is one option. The other is the man at the property company was informed of the collection agency’s refusal to do this after I called and tried again to clear this matter up with him. The property company man states he will send us a letter confirming this has been paid after we pay the collection agency so I can give this to our mortgage man to confirm the judgement has been satisfied.
Do we go with what our mortgage man said or the property company?

admin answers:

This is one of the many reasons I hate collection agencies. Most of them are staffed with real……uh, hard to deal with people (I’m being kind). I had a medical bill turned over for collection and was told i would get nothing in writing, no monthly statements, no nothing. I paid it off over a period of about 9 months. I asked when I made the final payment, could I get something in writing stating it had been paid in full. Nope, they wouldn’t do that either.

If they won’t give you squat while you owe them the money, you can bet your last dollar you won’t get a thing out of them when you’ve paid them off.

I’m inclined to go with what the mortgage guy said.

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