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Michael asks…

What is the best small business bank in Northern California?

I have been running a small business for nearly 20 years and my current bank has decided that they don’t want me as a customer. My current relationship includes the following products:
-Business Checking
-Merchant Services
-Business Credit Card
-Business Credit Line
-SBA Loan
-Home Mortgage
-2 Personal Checking Accounts
-2 Personal Savings Accounts

Ideally the bank I choose would be able to handle all of this.

admin answers:

Wells Fargo, B of A or USAA

Ken asks…

what would happend to someone who sign someones name to get a home refinance?

my husband brother in law sign a document for a home, my husband did sign the first loan, but then the deal with the business home group went bad for them and they decided to refinance but this time without telling my husband, in the new loan documents it says that whoever sign the borrower wich is my husband show proper ID and this is a lie because my husband didnt sign anything this time.. the borrower had 11 thousand dollars at closing wich is another lie we didnt get any money.. can we go after this loan mortgage company? should have they check to see if the person who sign the documents was really my husband? when the documents says that the borrrower showed proper ID only it wasn’t my husband who sign? do we hve acase of forgery? do we have a case at all?

admin answers:

Your first step would be to contact a local title company and request a property profile on this property. This is free to the public and will give you some of the information you will need:

I use Fidelity Title for this service, but you can pick one of your choice – ask for the following:

Property profile along with transaction history recorded in the last 6 months. You will need to provide the address of the property along with any owners on title (this will help the title company to search the property).

After you obtain this information go to your local recorders office as do the following:

You need to get a copy of the recorded Deed of Trust and Grant Deed removing your husbands name from title. This document will be recorded in the county in which the property is located. The property profile from the title company helps to show the documents recorded on the property (part of the transaction history) so the recorders office can locate the documents you are requesting.

Please note this:

In order to have your husbands name removed from title his name would have to be notarized by a notary public. This would be a grant deed (removing his name and keep the other people on the property). A notary public is required to notarize his signature (properly identitfy him by drivers license, passport, etc.) and put a thumb print in the notary journal (this is a book the notary public needs to keep at all times). If a notary public were to obtain fradulent documents or identifications to notarize any document – you can bring up criminal charges to the notary public.

Get a copy of those recorded documents and go from there. You can file a complaint againt a notary public through this website:

If the loan agent that handled this loan transaction is licensed by the department of real estate or even the licensed broker (loan office) did fradulent activity report it here:

I hope this information helps, best of luck to you.

James asks…

Can I still get a mortgage loan if Im in Chexsystems?

I know that I owe a bank from a couple of years back and have been working on my credit but this bank is no where on my credit report but I know they reported me to chexsystems because I was denied to open a checking acct at a local credit union. Now Im in the process of getting a mortgage ( pre-approved already) with another bank which I dont have a checking account with, but can it be ultimately denied if Im in chexsystems? I do have a bank account which I have maintained ever since with another bank.

admin answers:

If one bank is offering you a morgage facility then you can use its facility.

Lisa asks…

Should I sue my bank??? They took my money!?

I switched insurance companies for my homeowners insurance. The new insurance guy contacted my 2nd mortgage company and my original bank of the change- This was in August 2007- My bank started charging me for forced insurance (an extra 130. a month) I have a variable rate loan and thought the difference was cuz of that. I do not recall getting any letters from my bank or the forced morgage co. about the charges. I got a letter explaining my ‘escrow’ charges and called my bank- after a 2 week run around I went in and found out I had insurance forced for a year!
-I contacted my insurance guy and he called the lady at my bank- she DID get the paperwork about the change of insurance BUT because I have a new last name and she didn’t check loan number or address she just filed it away and still charged me for the insurance!!!
-So now I hear I have a refund of 1300. coming! woot! ….THEN…
-This morning I call bank to find out if they mailed me a check or deposited the refund in my savings account. They applied the money to my loan principal!! I was outraged.
-I was told that it was’ policy’ for them to normally apply forced insurance refunds to loan principal.
-This is not a normal situation. They had my insurance info on file for over a year.
-I want that cash refunded to me. I was never given an option.
Should I sue my bank? What can I do to get my money back?
Please Help. I am struggling financially and could really use
that money to pay my property taxes and get clothes for kids.
I live in Ohio. I have auto withdrawl from my savings account to pay my mortgage. My child support goes into the saving account and helps pay the mortgage. I feel that money was for my kids-

admin answers:

You need to get this seen by a good lawyer to know more.
They are not allowed to do what they want with your money, especially when it was their mistake.

Richard asks…

Can i get a Mortgage? Or Loan? A 60,000 dollar loan?

I have a weird situation I’m eighteen i started my credit the moment i turned eighteen i have two credit cards one with a $300.00 dollar limit, and a Walt-Mart credit card with a $150.00 i have had the 300 dollar credit card for about 6 months with chase i have just applied to chase to get a bigger limit. i will get the response between 5-10 business days they say.
I just got this job about 3 weeks ago its at an assembly line in a real company i get paid $10.00 dollars an hour i am still going threw the trail period of 3 months, after that i get my taxes deducted straight from my check and ill get a raise i know its going to be at $11.00 but i will ask my boss for $12.00 dollars. i have $3,000.00 dollars saved up to this point and I’m not counting this weeks pay which is $400.00 dollars i also have another job that i do on the weekends which pays me cash and i can make from $250.00-$400.00 a weekend.
I recently tried buying a car and the person told me that i had mid 600s credit so they wouldn’t give me a loan for a used car but they would for a brand new $23,000-$30,000 bandwagon Jeta. So instead my dad gave me a used car.
My plan is to save up between $12,000-$20,000 dollars cash to give as a down payment for my own apartment since i make around $1600.00- 2800.00 a month i could save up all my money. Problem is only being able to report one job which makes me $400.00+ a week. Can i get a $60,000 loan saving up all my money in 8 months?
If yes what is the possibility? And can i ask for more?
I am not talking about buying this place right now I’m talking about getting it in 9 months or so when i have way more money by that time my salary should be at least 13 dollars an hour which comes out to be $520.00 a week or $27,000 dollars a year. I will also have my best friend move in with me he would be paying between 400-500 dollars for rent too. On top of my salary i make good money on weekends that i work and I’m not even counting over time hours..
I am thinking about the future. My mother is very unstable and ill rather move out then have to live any longer like this. Can i at least get a 35,000 loan?

admin answers:

Based upon what I read, you qualify to pay a loan payment of $400 per month. But, your employment is too new also.

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