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George asks…

Getting a home loan with low credit score?

My aunt has owned a home for the last 10 years, just
recently she was in a very bad situation where she got
behind on her mortgage. She is now caught up and in
good standing but her credit check doesn’t show this.
How long until it shows up and how soon will her credit
score begin to increase? Also her score is very low
around 550. Is there any chance she would be able
to get a new home loan? We are trying to get her into
a smaller home. Thanks

admin answers:

See if she can find a co-signer with good credit…620 is the number needed to get home loan i think

Chris asks…

How do I bring a mortgage current?

My house is going to be auctioned from foreclosure tomorrow. My boss said he might be able to give me a loan to bring it current. How do I find out how much it’s behind and will that be the exact amount to send a check to the lender? This is in CA and I have a hard time getting info and help from the lender don’t know what to do.

admin answers:

Call the lender and ask what you owe. Then pay that amount.

Robert asks…

I have joint mortgage and my husband filed chapter 7 and included the mortgage do I still own my house?

we just checked his credit report and it states that he owes 0 dollars because the mortgage was included in the bankruptcy .When we checked my credit I owe the house mortgage as it has been. Am I the only responsible person for the loan or is did I lose my house due to his bankruptcy.

admin answers:

Are you making your mortgage payments? Since your husband was discharged you now owe the debt. If you are making the payments then you are not in default, therefore you did not loose the house. You would know because you would get be getting either sued for foreclosure if judicial and non-judicial you would get a notice of default.

Steven asks…

What is automated mortgage underwriting ? When is it done?

Is automated underwriting started when I first apply for the loan? Do you know of anyone who has been denied during underwriting. My credit already has been check, submitted all paper work and now I am in underwriting.

admin answers:

I haven’t heard of an automated underwriter before but traditionally, underwriting won’t begin until you’ve put an offer on a home and completed inspection successfully – essentially when you are under contract. You can’t be underwritten without an appraisal done by the bank on the home you plan to purchase. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to provide paystubs (they may ask for more recent ones if it’s been a while since you originally were pre-approved) and tax returns. The bank will confirm employment status and may re-check your credit to confirm nothing now shows as negative. This process can take 2-4 weeks.

Carol asks…

Can Wells Fargo tell if I cash a check?

We are in the middle of a loan modification and have received money from my husband’s annuity. Our mortgage company is Wells Fargo and the annuity check is from Wells Fargo. Will they know if we cash the check?
I know they will see when the check is cashed, but will they be able to use it against us in our modification? We didn’t plan on depositing the money into an account.
I know they will see when the check is cashed, but will they be able to use it against us in our modification? We didn’t plan on depositing the money into an account.

admin answers:

Of course they will. How would they not be able to?

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