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Maria asks…

what can i do if im a victim of mortgage fraud?

same agents and brokers sold my home & with proceeds convinced me of buying four home asssuring me it would be a great investment properties would pay off themself. if i leased them .i question my qualifying for the loan, assured me i would & make the payments if not less equal to the mortgage& rent amount,i invested 175,000 trusting them gave what they asked me for infomation for loan approval, returned informing it would look better if i had co signers knowing full well they would not be contributing to the mortgage payment,they forgedmy signature,bal on my bank stmt.made up false check stub stated i made alot more,then at closing the numbers were not acceptable i wouldnt sign, they change the numbers to acceptable, i signed then when my payment book came it was back to the unacceptable amount, they promised to give me help of 2000 dollars a month because they felt so bad and didfor 2 mos. now in forecloser and insurance says i committed mortgage fraud! what can i do?

admin answers:

It will be hard to prove, I use to do mortgage loans and most Loan Officers are shady characters. They will deny any wrong doing and insist that the bankstatements, paystubs, etc. Were in that condition when you provided them. They will say they “had no idea they were fake”. Do you have anything in writing about them paying you 2k a month?

They should have never closed that loan since the closing doc’s have been altered. I am thinking they forged your signature on ALL closing documents. Call you lender and ask for them to send you a copy of your closing packet. You should have gotten one at the closing- and they should match.

Contact the department of real estate in your state (hoping these guys are licensed). File a complaint with the DRE.

Was a notary present at the time of the signing. Did they know the doc’s were false? If so, file suit against their bond (look at the grant deed and the Notary Stamp will state what city they are licensed). The notary is insured, hopefully you will get some money back.

Is there any way to sell the property before the bank forecloses it?

Good Luck.

Jenny asks…

In the event of foreclosure of a home is the landlord allowed to collect money from the tenant?

rented a home from a woman who presented the house through a reality company as being avaialble for 12 month lease. Within the first week I moved in a mortgage loan collector came to the door, and said he had been to the property for several weeks trying to give notice, but the property was vacant. My landlord 2 weeks later came to me, and confirmed that the house was in the process of forclosure, and that my family, and I have to leave. Up front I gave her $1175.00 for security, and $1175.00 to the leasing company she listed the home through as first months rent counted to their comission ( I moved in the 10th of OCT and my prorate was to be paid in November). My landlord returned my security, and check for my 2nd month’s rent uncashed, but I believe the reality company is also responsible for presenting me with a lease that was never valid, and should return the money I paid to them, and then they go after my lanlord for commiting fraud.
Yes my husband will contact a lawyer, but we prefer not to sue, and just curious what others believe my legal rights are in this matter.
The house was already going under forclosure AT THE TIME we were signing the lease our landlord just thought she could get out of it by renting out the home.
Also I think the reality company is at some fault for presenting us with a false lease – they didn’t check teh status of the property THEY wer representing, and DI NOT inform us that they don’t chekc teh status of tehir clients or properties before they offer a lease to us – I’m not saying they shouldn’t get paid, but my lanlord should have the loss not me considerign she scammed us, and I am out A LOT of money having to move again – not asking her to pay for anything other then the money she wrongly collected in the first place.
my typing sucks sorry for spelling errors
I don’t get it why do they conartists always win? I didn’t pay ot live in a house that was being forclosed apon, and I DO NOT want to live in a hous etaht is going through forclosure I dont care if they like me to live here on free rent I don’t want to I just want the money back so my children can be in a stable reliable living situation. I have a son with autism as well who doesn’t adjust to change eaisly, and the stress of moving again is going to be a great struggle after just moving 3,000 miles away, him learning to adjust to this new place – It is just not right at all. I fell taken advantage of, and its not fair to my family.

admin answers:

It depends upon where you are located.

If the house is under foreclosure it is a legal proceeding and if the court has not issued an order assigning the rents to the court or to the mortgage holder then it would be payable to the landlord.

I would stay in the house as long as possible without paying rent to anyone. Once you have recouped your costs from the free rent then either move or contact the mortgage company. Maybe there is an opportunity to become a homeowner.

If either side provides a court order saying they are entitle to receive the rent then advise the party that you have prepaid X$ to the owner and her Realtor. And will vacate one it is either repaid or been compensated by free rent.

The mortgage holder will like the idea of someone occupying the house until they are ready to sell it. It is free protection for their property.

Joseph asks…

Getting a home loan with low credit score?

My aunt has owned a home for the last 10 years, just
recently she was in a very bad situation where she got
behind on her mortgage. She is now caught up and in
good standing but her credit check doesn’t show this.
How long until it shows up and how soon will her credit
score begin to increase? Al

admin answers:

They should have it update within 3 to 4 months, If they don’t you can contact them and request that they update or remove the slow pay history.

Good Luck

Daniel asks…

Personal Loan Inquiry Question?

I’m unsure of my credit score. I pulled my credit report but it doesn’t give a score. Not sure where I can get that. Last time I checked it was in the high 600’s. I have 3 dings on my credit, 1 late payment from Dec 2006 when my payment protection didn’t kick in right away after an auto accident, 2 collection accounts (1 with Verizon for a home phone – small amount but I never recieved the bill however it is paid off once I received the collections notice & 1 ambulance bill that never got paid by the insurance).

All other 5-6 accounts I have are in perfect standing, never been late and paid more than the minimum payment every month. I got denied by PNC Bank for a personal loan so I’m looking into other banks. I know that mortgages & car loans have multiple banks/institutions being checked so that you can see which works best for you, and at the end of 30 days all those inquires for the mortgage or car loan are lumped into one credit report inquiry. Do personal loans work the same way?

admin answers:

No, they don’t. They are counted as separate inquiries. Only auto and mortgage shopping counts as one lump inquiry at the end of a 2 to 4 week period.

As for getting your FICO score, you have to pay for it. It is under $20 at:

Michael asks…

lump sum mortgage foreclosure?

I am behind in my mortgage payments, i received a letter from some lawyers representing chase that if I send a certified check they will reinstate the loan. I know they represent chase.

admin answers:

Get their offer in writing. Make sure that it isn’t a scam. Call Chase customer service department and confirm the offer. Generally I don’t think the major lenders use outside legal firms, but have in-house departments to handle these issues. I would also try to get them to lower your interest rate.

Rswpbc…I guess we are in agreement because you just repeated my statement.

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