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Mark asks…

Get a landlords address so I can file court papers?

My landlord has gone to far with me. He’s withholding my deposit and is stalling in answers. I live in the Contra Costa county. I was renting a room in a duplex he had. But from what I have learned he has it that he lives at that address and doesn’t have it as a rental property. Even his mortgage statements come to the place. He always refused to give me his address. I always had to put the check on the fridge. This is the first time that he has done it. Is there any way I can get his address so I can take this jerk to court? Please help me.
Sorry I am in the state of California.

admin answers:

I’ve had good luck finding people with zabaa search.

Daniel asks…

Chapter 13 bankruptcy, 1st and 2nd not included!?

This year we went under on our home based business! We filed chapter 13 on September 15 2010! We filed on our credit cards and other non secured debt, but left our 1st and 2nd mortgages off! What I mean by off is that we would be paying directly to the lender and not through the trustee off the court! I thought that we were current with our first mortgage; I knew that we had gotten behind on the 2nd but caught up before filing chapter 13! To make a long story short I didn’t find out until I went online and checked our past bank statements that we were behind on the first mortgage! We are still current on the 2nd but the first is looking at foreclosure! We did receive mortgage modification forms sent to us by the mortgage company the other day! We didn’t ask for them they just them to us! My question is if the mortgage company decides to foreclose will this be grounds to have our chapter 13 dismissed?
@ Real, I have ask my lawyer and he didn’t think that this could be an issue! But I would just like some other knowledgeable people’s opinion on this!

admin answers:

The mortgage company does not “decide to foreclose” – this is really your decision! If you continue to not manage your finances well, not knowing what accounts are current, which are delinquent and such, the bank will foreclose, that is their only option! OK, enough with the exclamation points…..

It is possible that your delinquencies is what generated the mortgage modification paperwork. At this point, it would probably be a good idea to work on that. Start a dialogue with your lender ASAP, get a notebook and keep track of everyone you talk to, what you submitted, how it was submitted, who you talked to, what was said, who you talked to, what was said who you talked to, what was said – you get the idea.

And talk to a competent BK attorney, please.

Michael asks…

Is this normal to get a mortgage loan?

We are trying to get a mortgage loan and the loan processor says that any deposits to our bank account (they look over two months worth of your bank statements) outside of our direct deposit payroll must have a “paper trail”. I had deposited quite a few checks at this time for my birthday and etc. The only thing I know to do is to get copies of the checks. What else could I do to have a “paper trail”. And is the normal to ask people to do, we have good credit, etc.? I am not even sure my small credit union could give me copies of third party checks I deposited.

well on my statements it simply says deposit and the amount, and they say that they want to know exactly where those deposits come from. I am actually feeling kind of violated by the whole process.

admin answers:

I have been in the mortgage business for 16 years & this has been the rule since then. If it was a large deposit it could be a problem. The reason? They want to know you haven’t borrowed money from someone and it has to be paid back. That would be another debt to count against you & it would be unsecured money which is not allowed to be used as down payment. If a gift, then a gift letter has to be filled out by the donor. How much is this deposit? If $100 or less it really shouldn’t be an issue. We normally use only one (most recent) statement if it shows the balance from the previous statement. Ask your lender to check the DU findings to see how many statements are needed. However, once they have that statement they really are supposed to keep it in the file. If you haven’t bought a home yet, maybe you need to change lenders if your most recent statement doesn’t show that deposit.

I know it all sounds silly but some rules are unbendable. If you want to own a home you must obey them & supply the paperwork.

Chris asks…

home insurance was not started by mortgage advisor?

I bought a house in may 2010 and nationwide provided the mortgage the adviser set up my life insurance and home buildings insurance. We recently had a burst pipe and went to claim from nationwide only to be told that we had no buildings insurance as she had cancelled our old insurance on our previous property but not opened the new one, looking at my statements i have 2 insurance payments going out but it turns out im paying for my new life and the old life insurance on my previous home. so it would seem that she did not start my new home insurance and did not cancel my old life insurance where do i stand in reference to reclaiming the paid out money on the old life insurance and are nationwide required to pay for the repairs as they should have been insuring me and their advisor did not start it, or is it a case of tough luck you should have checked?
the adviser set up the policies on a computer and we signed some forms which we did not get copies of. the old home insurance was cancelled but the new one was not started. We have got a schedule for the new one that was not started but it had our old address on we pointed that out and she said it was no problem and she would change it. it appears that she didnt change it but cancelled it. the old life insurance was not cancelled so we have 2 life insurance policies with the same company again she said she would cancel it for us. we have paperwork for the new one that states she is acting as an agent for Legal and General.

admin answers:

Did you sign a cancellation request form to cancel the old building insurance and did you sign the application to purchase the new insurance on the new house? Do you have a copy of the application? Did you give them money to start the new policy? Your agent just can’t “start” a policy without your request (which is the signed application and payment). If you have proof you did sign the application and make a payment, you may have something, if you do not, then you don’t.
It doesn’t sound like you are in the US but in the US agents should have an errors & ommissions policy (professional liability) for times when they mess up coverages – we are all human. I don’t know if you have that in your country but it is worth looking into. The agent may have to pay for the damages if they are the ones that made the error. The company will not have to pay since they don’t have a policy.
Another thought – could the policy have been placed but cancelled for nonpayment since they had the incorrect mailing address and you never received the notice?

Helen asks…

My friend’s lawyer put my friend on the credit blacklist. HELP!!?

This situation is really bizarre and I’ve been asked to find help for him.

My friend is in a partnered business. They recently employed a lawyer to help chase up money that one of their clients did not pay. This dragged out for a long time and they ended up paying the lawyer way more than what the client was owing. They decided to stop the process and just pay off the remaining fees. The lawyer charged them about 7000 in remaining fees and but it was way over exaggerated so my friend and his partner offered to pay about 5000.

This is when things got ugly. At this point, the lawyer told them that he’ll see to it that they go bankrupt and opened up a court case. Eventually they reached a compromise and about 6000 was paid. They never went to court. This was about 4 to 5 months ago and they thought it was over and done with.

My friend now wishes to purchase a property. He just found out through the mortgage agent that he has been placed on the blacklist. He is totally stumped because the company has paid the money agreed on both sides and they have since thrown away a lot of the paper work.

My friend has not been able to reach the lawyer and he has already signed the contract to buy the property. What avenue is there to help him? One thing I have suggested is to print out a copy of the company account statement which shows the cheque that is paid to the lawyer. But I’m not sure what to make of the court case that hasn’t been retracted on the system.

Can anyone give some advice?
I know for a fact that it is this particular lawyer because they haven’t had any other legal issues that escalated to a court case (that which didn’t end up happening anyway). A lot of the paper work has not been kept because this issue was resolved over 4 or 5 months ago with the final payment and they run a fairly busy business with lots of other paperwork to file.
They didn’t know they were put on this list back then so they though the issue had resolved. But now since my friend is trying to get a loan for a property, it came up on the credit check.

admin answers:

Not sure what the “credit blacklist” is, but here goes:

Your friend is a bad businessman having thrown away paperwork from a court case that happened 4 months ago. SO, he needs to prove to the credit bureaus that he does not owe the money, and that the case is dismissed, pure and simple.

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