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Sharon asks…

1040x – What Supporting Documents To Send?

I am amending my 2009 tax return to include additional credits for real estate taxes paid. I don’t want to send more than necessary and clutter it up, but I also want to send enough. This will result in an additional refund to me.

When I filed my 2009 return, I only included the real estate taxes paid as shown on my 1098 from the mortgage company and the escrow closing statement (it was the first year I bought my house). However I also paid real estate taxes by personal check that were not deducted off my tax return. I’m thinking I send the following:

*1098 from mortgage company & escrow closing statement – these will show the amount I claimed originally
*Copy of tax bill I paid & copy of cashed personal check – this will show additional amount claiming

What do you think?

admin answers:

The BEST advice I can give you is to NOT SEND any “supporting documentation” at all. Yes, I know this seems counter-productive. But this is what will happen.

Your 1040-X will arrive in the mailroom where a flunky will open it and drop it in the big 1040-X bin. Then later (next day, next week, ???) that bin will be “distributed” to the input clerks responsible for entering the data from the returns. When the input clerk has finished entering the required lines and figures for those lines he/she will turn your return face-down onto their FINISHED pile and move on to the next return. THEY WILL NOT LOOK AT YOUR SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION.

Once the 1040-X hits the computer system, the computer will automatically send you a letter requesting you to submit “supporting documentation” for your Claim for Refundf. This is the part that drives folks NUTS since they have ALREADY submitted it. Now they have to print out new copies and attach it and return it to the address indicated on the letter.

When THAT letter gets to the mailroom another flunky will open it and put it in the appropriate bin. When the bin is “distributed” to Tax Examining Clerks, then that person WILL look at the documents you submitted. They don’t need to request the form to look at because all the info is already ONLINE. They will either AGREE with your request or they will request ADDITIONAL Documentation…but, at least, you will be dealing with an Air Breathing Human Being now.

That’s what I do for my tax clients anyway.


Mike Womack, Sr. Partner
Zero Degrees Tax LLP
Moore, OK

Mary asks…

applied for a remortgage (UK)…..?

I have received an agreement in prinicple, and the lender has requested £300 from me to cover valuation and arrangement fee. The cheque has not been cashed yet and I sent it 3 weeks ago with documentation verify my identity, address and bank/mortgage statements etc.
They received these on 12th December and I’ve only heard from them today asking me to confirm my solicitor’s details.
Does this mean that I have been approved for the remortgage…
I do not want to look for a solicitor if they have no intention of letting me have the mortgage

admin answers:

Why don’t you phone them up and ask them – simple, innit?

Mark asks…

My title company failed to collect HOA fees at closing. Who is responsible?

I purchased a condo over 2 years ago, and just received a letter from my HOA/Management Company stating that the Title Company had failed to collect working capital in the amount of $774 at closing. My HOA is demanding I pay them in 10 days, but the closing statement does not have any mention of this figure. I have two questions. Firstly, do I have to pay this sum? Secondly, if so, how long do I have to pay it? Or can I just tell them I will pay it off over time? My standpoint is that if the Title Company had done their job, I would have rolled the $774 into my mortgage and not have had it as an out of pocket expense. Right now, instead of $338 in HOA fees this month, they are asking for $1752 total – as they have just assessed all homeowners a pro-rata fee to install a new fire panel. Trust me, I don’t have an extra $1300 lying around in my checking account. Please help!

admin answers:

You probably have to pay them, since they were not collected at closing. If you have the HUD 1 settlement statement, and an amount is not reflected for HOA, then it was not a part of you closing cost, and you are right the title company did not do their job, however it may not have been a condition of your new lender. Just a clerical error and it was overlooked.

As far as making payment arrangements that up to the assoc., discuss with them..if they are stubborn, think about refinancing to cover your arrears, maybe get a lower rate.

Email me we can discuss your options. Jimbobmrjimn@yahoo.

William asks…

Why do I have to provide someone else’s bank statements when I apply for an FHA home loan?

My wife and I are buying a house. As down payment, we intend to use a sum of money given to us by her father. (Actually, it’s an inheritance from my wife’s grandmother, but since her father wrote us the check, for all intents and purposes he “gave” it to us). We deposited this money into our savings account about 4 to 6 weeks ago. When applying for the loan, we had to get my father-in-law to sign a statement to the effect that this money was a “gift” and that he did not expect to be paid back. I find that to be completely understandable.

The problem I have is that the mortgage officer is now saying that the underwriters are going to want to see 2 months of statements from the bank account of my father-in-law from which he wrote the check. My father-in-law is a very private person, and I am finding it rather humiliating to have to ask him to provide this, even though it can be done in such a way that the information doesn’t pass through mine or my wife’s hands. He has consented to do it, though I can tell begrudgingly.

The check has cleared the bank, and he has signed a statement saying that he doesn’t want to be paid back. What on earth have his bank statements got to do with anything? And how can they expect me to provide something which isn’t mine to provide? This is embarrassing and is holding up our loan!

admin answers:

I’m not saying that it definitely IS, but it MIGHT be a money-laundering question. If your FIL received the money from overseas the week before he gave it to you, it will raise red flags. If he received large sums on a weekly basis from anywhere and paid large sums to other people within a few weeks, it will raise red flags. The Patriot Act forces financial institutions to check on things like that. (And even if it’s NOT the reason, it would probably be a good reason to give your FIL — he certainly can’t object to people trying to stop organized crime and/or terrorists, right?)

James asks…

Just served an Eviction Citation by Travis County, I’m losing my home to foreclosure, what do I do now?

I have 9 days from today to appear in court and move. I called the lender right away they said: because Texas is not a “redemption” state meaning (some states will give you upto one year to buy your home back from the bank). What are my chances of staying in my home? or Should I just cut my losses and move on? Also, my original Modification fell through because of financial issues on my part. I didn’t follow the plan as agreed but I mailed in one payment and it has never been returned. I called after I received notice by their attorneys that my work out plan has cancelled. The rep. takes my financial statement over the phone and sets me up on a payment plan when he shouldn’t have…(recently discovered), I mailed a check and was just informed by the mortgage rep., that it’s being returned to me because the Bank had already bought my loan.

admin answers:



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