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John asks…

(Letter to settle out of court) Can you read this letter and tell me how it sounds, please?

This letter is an attempt to settle the termination of guardianship before going to court.

Please read it and give me any advice.

The letter needs to persuade the child’s grandma (the guardian) that it is the best decision to allow the child to move with her father and step mother.

The guardian has stated the father must have own home before she will ‘allow’ the child to move, the letter needs to prove it is better to stay in the current situation.


June 28, 2009
Dear Guardians (Daughter’s Maternal Grandparents,)
It seems like the girls just got out of school, but here we are half way through the summer, already! With the new school year approaching, (Wife) and I would like to discuss with you a possible change for (Daughter).
A few years ago, I do agree that I was unable to care for my daughter and provide a stable home for her. I appreciate all the help you have given (Daughter) and me. I am so grateful you could help give (Daughter) the best life possible while I have been working hard at getting my life together.
As you know, I started a new job. I love this job (and new line of work) and can see a long future with this company. They have excellent employee benefits; in fact, health benefits will be available to all of my dependants and me shortly.
In addition to this big step, (Wife) and I have been planning for the future and we are proud to see everything start to fall into place! Now, I am ready to give (Daughter) the stable loving home that she needs and deserves.
(Mother-in-law), (Father-in-law), (Wife) and I have been discussing what is best for the future. When (Wife) and I moved into her mother’s home to help after (Wife)’s grandmother passed away, we had not planned to stay this long; but we have developed a system that benefits everyone, especially the girls. Each of us contributes something to the household and we all work together to accommodate everyone’s needs.
Dividing the household to move to a separate address would have a negative impact on everyone! The girls would be forced to change schools; (Wife) would have to return to work and would no longer be available to care for the girls afterschool; (Mother-in-law) would struggle with her mortgage payments, (Father-in-law) would need to hire a home health nurse to periodically check on him throughout the week and several other hardships would be created if we were to move.
(Mother-in-law) will be giving (Wife) and me the house when she retires and I am restoring the house little by little, so it would not make sense to move. Not only would moving make it difficult for me to continue working on the house, but it would be silly to make such a change then turn around and come back to where we started in a few years.
Giving children, a loving stable home and an opportunity for the best education possible are essential for them to grow up as responsible well-balanced adults. The current arrangements are ideal since it allows (Wife) to be home to care for the girls and the girls are zoned for high quality schools.
HM Smith is just blocks away from our house. The school has received high achievement status for AYP and is Clark County’s Southwestern Region Model School. Students participate in many fun educational activities, which include field day, several contests, assemblies and field trips throughout the year. HM Smith recognizes students for achievements each semester such as A Honor Roll, A/B Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Golden Rule and AP Reading Excellence. At the end of the year students who maintain their achievements for the entire year, receive awards and prizes. HM Smith also puts on an annual talent show! ((Daughter) talks about how much she would like to participate in the talent show, all the time.)
I realize it must be difficult having to get up so early to drive a long way to work and having such a busy day as you do; not to mention, having the additional tasks of getting (Daughter) to school, picking her up and, after a long drive home, cooking dinner. I see how finding time to relax could be hard. It must be extremely stressful and exhausting for you, I know it has been for (Daughter). (Wife) and I both have noticed a change in (Daughter)’s behavior that is also affecting her at school.
Although (Daughter)’s final grades were As and Bs, there are several areas that she did not meet standards and teacher comments about behavior problems. During the year, (Daughter) complained that she was struggling in school, because she did not understand her homework and no one at Safe Key could help her. At one point (Daughter) brought home an unsatisfactory slip and explained to us that it was actually her second one. Additionally, (Daughter) told (Wife), how sad she was to miss out on field trips and other fun activities (Activities normally offered by other schools.) during the year, because her school could not afford them.
(Wife) has a great schedule that really works for Hayley a
Nevada District Court requires the parties to try to settle the case outside of court first and written proof (letter certified return receipt) has to be submitted to the court with the petition. This is a formality, we have had several conversations about this issue, face to face with the guardian. This letter is to prove we have tried to settle before filing.

My husband and I wrote this letter together.

admin answers:

In my opinion:

This situation needs to be face to face, not a lengthy letter that appears to be mainly written by the new wife, the child’s biological father needs to be able to make the case himself in front of the grandparents,

A letter from the wife, kind of makes the case against him, in support of the grandparents requirement; then you tie in the contents of the letter outlining why living with your parents would be a better living situation then living with her blood relatives in the current situation

Beware you letter can be admitted into evidence in the court hearing

Lizzie asks…

RESUME HELP! Can I aks for some outside assistance?

I have been unemployed for just about 8 months right now. My resume, when the job market was good, was a decent resume. I had some help from an associate at the last institution I worked for, however, reviewing it, I do not feel it is all that strong. Could I get some help or just another set of eyes to look at it and let me know what you think?

Also, should I list my unemployed status? I am working part time at Target while unemployed for some supplemental income, should I post that? Should I leave Linens n Things on there, even thought it was only one month?

Thank you in advance,
–A sad and frustrated banker.

Adam Armstrong
225 Stark St. NE.,
Salem, OR. 97303

-I am seeking a position that will further my career, as well as assist in the growth of the company and my fellow associates.

-Nearly four years experience in management.
-Exceptional training in communications.
-Goal-oriented individual with strong leadership capabilities.
-Organized, highly motivated, and detail-directed problem solver.
-Proven ability to work in unison with staff, volunteers, and costumer’s.
-Strong sales leader.

-Currently attending the University of Phoenix, majoring in Business Management.

Relevant Work & Accomplishments
-Mentor (trainer) for new associates.
-Annual budgeting.
-Consistently able to help the branch meet the goals set (20% increase from previous year).
-Directed recruitment and retention of supervisors and staff of nine employees.
-Training, supervising, evaluating and coaching improvement management skills.

Relevant Work Experience
Linens n Things, Salem, OR.
Nov. 25th, 2008
Dec. 23rd, 2008
Department Manager, HouseWares,
-Sold fixtures, gave quotes, and helped in the removal of fixtures.
– Assisted in the liquidation of all product.
-Answered phones, and questions on the phones.
-Recovered HouseWares and assisted in recovery of other areas in the store.
-Double verified deposits.
-Ran transactions on cash registers.
-Recovered shopping carts.
-Assisted in all aspects of customer service.
-Assisted associates when needed.
-Stated employment with the understanding that the position was temporary due the liquidation.

Marion and Polk Schools CU.
Assistant Branch Manager II,
June 14th, 2007
Aug. 20th, 2008
Salem, OR.
-Provide exception service to staff and customer’s alike.
-Home Equity and Mortgage loans, as primary lending duties. Assisting in auto, boat, RV, personal and Visa loans as well.
-Involvement with the West Salem Rotary and the West Salem Business Association.
-Community involvement, primarily with the West Salem High School, in our Titan Branch. We currently have three interns working between the two branches.
-Branch support in all aspects needed. Assisting other loan officers, acting as a teller, handling member discrepancies and teller cash/check outages.
-Meet monthly referral goals.
-Handle multiple operating systems at one time.
-Met the following lending goals monthly: $250,000.00 home equity loans. Close at least one mortgage.
-Make sure the branch meets its control policy and passes all audits, according to company policy and State/Federal guidelines.
-I would handle new and existing IRA’s and Certificate deposits.
-Coaching the staff monthly or as needed by individual.
-Marketing and new Relationship marketing quarterly with our Relationship Manager.

Umpqua Bank.
Nov. 1st 2004
June 9th, 2007
Lead Associate/Mentor
-Lending in the following areas: auto, RV, home equity, Visa.
-Opening and maintain new accounts, IRA’s and time deposits.
-I would assist in branch goals and the overall flow of the branch.
-Open, close and assist members in safe deposit boxes.
-Weekly we had teleconferences where we would discuss our success, and areas we needed to improve in.
-Balancing the vault, coin machine, and teller drawer.
-Over draft reports; calling and following up with clients.
-Yearly we had to volunteer 40 hours to a local charitable organization.
-As a mentor my duties were to train the new hire in the Umpqua culture. I would train them on
-I would also, on occasion, assist in ‘Train the Trainer’ classes.

admin answers:

Don’t forget Cover Letters!

Cover letters should include:
Which position you are applying for
A summary of your key skills & qualifications
An explanation as to why you have chosen the company & position

Resumes should:
Be created for each application
Clearly state your education information- type of degree, grade average & major
Detail your involvement in extra curricular activities and include personal experiences
Use bullet points, write in clear, concise terms using active words
Keep it 1 page
Detail any work experience: volunteer, internships, independent contractor, part-time, full-time

Yours looks great. Just avoid long sentences. You want to go for short, succinct yet clear points. Be more specific with your objective.

Susan asks…

question for loan officers or attorneys?

My husband and I have been divorced since September of 2007. Back in 2005 my ex husband cashed a draft check that came through the mail for 3500.00. Both of our names were on this draft loan because it was through our mortgage company. As of December the amount left on this draft loan was 367.85. I took out a cash and demand loan through the mortgage company. This is a different loan that is solely in my name. However the 367.85 was transfered to my loan because it also had my name on the draft loan. My problem is I never corrected them about my marriage status and I was divorced at that time. We were still living together as we were trying to sell the house. It is listed in the divorce decree that he is to pay this loan off. He is refusing to pay because during the move (we sold the house), he is missing a camera that he said he thought I stole, so he is withholding the 367.85. Can I get in trouble for the loan I took out because I didn’t say we were divorced?
Just to let you know more about this camera. My ex husband was fired from his job because he purchased this camera for the sales department at a hotel he worked at using a petty cash voucher. The problem is he kept the camera for himself.

admin answers:

You owe the $367 because it is in your name, You don’t want a court case because of a few hundred dollars so make sure it gets paid off. The bank does not care about your divorce, all they want is the $$$. Think of your own credit, it will be damaged if you don’t repay it and that is the only real trouble you are in..Camera story means nothing.

Laura asks…

I got email from U.S. Senator, what do you think?

Maybe you guys need to contact your U.S. Senator about the Bailout.

Thank you for your letter expressing concern about Congress’ consideration of a plan to meet our Nation’s credit crisis with financial help from the Federal Government. This is a difficult situation for which there are no perfect solutions, and I would like to share my thoughts and concerns about this issue with you.

On September 19, 2008, Secretary of the Treasury Henry M. Paulson, Jr. announced a legislative proposal to use $700 billion to purchase illiquid mortgage-related assets from ailing financial institutions. Secretary Paulson’s three-page proposal was a non-starter, and without critical changes it has no chance of approval from Congress.
This proposal would have given a blank check to an economic czar who would have been empowered to spend it without administrative oversight, legal requirements, or legislative review. Decisions made by the Treasury Secretary would be non-reviewable by any court, agency, or Congress. The proposal also lacked a requirement for regular reports to Congress on the status of the program. This was simply untenable.
Since this announcement, my offices have received thousands of comments from Californians like you concerned about how this action will affect them. Yet, I believe prudent action must be taken. The bill should include the following principles: a phase-in of funding; oversight, accountability and transparency; a mechanism allowing the Secretary of the Treasury to modify mortgages to prevent additional foreclosures; and a precise cap on executive compensation.
The current credit crisis affects all Americans. If action is not taken to stem the crisis, Americans risk losing their homes, jobs, personal savings, life insurance and more. Banks will cease to lend to businesses and homeowners, and credit will be increasingly difficult to come by for average Americans. I strongly believe that the consequences of failing to act now would be greater than not acting at all.
Attached please find a statement I recently made on the floor of the Senate expressing my feelings on this issue. Please know that I will keep your thoughts in mind as this situation unfolds.
Once again, thank you for writing. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 224-3841. Best regards.

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein
Floor Statement on the Economic
Rescue Proposal
September 26, 2008

“Mr. President, to date I have received from Californians more than 50,000 calls and letters, the great bulk of them in opposition to any form of meeting this crisis with financial help from the Federal Government. I wanted to come to the floor to very simply state how I see this and some of the principles that I hope will be forthcoming in this draft. Before I do so, I wish to pay particular commendation to Senator Dodd, Senator Schumer, Senator Bennett, and others who have been working so hard on this issue. I have tried to keep in touch — I am not a negotiator; I am not on the committee — but California is the biggest State, the largest economic engine, and people are really concerned.
We face the most significant economic crisis in 75 years right now. Swift and comprehensive action is crucial to the overall health of our economy. None of us wants to be in this position, and there are no good options here. Nobody likes the idea of spending massive sums of Government money to rescue major corporations from their bad financial decisions. But no one also should be fooled into thinking this problem only belongs to the banks and that it is a good idea to let them fail. The pain felt by Wall Street one day is felt there, and then 2,3,4 weeks down the pike, it is felt on Main Street.
The turbulence in our financial sector has already resulted in thousands of layoffs in the banking and finance sectors, and that number will skyrocket if there is a full collapse. The shock waves of failure will extend far beyond the banking and finance sectors. A shrinking pool of credit would affect the home loans, credit card limits, auto loans, and insurance policies of average Americans. I am receiving calls from people who tell me they want to buy a house, but they can’t get the credit or the mortgage to do so. Why? Because that market of credit is drying up more rapidly one day after the other. It would have a major impact on State and local governments which would lose tens of millions of dollars, if not hundreds of millions of dollars.
Hurricane Ike shut down refineries on the gulf coast 2 weeks ago, and now, today, people are waiting hours in lines for gasoline in the South. Similarly, the collapse of the financial sector would have severe consequences for Americans all across the economic spectrum: for the person who owns the grocery sto

admin answers:

This is the same Sen. Feinstein that funneled millions of dollars to her husband companies in defense contracts with no bids when she was chair of the Appropreations Committe. No ethics investigation. She just stepped down from the chair position. Is this the same Sen. Feinstein that two or three months ago said the Senate cafeteria would be privatized because it has not made a profit and they cannot make the payroll or benefits of the employees. This people are controlling billions of dollars for the bust Mac and Mae that gave them millions in contributions and run by Clinton people that gave themselves hundreds of millions in bonus and lied about the bottom line. They can’t even run a cafeteria right under their noses and in the same building. Why don’t you email her and ask when the Department of Justice investigations are going to take place and how long before the crooks responsible are indicted. I live in Ca. Also. My neighbors and I wrote to Boxer about a Social Security law tha Boxer voted for that takes the whole months Social Security away from a person if they die before the month is over. I mean if they die one hour before the first of the next month you have to refund the check to the Government. So the last month of your relatives life and their Social Security is not theirs. My neighbors and I got a nasty letter in return from Boxer and three weeks later we all got letters on the same day we were being audited by the IRS. You are aware that Dodd got more money from Mac and Mae than any other person in Congress and Obama was second in money recieved from them.

David asks…

Do you think some people just want to be babysat?

I’ve done lots of jobs.

When I was a teenager I was a cashier and worked a pizza shop. At the grocery store, the same people would come every day to buy their items in small amounts. At the pizza shop, people would walk in, order, and drive away. In other words, they had a car. They had phones. They just had to have their order taken by another person.

In college I was a teller. The same people would show up every day to pay a bill, cash a $30 check, etc., i.e., things they could either do on line, or if they didn’t have a computer, the phone, and they elected not to get enough money to last them through the week or month.

Then I worked in mortgage loan orginations and processing and underwriting. The same people would call me every single day about the status of their loan. I’d tell them what it was. I’d give them a timeline. I’d tell them I’d promptly call them if any further information was required from them. Then, without fail, later that day or the next, they’d call again. In other words, my job is to make sure help the institutions become compliant with federal and state regulations, not do it for them.

Now I work in the operational side of banking, and the same people from retail or Commercial will call every day, with a silly question about how to do something or complaining about something that is was their responsibility to correct.

At first I thought this phenomena was due to my working in a customer service environment where you deal with the lowest common denominator on a daily basis. Then, as I moved away into operations and underwriting I found that that basest element was mitigated, the idiots remain.

So, do some adults just need a full time babysitter? Should I bring suckers and pacifiers with me to work?

admin answers:

LOL. I think u must be quite a looker. It seems that they just come 2 c u.

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