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Helen asks…

Do some adults require babysitters?

I’ve done lots of jobs.

When I was a teenager I was a cashier and worked a pizza shop. At the grocery store, the same people would come every day to buy their items in small amounts. At the pizza shop, people would walk in, order, and drive away. In other words, they had a car. They had phones. They just had to have their order taken by another person.

In college I was a teller. The same people would show up every day to pay a bill, cash a $30 check, etc., i.e., things they could either do on line, or if they didn’t have a computer, the phone, and they elected not to get enough money to last them through the week or month.

Then I worked in mortgage loan orginations and processing and underwriting. The same people would call me every single day about the status of their loan. I’d tell them what it was. I’d give them a timeline. I’d tell them I’d promptly call them if any further information was required from them.

Now I work in the operational side of banking, and the same people from retail or Commercial will call every day, with a silly question about how to do something or complaining about something that is was their responsibility to correct. In other words, my job is to make sure help the institutions become compliant with federal and state regulations, not do it for them.

At first I thought this phenomena was due to my working in a customer service environment where you deal with the lowest common denominator on a daily basis. Then, as I moved away into operations and underwriting I found that that basest element was mitigated, the idiots remain.

So, do some adults just need a full time babysitter? Should I bring suckers and pacifiers with me to work?

admin answers:

Yes every one is looking to some one else to hold there hand.

As long as you know you did not make the final decision.

William asks…

Is it really that hard to imagine or even try?

The past few months I have been thinking alot in relation to the upcoming election and the status of the U.S. in general. But I guess what sets me apart from most is that while many are deep in the trenches of the subprime mortage mess, my mind has been on those who have always been and will most likely continue to be less fortunate.

To me, it seems that these Citizens are The Forgotten Ones – easily shuffled to the side as always when those who have wealth have discovered that their money is in jeopardy. We dismissively regard the less fortunate as “lazy,” and blame them for their own troubles. They should get a job and work for their own health insurance and to put food on the table. Because it’s easy to think that when we have enough to pay our rent, see a doctor, and put more than enough food on the table, “it could never happen to us.” “I have an education and I work hard so that I will never ever be in that situation.” It’s a great thought, one which fortunately most are correct in thinking.

However, there are many who unfortunately discovered that they were wrong. Who knows why exactly it happened – perhaps they fell ill with a debilitating disease of which they had no control over, which caused them to lose their job, therefore their health insurance. The hospital bills begin to pile up, as well as utilities, rent/mortgage, etc. Then the day comes when the last penny of savings has been spent on every day needs. Because of this disease, they are unable to return to work. The medicaid barely covers their needs, and the $660 Social Security/Disability check that arrive once a month is just not enough to make ends meet. They remember the days when a trip to the grocery store was merely a chore, and when they never thought twice about what they threw into the cart. Nowadays they have carefully choose only what they need. They feel the $1 increase in a gallon of milk as if it were a punch in the gut.

As they walk down the streets, clothed in a threadbare jacket because they can no longer afford a new, warm coat, they pass people that could have very well been former coworkers. Dressed in sharp suits and shoes that click-clack down the sidewalk. In an attempt to regain some sort of relationship with their former self, they smile at the passerby. But instead of a returning smile, they hear the passerby mumble quietly under their breath “Lazy, stupid bastard. Why don’t you just go get a real job?”

You see, it -could- happen to you, no matter how much you may prepare. Systems Fail, as well as your health and other life-altering events. All I’m asking is that before you go and make a judgement about that person on the street, you take a few minutes to think about what could have possibily put them in that situation. And really – how hard is it to help? It can be donating a coat, old clothes, a few dollars or just a smile. Or realizing that the public programs that exist are not there to simply “steal your tax dollars,” but are helping that person who could have been a former coworker. Or a friend.

admin answers:

So you don’t like living under the gop elephant either?


Ken asks…

House under contingent contract?

I just found the most awesome home that was only listed for sale 7 days ago. Great price, new kitchen, new garden. Perfect house for a girly girl like me.
Im annoyed because I emailed my real estate agent at that time if he had that exact kind of listing.
It turns out he went and played golf instead of checking new listings for me Argh.
Anyway in the MLS, this house for sale status is listed as: Active, but contingent. What does that mean ?
Does this mean I still have a chance at it ?
I’m pre approved for a mortgage and already sold my old place.
Any advice appreciated
Also I should add this house is located in Southeastern PA if that helps on advice

admin answers:

I would ask your real estate agent about the opportunity for you to put an offer on this property. “Contingent” itself means something has to be satisfied before the deal is final.

If your real estate agent isn’t performing in your best interest, let your expectations be known and if he isn’t in agreement then find another agent. You sound like you are computer literate so your agent should use the technology available to notify you or new listings. There are lots of agents out there who will set up automatic notification of new listings within seconds of them being listed on MLS.
Make sure your agent is a “Realtor”.

Chris asks…

Where is my Post 9/11 GI Bill BAH and book stipend?

So here we are further into the month. I posted a questions similar to this last week or so. I’m just checking on if there are any updates to the status of any ones tuition or BAH. My tuition debt is up to almost $8K. Had to drop classes because I haven’t received any money nor has the school. My financial aid is still being held hostage because of the tuition debt. Hopefully some one out there has some good news. Any one receive anything yet? I filed a congressional inquiry because the VA owes me and my husband more then $10K not to include tuition. That would be almost another $17K. They didn’t even pay out chapter 30 before they canceled it and left me empty handed. The bills are due, the mortgage is late and I’m stuck in a bind! I read the other there are more then 200,000 Vets who haven’t received their tuition benefits yet. How ridiculous is that? It probably went to cash for clunkers! Anyway if anyone has had better luck with the VA, I sure could use some tips.

admin answers:

Nope my fiance started school back in August. We have yet to see a dime of that money. We paid for his tuition and supplies. I can wait a bit longer for the bah money, I just want us to get reimbursed for his tuition, the military can at least make sure our tuitons are paid for instead of dragging their asses about it. I want to start classes myself in the spring and I hope my fiance gets his money soon so I can get my tuition paid

But at least we are not as bad off as some people are. I work full time and my fiance works full time and goes to school full time. But there is a lot of people out there who quit their jobs thinking they could just live off their bah, and they are hurting right now

Sandra asks…

Is it selfish if I end this relationship?

I know money is not everything in life but we can all say it’s necessary. We expect our weekly or bi-weekly checks to pay for groceries, bills, and a mortgage to name a few. I recently bought a house and with it I have become more aware of my expenses and now manage my money more carefully.

My boyfriend of almost a yr and a half is still where I met him. In fact he’s worse than how I met him. Let me start by saying he’s an illegal immigrant. When I met him he had a stable job 5-6 days a week. As of today he works 1-3 days a week if he’s lucky, he does not have a car, and shares a small room with 2 other guys. You can imagine how crowded they are. Well I don’t care that he doesn’t have a comfortable place to live in but I do care and it’s starting to become a frustrating issue that he doesn’t have money to take us both out.

For a while it was me paying for everything. This was before I bought my house though.

And it’s always been me who drives us everywhere. In the beginning this was not an issue but lately I’ve been very angry and frustrated to see how he sits so comfortably in the passenger’s seat and I’m always annoyed and tired driving his ass everywhere. I’ve dug deep inside and I think the reason I feel this way is because I don’t feel appreciated and at times have felt used.

I’m very independent but also very old fashioned. I live alone, work full time, go to college and I don’t have kids yet. I can be on my own without a man’s financial support but still expect my man to open my car door and pay the bill, propose on his knee, etc. etc.

My boyfriend is a good man. He is sweet and loving yet I don’t feel appreciated and sometimes feel like he takes advantage of me because of what I have to offer him. I love him very much but his situation is wearing me down. I hate the fact that me being the woman have to rush to get ready and pick him up like if he was a little princess. I feel selfish as I write this but I feel like he has nothing to offer me. I am going to college and aiming for a Bachelor’s degree. He, he’s staying home sleeping when he’s not working. English as a second language classes are offered for free near his home and he quits the 1st or 2nd week. I see no motivation in him and I think it’s due to his legal status – “I have to live one day at a time because I don’t know what tomorrow can

admin answers:

The whole “role reversal” thing shouldn’t be a problem. Equality means sometimes you’ll have to do things for yourself.

That said, getting stuck with someone who doesn’t seem to want to better himself and move up (legal or not) is never a smart idea. Most relationship arguments are due to money. If you’re the only one making any, how stable do you think your relationship would be?

I would say dump him & move on. If he were just out of work because of the economy & trying, it would be different, but he’s not even trying. That tells me he doesn’t value you enough.

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