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Richard asks…

How many other people did not get Stimulus Rebate on Friday?

I should have received the economic stimulus tax rebate on Friday via Direct Deposit. I filed in Feb and received regular tax check just fine. Last 2 digits are 18. On 5-1-08 IRS put up a “Where’s My Stimulus Payment?” feature to check the status. I checked it by entering my SS# and exemptions and it just says I must have made a mistake. There was no mistake. I was counting on this money for a deposit to hold a new rental place. This sucks. The only thing I can think of is the tax issue due to being behind on my mortgage. I pay taxes and insurance through my mortgage payment. So, maybe that’s the issue?? Anyone know?? Grrr….
There is a new feature Slayor. And I have not spent the money yet. I will just lose out on the place I really wanted.

admin answers:

Well I spent over an hour on hold to the IRS…They told me it is on the way, My last 2 are 08…But still no money in my account. Then I called H&R block..I did my taxes online, but instead of paying them with a credit card i had them take it out of my return. Therefore it became a “3rd party” So the money was given to h&r block and then they put it into my account. So the IRS never got my account info. Long story short, I will be getting a paper check… :(. I think the goverment should have given out more info. This is just a nightmare.

Maria asks…

Is it against the law for a bank to hold my early partial mortgage payment, as “unapplied”?

When I set up my mortgage they said I could not pay bi-weekly. I refused to accept that answer. So, I sent half the payment 2 weeks early, to save interest. They put the money in “unapplied” status. Is this legal? The money is out of my checking account, but not applied to my mortgage.

admin answers:

Before you sent payment you had already been informed that paying bi-weekly was unacceptable yet you still went ahead and did it, you can’t then complain about the bank not applying the money to your mortage.

Donna asks…

which filing status do I use?

My husband and I have been seperated for 1year. I have our two children. A tax advisor said I can file HoH and get EIC. This really scares me. What if I file this way and the IRS wants proof. I don’t have proof that we are seperated. We have nothing thru the courts. All the bills and the mortgage are still in both our names. We do not have a savings/checking together any more. He pays the morgage in the place of child support. We were seperated last tax season but because it had not been six months we had to file together. AND it looks as if we might get back together now. If I file HoH this year and MFJ next year, will that raise red flags? I could really use all the refund that the tax advisor is saying I can get. I realize it would be easier just to file MFJ this year, but like I said if I can get that extra money, it would really help. Any advise.
I guess I did not word that correctly. The child support that he pays me totals the amount of mortage I have to pay. That was the agreement between us. It is not like he gets the bill in the mail. I get it and pay it with my own personal check.
Judy, I was hoping you would answer my question. I have been reading all of the questions under “Taxes” and by reading your answers I have come to trust yours the most. I can only assume you are some sort of tax advisor. Thanks.

admin answers:

The Head of Household status requires that your spouse has not spent any time at your home during the last six months of 2006, and that you have, with you own money, paid over half the cost of maintaining the home.

Since your spouse has paid the mortgage, I have some doubt that you will be able to establish that your expenses for utilities, repairs and maintenance, and food eaten at home total more than the mortgage payments.

In hindsight, had you received child support payments instead of having him pay the mortgage, you may have qualified for Head of Household status.

Added later: My answer took note of the statement “He pays the mortgage in place of child support.” My answer doesn’t change even if he gave you the mortgage money and you paid it with your check. He paid you for the mortgage, so he paid household support, possibly more than half. If you can establish you paid for more of the household expenses than your spouse did, then you can claim HoH.

David asks…

Can I sue my Mortgage company for mental anguish, and loss of my job as a result?

I have been to court with their attorneys to keep my condo. I am now in a foreclosure status, and have been fighting with them for approx 2 years now. I did the whole “trial Mortgage” and here it is a year later (the “trial” should have only been for 3 months). I have been making the payments during the trial period on time as requested. Now they are telling me I am in foreclosure status, and they have returned my check for this month- indicating that they will not take a personal check on a foreclosure. The letter also said there was not enough funds in the bank account, and that letter came the same day that the statement from the bank came showing that the funds were available for them to take the funds. I have had to go to the state Attorney General for assistance in the past when they said they did not get my paperwork they had requested, however, I had proof that my fax was successful – showing the date and time it was sent.
Meanwhile, my company I worked for was going through some changes, and one of the criteria that they were evaluating us on was our job performance (which is normal). However, I had the first negative review of my entire career at the company (14 years), and as a result I was laid off when it came time to reduce numbers. My job has been outsourced.
I feel that if I had not been going through the ordeal with the Mortgage company, that I would have had a better performance review, because I would have been able to concentrate better, and may not have been laid off. There are several people from my department that are still there. I was one of 5 let go- out of 14 from my team.
I should tell you the reason I fell behind in the first place was because I had to have surgery, and lost two months salary while I was recuperating. This is how it began.
There are other factors that also add to this.

admin answers:

Can i sue my lender for breach contract mental anguish? My wife is not on our loan yet called to inquire if we were to fall behind on our payments due to the disaster to home what would happen.the supervior knew my wife wasnt on the loan put us in forbearance and said it was a special program for disaster victims 3 months later we are in pre forcloser we never were sent any paper work stating how forbearance works as well as they had no right allowing my wife to make this discision my wife ened up in a menatl hospital due to this thinking she was at fault we got 2 months together they accepted payed nexted month they rejected inquired why they said because i didnt pay all 3 months at once in nov i found out it was rejected because of how the paymnets were made they lost modification paperworker they have been very misleading and unethical what can i sue them for they ruined my credit my wife now i have to take care of my children because my wife is mentally disabled due to the guilt she feels from putting us in this disaster i want to sue for mnetal anguish

Donald asks…

How many deductions should I claim?

I was married last month and need to fill out a W4 for work. I make around $50K and my wife $75K and we don’t have any children but we do have a mortgage. Should we both just claim 1 and have single status if we want to avoid paying a lot in or receiving a large check? I appreciate any help!

admin answers:

I have 2 boys and a husband and when I get a new job I always claim Married but at the higher single rate. That way the most money is taken out of my check during the pay periods and we get a bigger refund. It will say on the W-4 claim Married at the higher single rate.

Since you just got married…I would suggest that you and your wife file separate tax returns so that you can get the most back. If you use an account then definitely seek his advice as to how to file your return for 2008.

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Good luck…hope you get back lots of money. Especially at the beginning of every marriage…you can use all the money you can get to set up household…and get the little extra things you want but is not in the budget.


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