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Laura asks…

Can I get a credit report and loans with my status? Please help.Urgent!! See details below.?

I am international student in U.S.A. and get a social security number just for work. For myself, I do not have any credit cards, loans, house mortgage, cars, and I do not need to pay any bills.. What I only have is saving account and check account.
I have two questions:
1) Can I get credit report with my situation?
2) Can I get credit card or any loans?
Please help..Urgent!!

admin answers:

You can get a credit report from Put in your Social Security number and you’ll get the report. However, there probably isn’t anything on it since you don’t have any credit.

I would suggest you go to the bank where your savings account is and apply for a card with them. You’re already a customer with them and have money in their bank. That would probably be your best chance with no credit history.

You will have to show them some sort of income though. No one is going to give you any type of credit without seeing income as you would have no ability to repay.

David asks…

Is it better to have 0 or 1 exemptions on your W2’s when you are married?

My husband and I were married in May 2005. When I changed my status at work on my W2’s, they changed my expemption from 0 to 1. I had less taxes withheld on each paycheck. I did not want 1 exemption, I wanted to keep 0. Can I change my exemption back to 0? We also have a rental property. Do I have to claim the whole rent check each month or just the amount left over after we paid the mortgage on the rental property?

admin answers:

You should be able to continue to claim 0 exemptions if you want. Ask your employer for a W-4, complete the form requesting 0 exemptions (and, if you want, to withhold at the higher, single rate), and then return the form to the personnel department.

Your rental will be taxed on its income after expenses. One of the expenses is the mortgage interest (NOT the entire mortgage payment).

Nancy asks…

If i am late on one mortgage paymnet but double up my next payment will it effect my credit score?

My grace period id up today. I will not be able to pay the full amount of 1103.80. I only have half of my payment and my mortgage company will not accept partial paymnet and will send my check back. My only other option is to default on this payment and double up my next months paymnet. I was out of work for 3 weeks and it damaged my financial status pretty bad. Any suggestions? and how bad will skipping a payment drop my credit score?

admin answers:

If you’re less than 30 days late, you just pay the late fee and no damage to your credit. If you pay over 30 days late, you get a mark on your report. Hard to say how many points you’ll lose. You’ll get most of them back within a year. Please, when you get caught up, start yourself an emergency fund. Most recommendations at 6 months worth of living expenses. But a good start is a spare mortgage payment in your savings account. Good luck!

Carol asks…

very bad house to live in?

have a property in spain and a mortgage i have lived here for 6 years and there has been problems after problems i was advised to get a architect to come in and check the construction of the property the report came back in and said its very dangerous it needs to be pulled down and start again my question is, is the bank to blam for not checking and establishing its status first

admin answers:

The bank? No. The bank loaned you money. You are the one that picked out the house, this is on you. YOU should have inspected first.

Mark asks…

what rights do i have if my mortgage company gives information about me?

I have filed a claim after a storm for roof repair; the insurance checks are made out to myself and my mortgage company; I have had repairs done and the contractor has contacted my mortgage company about payment. I was told, and this could be here, say that my mortgage company gave information about me and my claims status to the contractor stating it was under fraud investigation. what right does the mortgage company have to say that to a company I hired and what are my rights to do anything about it in Texas? Any suggestions, thank you
My deductible had already been taken care of, the contractor has been harassing me but there is nothing i can do until the payment is released. I just want to be done with the contractor, thanks everyone.

admin answers:

The mortgage company would only know this from the insurance company. If the price of the roof is too high or above what is normal, yes it sounds like fraud on your part and the contractor’s part and the insurance company may not be willing to pay. This often happens when the contractor tries to help you avoid paying the deductible, stupid, stupid, stupid, insurance companies know almost to the dollar what it costs for repairs.

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