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Charles asks…

Here’s my problem… while I was involved with my exboyfriend, he was involved?

in various real estate transactions… he would buy, fix and sell. After a few months of dating, with the assumption and knowledge that the relationship was a lasting one, I agreed to having him put some houses in my name. On one particular house, I also agreed to take out a mortgage for him with the agreement being that he would pay the mortgage every month ($225) and take care of the house and all bills included with the house, i.e. taxes, insurance, etc. All the bills for this house were put in my name. Unfortunately, i signed a quitclaim deed giving him the house for $1.00 in the event that we broke up. Well, that has happened two years later. Since the breakup, he has not paid the mortgage and I recently found out that he has not paid the property taxes for nearly two years. The house is currently in tax title and was going into foreclosure in a month. I just found this out a few weeks ago. I have been in total contact with the mortgage company from the beginning and they are doing everything they can to help so they don’t foreclose on the house. Also, this was a rental property. The ex was renting it out to Section 8 housing and collecting checks from the government. After researching with the housing department, I found that he was collecting the partial rent checks under his name as the owner. I informed them of the situation, that he had not been paying the bills on the house, showed them my deed and they changed the owner status to me. I have received one partial rent payment. The renters are responsible to pay the owner the balance of the rent. They have been informed of the change in ownership status from the housing department. I have serious emotional anguish speaking to this man as he is never truthful in whatever he says and is very manipulative. I finally got him to pay me back $5,000 he owed me, after continually hounding him for 6 months and him continuously lying to me about the money. So now, after he didn’t receive his monthly check, he called me and said he had his income tax money and wants to pay on the mortgage and to pay him back the money I owe . He is collecting $2,400 a month of rent from this rental!!! My question is this, is this quitclaim deed still legal after having been signed in 2009 and him just filing it on April 6? Also, how can a property be legally quitclaimed if there is a tax lien on it and an outstanding mortgage? Is there anything I can do to rebutt this quitclaim deed as he has breached his oral contract with me? please help, thank you!

admin answers:

Signing the quit claim deed did NOT release you from the legal obligation to pay the bills.

You owe him NOTHING. The house is in your name, you legally are entitled to collect the rent. Yes, the quitclaim deed is still valid. He can file the deed, if they allow it, it is going to make the mortgage come due in full.

Try and prove the oral contract. You can’t. Any homes of his that are still in your name, I would sell them. Including the one in question.

Thomas asks…

Denied for credit card…what does it mean?

I checked my credit report last week on equifax and saw that my score was 739. Last month I consolidated a $16,000 loan at a rate of 29% into a $20,000 loan at a rate of 11.5%(payment is $518). I also have a student line of credit (now inactive) for $12,000 with a balance of $7,500 (rate is 5.75, min payment is $75). I have a mastercard with limit of $2500 and a balance of $4. I have another inactive visa on my report with a balance of -$23.

I was looking to get a new visa in order to benefit from the air miles, insurance, and other benefits that my active mastercard does not have. The adviser at the bank figured that I would be ok to apply since I make $75,000 and have no current mortgage or rent payment (I don’t own a house though or other assets though).

She put the application in on Friday and it came back declined today. The stated reason was that “client has a new consolidation loan, and trades are high. Client also is without savings”. that’s the extent of what it said.

My adviser was a little surprised but told me that she could check with her manager as sometimes they can vouch for a clients low risk status. I told her that I just wanted to know what I should do to improve my credit worthiness. She’s checking with the manager and will get back to me in a few days.

I’m in need of a new car. Does this mean that I would not qualify for an auto loan at this point? What is my best course of action to improve my situation?



admin answers:

It depends on the bank. Some banks aren’t taking any risks these days. I have more debt and less income than you and never had a problem getting a credit card through Chase, Amex, Citibank, Bank of America, or Discover. Try another bank. I wouldn’t think you would have any problem getting a car loan with your score and income.

Chris asks…

what is this?

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admin answers:

Looks like phishing spam, don’t fill it out, it’s not from yahoo, report it as spam and delete it.

George asks…

Will Social Security help me pay for a Handicapped Accessible apartment?

I am a 24 year old female who has been collecting Social Security Disability (SSDI) as well as SSI for the past two years. Currently I am living with Muscular Dystrophy, Gastroparesis, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, Anemia, and Herniated Discs in my Cervical and Thoracic Spine. I also have a few medical conditions that do not contribute as much to my disability status, such as Hypothyroidism and Polycystic Ovarian Disease.

Six years ago I began attending college on a full scholarship, but when I started to become very ill about halfway through my junior year, I had to move back in with my parents (even though they are also living below the poverty line and have been collecting food stamps to try to make ends meet). My SSI and Disability checks have long been my only source of income, but together these checks only grant me about $600/month. About a third of that money goes to Medical Expenses not covered by my insurance, and another half towards helping my parents with household expenses, leaving me with less than $100 each month to pay my bills.

Now my parents can no longer pay their mortgage are facing eviction, and there is no way that I can find an apartment on Long Island for less than $300 (the amount I’ve been allotting from my checks to give to my parents for shelter expenses each month). Does social security help people who are on disability to find housing, and more importantly, to pay for it? I don’t walk well, so the apartment would have to be on the first floor and handicapped accessible, and I know that my current benefits couldn’t afford me an apartment anywhere in NY, even if most of my check didn’t go towards other expenses. I always try to stay positive, but I’m starting to feel really hopeless. Where can I turn to for help?

admin answers:

Social Security pays monthly benefits only and provides Medicare to those who are eligible; how you spend your benefits is up to you. The claims reps are not social workers and are not in the business of helping people find housing. The agency doesn’t pay additional monies for housing or home health care or anything else. That isn’t the purpose of Social Security. Why wouldn’t you have Medicare and Medicaid? Between the two they should cover all of your medical expenses.

People who have Medicare and SSI can file an application at the county welfare office so that the county/state will pay the Medicare premiums, co-pays and deductibles.

You can complete an application for subsidized housing at HUD, I believe, but the lists are years long. You will probably have to find yourself a roommate until you can obtain Section 8 housing or find a two bedroom apartment and share it with your parents and pool your income with theirs to meet living expenses.

And like Teddy says – don’t pay any attention to Flower’s answer but I do want to point out to you that if you were paying your fair share of expenses your monthly benefit between SSI and SSDI would be $718 per month – not $600. Fair share is monthly rent, utilities & food divided by the # of people living in the household. You have not been committing fraud.

Mary asks…

Requirements for VA refinance…?

I rec’d a postcard for refinancing my VA loan at a rate cheaper than what I currently have. It also states that there will be no credit check and no income verification. But, why in the loan application does it asks for a copy of your tax returns and your work tel#? I would like to refinance to skip 2mo payments and have lower monthly payments, but the problem is that I was laid off 3mo ago and still cannot find work. I do not want to have my wifes name on the refi (she is not on my current mortgage since I bought house before we were married) in case I have to walk away from my mortgage if I cant find work soon and don’t want to mess up my wife’s credit if I walk away. I’m not late on my mortgage payments now, but cant pay for long without work. Any ideas or know why the loan is asking for stuff that can tell them what they are saying they don’t need (income verification and marraige status from tax return).
I was really wanting to know why these brokers send out these ads (post cards) stating “no income verification”, but then their loan application asks for a copy of last 2 tax returns and your work ph#. I really do not want to provide my last 2 tax returns because I am married and it shows I have a wife. I don’t want to ad my wife on any refi. paperwork in case I default on this refi (if I cannot find a job soon). I want to refi. because it will allow me to skip 2 payments (gives me a longer time to find a job, and then pay mortgage each month). Do I really need to provide copies of tax returns in order to get a refi. loan?

admin answers:

If your wife is not on the current mortgage loan, any negative action caused by this property would not be reflected on your wife’s credit report. Her name nor social security number is on the mortgage loan you obtained to acquire the property. This would be true even if you added her name to the property deed by quit claim. You did not and can not add her name to the mortgage loan, without a refinance.

What you have gotten in the mail is a streamlined VA mortgage refinance. You may refinance without an appraisal and income verification under this streamline procedure. You might have also been offered a 2.99% interest. This is an adjustable rate mortgage, therefore be careful of any mortgage loan docs you would sign prior to getting a full explanation as the type mortgage you are getting. This mortgage loan would adjust in 5-7 or 10 years.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


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