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John asks…

I have a mortgage on one home, can I get a second mortgage to pay for another house?

I’m planning to relocate, but current owe a mortgage for $50k. I also have a bankruptcy on my record thats a couple of years old. I’d like to find new home in the state I choose to live in. Would I be able to get a second mortgage or refinance my current home in order to pay for a new one?

admin answers:

That depends on a few things.

How much equity do you have in your current home?

What is your credit score?
What is your debt load?

Yes you can get a 2nd mortgage on your current home to buy another, people do it all the time.

Your income must support maintaining your current home (you should be able to get a renter in there to offset the mortgage payment or some portion there of) and support your new mortgage.

You can get a loan with a BK. Many lenders require it to be discharged for 2 years, however, there are still a few lenders that will lend on a BK only being discharged 1 day.

In a nutshell, yes you can, if all your other ducks are in a row.

Good luck

Carol asks…

Can I get a refinanced mortgage if i start a home business with no employees and still work my regular job?

I want to refinance my mortgage and I want to start a home business before doing so. It would have no employees and I would still keep my current job. My home business will not require any due balances or credit lines to increase my debt. Would mortgage companies see the worry that I would quit my regular job or would they trust that I would maturely handle the mortgage payments? In other words, would I have no problems getting refinanced under these conditions. My credit score is about 650 and I’ve been at my current job for 1 1/2 years but have had steady employment for a long time. I have also paid my mortgage on time for 12 months.
The reason I am asking is because what I will be doing requires a vendor license. Therefore, in my ssn, it would show the business based at my home address.
I am actually looking for a new mortgage loan, not a home equity loan or personal loan and I don’t need to borrow to pay debts.

admin answers:

I do not see any problem with you getting the refinance and i would not worry about the business end affected it!!!

Jenny asks…

How does a mortgage holder get out of PMI payments on their mortgage loan?

Seems to me that PMI is very costly for the home owner, especially me with a perfect credit rating and new funding source to maintain a mortgage if I lose my job (my job is very secure). Please any suggestions on how to get the PMI waived by the mortgage company.

admin answers:

Other than getting 20% equity in the property, there are no ways to avoid PMI.

George asks…

How does reworking a mortgage affect my credit score?

I could use the help of potentially reworking my mortgage to be more affordable. It is possible for me to get by without doing so. If I do call my mortgage holder and rework my mortgage for a reduced interest rate or reduced principle how does that affect my credit score?

admin answers:

It doesnt. You will have a mortgage credit pull listed on your report which as long as you havent gone on a credit pulling spree wont even really calculate into your score.

James asks…

Can you get a mortgage allowing you to bid on a foreclosed property?

Our realtor advises that only buyers with cash in hand can buy foreclosed properties at auction. There is a technical challenge buying if you need a mortgage as you have to be in contract to be able to get the mortgage approved. Is this true or is there a valid way you can get a mortgage and bid on a foreclosed property at auction?

admin answers:

You need to establish a banking relationship in the commercial loan department. Stay away from residential lenders as they are not involved in investment deals. Explain what your plan is (to buy foreclosures) and arrange a line of credit subject to your winning bid that converts to a first lien mortgage. Most foreclosures require 10-15% at sale and closing in 30 days. You will need collateral and good credit. Start small and prove yourself to the lender even if it is only really small cheap houses. Make the lender your best friend regardless of his decision as you can always go back.

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