Your Questions About Mortgage Interest Rates

John asks…

When will the mortgage interest rates sky rocket into the double digits?

My bf, who has an ARM mortgage, says that interest rates are going to go back into the double digits as they were back in the 1980s… I’ve never heard of this! I’m in the process of obtaining a mortgage of my own, so this has me petrified.

admin answers:

Well, an ARM can easily go into double digits. Wait to buy until you can qualify for a conventional loan.

Chris asks…

Which bank has the lowest mortgage interest rates?

I’m looking to refinance my home and am currently paying 6.25 on a 30 year FM. Which bank out there has the lowest mortgage interest rates?

admin answers:

Try typing in ‘home loan interest rates’ in your Google search engine and see which mortgage companies come up in the search. Then see what each company has to offer. If its unclear which links to follow, check out the search links that show up in the right hand column. If you have good credit, for the lowest rates, look for websites offering ‘wholesale rates’.

Keep in mind that interest rates are tough to compare between mortgage companies because they hinge on so many factors including your credit, term, and the type of loan you’re interested in. Instead, focus on how much the mortgage company can lower your payment. Or, pay close attention to how long the company has been in the industry, client satisfaction rate, reliability, and trust. You can typically get a good idea of how a mortgage company is received by the public through client testimonials.

If you have any questions, you can contact me directly. I hope this helps!

Lizzie asks…

How long will mortgage interest rates continue to drop?

I am going to re-finance my interest only mortgage and need suggestions on when to lock in an interest rate. How long will they continue to drop?

admin answers:

They’ve stabilized for now. Might drop a tiny bit more if the fed keeps rates the same at the next meeting. I’d lock now, because if the fed raises them again, the rates are going up.

Of course, any rate that’s not locked isn’t real. Period.

Sharon asks…

When will the Fed’s rate cut be reflected in mortgage interest rates that one can obtain?

Does anyone know how long it takes before we will see the 3/4 and 1/2 point rate cut reflected in the mortgage interest rates?


admin answers:

Conventional mortgage rates are long term debt instruments and the Fed Funds rate is for short term debt instruments – therefore they don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Mortgage rates are based more on the 10 year treasury yield and the perceived rates of inflation. 10 year was up a touch today.

If you are looking at things like Home Equity Lines of Credit, car loans, credit card rates – those usually have in the contracts a reset at a certain time of the month and will likely be reflected in the next full billing cycle.

James asks…

How come mortgage interest rates are not dropping in par with the 10 year bond?

10 year treasuries have dropped over 130 basis points yet interest rates on mortgages have only dropped about a third of that?

admin answers:

Its called supply and demand. If you are a loan purchaser in todays market.. You call the shots. Fannie/ Freddy have cap limits and cannot exceed them. You go to the secondary market (most are gone) and if you find ANYONE you pay what they ask. Im surprised that rates havent gone up. And if you want to see TRUE madness look at Countrywides 90% jumbos. You want YSP? Rates REALLY close to 10%. Can you say bend over and grab your ankles/

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