Your Questions About Mortgage Rates

Daniel asks…

Will mortgage rates fall in the next year?

Will mortgage rate fall below 5% in the new year, will inflation raise greater than 3% will the US dollar ever match the British pound what do you think? Serious educated discussion please.

admin answers:

No way! I don’t think the mortgage rate will drop below 5%.

Helen asks…

Why aren’t mortgage rates going down despite the Fed rate cut?

We would like to refinance our current mortgage and I was hopeful that the result of the Fed rate cut would be a drop in the mortgage rates. However, it seems like mortgage rates only dropped by about 1/4 % point (I was hoping to go down to about 5% on a 30 year fixed rate with no points with an excellent credit score). What determines whether mortgage rates fall and how much?

admin answers:

Fed rates are only very short term loans from one bank to another.
30 year mortgages are loaned based on long term data. What does the investor believe the inflation rate will be over the next 7 to 10 years (the life of most loans before they are paid off).

If the fed rate cut leads lenders to believe the inflation rate will be low then they will lend at lower rates. They use long term bonds and other data to guess at this.

Carol asks…

Will home mortgage and sales recover when lending rates get down to 3.25 % ?

With more people out of work and wage increases stalling,is 2 % to 3.25% mortgage rates possible to start a full recovery by July 2009 ?

admin answers:

It will be a long, slow recovery.

Mandy asks…

Will mortgage rates continue to fall, stay steady or rise by this time next year?

Trying to determine the best time to buy – would like to have 20% down to avoid private mortgage insurance, but not sure if its worth waiting if the market makes a turn around and interest rates go back above 6%
I realize you cant really predict this, but what are the experts saying?

admin answers:

Rates are going up. I suspect by spring, rates will be back into the 6’s.

Being waiting for the bottom of the market might save a few thousand dollars, but people who waited for the bottom of the interest rates will save much more over the life of the mortgage.

Joseph asks…

My fixed rate mortgage has come to an end. Should I get a new one now or hope interest rates fall again?

This is a question for those in the UK.
My fixed rate mortgage has come to an end. Do you think interest rates will continue to fall, or is it more likely that they’ll begin to rise? Should I get another fixed rate mortgage now or stay where I am on the provider’s variable rate (slightly higher than what they’ve offered as a fixed rate) and hope interest rates continue to fall?

admin answers:

Run, not walk, to your bank and get a 15 year fixed rate loan. With all the stimulus borrowing (UK,EU,US) crowding out cosumer loan demand, it will be a very long time before you see anything near 5% fixed.

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