Your Questions About Mortgage Rates Today

John asks…

This week June 13 i noticed that mortgage rates went up. What do u think next week? The market was up today.?

admin answers:

The overall trend lately has been up.

Helen asks…

What is the average 30 yr fixed mortgage rate as of today in California? And what’s the national average rate?

admin answers:

Try the website Or go to the Finance section in Yahoo.

Mark asks…

what affect will today’s action by the central bank have on mortgage rates in the short-term?

admin answers:

They should go down tomorrow. Not by a lot but some. Don’t expect rates to drop drastically, there is still a supply and demand issue when it comes to lending right now.

David asks…

Is there a good web site that shows me how the most current mortgage interest rates are?

I’m in escrow and waiting to lock in on my loan. My lender said the rates killed me today as it went up a bit. Is there a good way to track this online so I can see what the most current rates are doing?

admin answers: gives you average rates as reported by lenders nationwide. I found it to be an excellent indicator of what rate you can get and when.

Click on the “Mortgages” tab at the top, followed by the “Mortgage Rates & Charts” tab on the right. Trends for 30- and 15-yr fixed, and 5/1 ARM are tracked by latest day, week, month and three-month. Latest day rates are updated hourly. Be sure to click the “quote volume” checkbox, as the higher quote volumes are more indicative of higher reliability of the current rate.

Accept no substitutes.

Good luck, work hard, and stay away from drugs.

Robert asks…

today’s mortgage prime rates?

admin answers:

As the others said, there is no mortgage prime rate.

What you will be quoted for a mortgage rate depends on many factors, so it is a fairly individual number.

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