Your Questions About Mortgage Rates Today

Susan asks…

recomendation of mortgage website to…?

im looking for a good mortgage prediction website, im in the rocess of either having to extend a lock or move to a new mortgage company
so i am relly watching the rates(on a daily basis) i see some prediction sites, which are good. but i want a daily prediction site.

exmple. prediction for mortgage rates today are…….i would want to view this every morning to gauge when and if i need to make a move.

admin answers:

Mortgage rate predictions are notoriously tricky and not very reliable, because they are based on historic data and that cannot account for the current happenings in world affairs. I don’t know of anyone predicting it on a day to day basis. Even if there is such a site, what good does it know the rate jumps 0.15% tomorrow, if the rate falls 0.3% over the following 3 days? I have found weekly prediction sites which smooth out daily aberrations, but even with those it is a game of crap. Here you go:

Daniel asks…

With the rate cut today, what does this mean for me when I apply for a home loan?

We applied for a mortgage today, so does this mean that with the feds cutting the interest rate again that the interest I will pay on that loan will be lower??

Doesnt interest get set depending upon your credit??

admin answers:

Interest rate is affected by credit, and if you have great credit, expect to get a great rate.

Today’s Fed discount rate cut may not lower mortgage rates, it is a little to soon to tell how mortgage rates will be affected.

Thomas asks…

What is todays mortgage rate for a 30 year fixed?

admin answers:

I work at a mortgage company, hopefully I can help! It really all depends on your credit score really. If you have good credit (preferably a 650+) that is great. Also, are you buying or refinancing? What is your Debt to income ratio? If all these numbers are good, you should be able to get a loan for anywhere from 5.675% on up. Good luck!

Mark asks…

How Low Will Mortgage Rates Go?

If the feds cut rates again on Wed., how low do you think 30-year fixed rates will go?

I know a 30-year fixed mortgage isn’t tied directly to the rates the feds will probably cut, but it should have some indirect impact. I’m currently at a 6% fixed rate and refinancing in the next 30 days. Todays rates for my particular loan are 5.875%, up from 5.75% yesterday. I haven’t locked anything in because I think they’re going to drop again. When would you pull the trigger and lock it in?

admin answers:

Jayla has absolutely no clue.

Things don’t look too good for you. The best time to lock in was last week wednesday.
I think rates will be going up in the next few weeks and actually stabilizing around the same level where you are at.
I wouldn’t refinance if I was you. You need to save at least .75% in order for it to be worth your while. Otherwise you are just throwing money away.
Rates will not be dropping anytime soon. They already are low. Anything less then 6% on a 30yr loan is LOW. But you are already at 6% so it isn’t worth your while to refinance.
Look at the math, you would be just throwing money away.

George asks…

With a $250000 10/1 ARM mortgage, and a start rate of 2.5%, what will my rate be in 3 years?

If I take out a $250000 10/1 ARM mortgage today, with a starting interest rate of 2.5% and a maximum rate of 10% what would my rate be in 3 years if interest rates stay where they are now?
The 2.5% is just a teaser rate. It’s not the 10 year rate. What would the rate be after the teaser rate given today‘s interest rates?

admin answers:

If it is a 10/1 arm, then the rate should be fixed for 10 years, so in three years, the rate should be the same. 10% is just a cap. What you will need to know is what annual change can be. That is the 3rd figure on the arm. The rate can only go up but so much per year before maxing out at the cap rate. Ultimately, you just need to look at the terms and conditions on the promissory note.

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